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White Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

We're almost in climax, and we will take a look at white heroine in Pretty Cure Series. Enjoy!

  • All White Cure has an talent (Honoka is good at study, Mai is drawing, and Kanade is baking cake) (except Ayumi)
  • Mostly must transform with the leader in pair (except Cure Echo).
  • In 10th Anniversary Message, like some of the Cures, they going with it politely. The type goes like this: "It is Cure __. Thank you very much for Pretty Cure 10th Anniversary. From now on, I shall give you my best regards." (キュア__です。プリキュア10周年、ありがとうございます。 これからもよろしくお願いします。 Kyua __ desu. Purikyua 10-shūnen, arigatōgozaimasu. Korekara mo yoroshikuonegaishimasu.), although Cure Rhythm adds 'Korekara mo, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ne.' (これからもよろしくお願いしますね) for her third line. Except White who is the very last one, they're comes up first in their team before their leader as the second.

1. Cure White (キュア・ホワイト, Kyua Howaito)
Series: Futari wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart)
Real Identity: Honoka Yukishiro

 A quiet girl who lives with her grandmother Sanae and her dog Chuutaro, as her parents are constantly working overseas. She is quite knowledgable and is often nicknamed 'The Queen of Knowledge. Her specialty is the science club, where she is looked up to by the others. Honoka has not had many friends, but the few she has seem to be really close to her, and she has come to appreciate Nagisa's friendship. As Cure White, she is swift and graceful. 

As Cure White, she introduces herself as "Emissary of light, Cure White! (光の使者、キュアホワイト!Hikari no shisha, Kyuahowaito!)” She becomes more serious and stronger, and also seems like having a stronger will and voice. Together with Cure Black, she can perform the Marble Screw (マーブル・スクリュー Māburu Sukurū; Marble Twister in English dub) and Rainbow Therapy (レインボーセラピ Reinbō Serapī) attacks. Later, when the duo is powered up by the Rainbow Bracelets, they can do a new attack called Rainbow Storm (レインボーストーム Reinbō Sutōmu)

In Max Heart, Cure White's outfit, along with Cure Black's, is slightly upgraded. Her lower dress gets another thin layer, and her leggings have slightly changed. Her leggings and gloves have a blue trim. Her earrings have changed from silver to gold, and her commune strap is held by a large gold heart. There is also now a tiny light-blue heart in the center of the bow. Pretty Cure's attack is powered-up to Marble Screw Max (マーブル・スクリューマックス Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu), and later to Marble Screw Max Sparkle (マーブル・スクリューマックススパークル Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu Supākuru) with the Sparkle Bracelets. Together with Shiny Luminous, they can also do the Extreme Luminario (エクストリイムルミナリオ Ekusutoriimu Ruminario) attack, which in the final episode is upgraded to Extreme Luminario Max  

2. Cure Egret (キュアイーグレット, Kyua Īguretto)
Series: Pretty Cure Splash Star
Real Identity: Mai Mishou
Seiyuu: Atsuko Enomoto
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode6, “Ribbon’s Mildness!! Cooking is the Love!!” (リボンの優しさ!!料理って愛情なんです!! Ribon no Yasashisa!! Ryōritte Aijō Nan Desu!!)

(Mai Mishou had been explained in Cure Windy in Blue Heroine, so I will skip about her real identity and jump to Cure Egret instead)

2ef6xxj.jpgAs Cure Egret, she introduces herself as "The radiant silver wing, Cure Egret! (きらめく銀の翼、キュアイーグレット! Kirameku gin no tsubasa, Kyua Īguretto!)" Almost all attacks (except her power attack) is group attacks with Cure Bloom. The first is Twin Stream Splash (トウイン ストリーム スプラッシュ Tōin Sutorīmu Supurasshu), then Spiral Heart Splash (スプイラル ハート スプラッシュ Supairaru Hāto Supurasshu) with Spiral Ring, and the final attacks is Spiral Heart Splash Star (スプイラル ハート スプラッシュ スター, Supairaru Hāto Supurasshu Sutā)

3. Cure Rhythm (キュアリズム, Kyua Rizumu)
Cure Rhythm by candycanecroft
Series: Suite Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Kanade Minamino

Kanade is also a 14-year-old student in the second year of Private

Aria Academy junior high, and she is Hibiki's childhood friend and classmate. Kanade is an excellent student, but she is not really good at sports like Hibiki. Her excellent grades and personality make her sort of a celebrity in her school. Kanade acts very mature, but she's really quite stubborn sometimes. She belongs to the Sweets Club in Aria Academy. She dreams of being a pastry chef when she grows up and taking over her parents' cupcake pastry shop, the Lucky Spoon. She has a crush on the school's prince of music, Ouji. She also has a strong love for cats, especially Hummy, whose paw she finds pleasant to touch.

As Cure Rhythm, she introduces herself as "Playing the tranquil tune, Cure Rhythm!" (爪弾くはたおやかな調!キュアリズム!, Tsumabiku wa taoyaka na shirabe, Kyua Rizumu!) She use Cure Module and Rery to transform, but since her Module produced along with Hibiki, she must transform together in harmony with her best friend. Like Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm has multiple attacks. First is Passionate Harmony (パッショナートハーモニー Passhonāto Hāmonī) with Cure Melody (Cure Beat and also Cure Muse), and with Fantastic Belltier, she can use Music Rondo (ミュージックロンド Myūjikku Rondo), Fantastic Piachere (ファンタッスティック・ピアチャー Fantasikku Piachēre), and Music Rondo Super Quartet (ミュージックロンド・スーパーカルテット Myūjikku Rondo Sūpā Karutetto)with Healing Chest and 3 other Cures, she can perform Suite Session Ensemble (スイートセッションアンサンブル Suīto Sesshon Ansanburu), while adding 'Crescendo' with Cure Muse.

And don't forget this movie-exclusive White Cure:

4Cure Echo (キュアエコー Kyua Ekō)
Series: Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Our Future Friends
Real Identity: Ayumi Sakagami
Seiyuu: Mamiko Noto

A junior high transfer student in the Yokohama area who appears in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage and is a big Pretty Cure fan. She is shy and autistic, doesn't talk to anyone, and generally alone, until she has an encounter with Fu, the fragments of Fusion (I think of Rune Factory 2 when reading this). Other than the first New Stage, she also appears in New Stage 3 along with En-En and Guleru.

As Cure Echo, she introduces herself as "Deliver these feelings! Cure Echo! (思いよとどけ! キュアエコー! Omoi yo todoke! Kyua Ekō!) She acquire this form by her strong feelings to Fu, and only used to tell all her feelings to Fu. She is also the only Cure whose have her introduction echoes (as of her Cure name).
Please don't categorized this pics as official, I don't think this character design will be like this so I think is fake. For some info, Ayumi's previous name is Ikue Hoshizora, the girl who is Miyuki's daughter in the alternate future.

Last but not least section are:
Black and Green Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

(Some pictures in Pretty Cure Heroine series are taken by,,, and other sites. I forgot taking them credit)

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