Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

Toys on Pretty Cure Series

Actually it's the extra section before I'm reviewing My Favorite Cure in Pretty Cure Series, but I don't have a chance, sorry about that.

Actually, I do really love Pretty Cure Toys and I wanted to buy them in Pretty Cure Pretty Store in Japan that opened July 15th. Oh, I'm actually didn't have all of the any toys (really) but I will take the description from the video that I found in Youtube only for promotion for you so you can buy them in Internet Shop (but first we need to sign up and the payment too).

They are 2 different parts, Part One refers for Fresh, Heartcatch, and Suite that I like. Enjoy!
(Some pictures are taken by www.toy-toraya.com)

First, Fresh Pretty Cure Toys.
Linkrun (with Cure Passion ver.)
フレッシュプリキュア! 変身ケータイ手帳 リンクルン写真1フレッシュプリキュア! セットでゲット! リンクルン&ピックルン(キュアパッションVer.)写真1
Fresh Cure Stick
フレッシュプリキュア! フレッシュキュアスティック写真1
Passion Harp
フレッシュプリキュア! パッションハープ写真1

Heartcatch Toys.
Heart Perfume

Shiny Perfume

Heart Pot.

Flower Tact

Shiny Tambourine

Heartcatch Mirage

HeartCatch PreCure! Pretty Cure Mirage Bandai

Suite Toys.
Cure Module (with Muse version)

スイートプリキュア♪ 変身ブローチ キュアモジューレ(キュアミューズVer.)写真1

Miracle Belltier

スイートプリキュア♪ 奇跡のメロディ♪ ミラクルベルティエ写真1
Fantastic Belltier

Love Guitar Rod

For video about this toy function,  too many videos so I only give you a link:
スイートプリキュア♪ 愛のビート♪ラブギターロッド写真1
Healing Chest
Video about Healing Chest:
スイートプリキュア♪ 不思議なタッチ鍵盤♪ ヒーリングチェスト写真1

I will edit again as I found another link. See you!

Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

Bakery Story

Welcome back to my favorite "Story" review! Today I will introduce you Bakery Story brought by TeamLava.

This system is the same as Restaurant Story so I only want to introduce the appliance. There are 4 different appliances, Oven, Mixer, Ice Cream Maker and Deep Fryer. Some of you know Oven because this also included in Restaurant but some recipes in Restaurant were removed (Because of cake?).
Ice CreamFryer
Anyway, let's jump to Ice Cream Maker (left) and Deep Fryer (right). After Easy Oven and Easy Mixer, both these appliance are constructible (with hammer in it). Why I say constructible? Because you need certain amount of parts to build it. You will know if you find the link I give below.
About neighbours, expansions, gems and cookbook... It's the same system as Restaurant but Cookbook now has different recipes. Oven has I explained before, Mixer has type amount of drink recipes like Coffee and Espresso, Ice Cream Maker has Ice Cream recipes while Deep Fryer has Donut recipes.
iPhone Screenshot 3
In overall, I love this game more than previous 2 games I reviewing. Why? Because Music were entertaining as well, it's my first reason. The second is... umm... the recipes makes me hungry, XD. The third is this game reminds me of Bakery in My Shops. That's all. I think you love the another "Story" game like City Story, Nightclub Story, etc? Alright, if I have a chance, I will review another but I'll remind you that I never play Empire Story, Zoo Story 2 nor Pet Shop Story yet. Anyway, matamite ne...

Edit April 24 2012
I forgot that there also have other appliances too. I'll mention: Marzipan, Candy Cane Maker,

Fireplace Oven, Dehydrator, Sugar Coater, Truffle, Choco.Dip, Cocoa Maker, Shamrock Oven, 3 Bears Oven, Candy Hatchery, Treat Dispenser. Again, all appliance I introduced needs certain parts to be completed The pics can be shown in Supreme Dynasty I show below. My iPad is actually the office iPad so I can't play longer nor brought it to home when it's not my father's holiday, and I can only play it when I didn't play my laptop and when I'm in my father's office, sorry about that ^_^,,
 Link for you:
http://supremedynasty.com/tl/bakery_recipes.html (For recipes from this game)
https://sites.google.com/site/rbtutorial/home (Along with Restaurant Story)
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bakery-story/id400506026?mt=8 (For download it, but please note you must have iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch first)
Gamezebo has Bakery Story too, but TeamLava won't write the walkthrough of this game and incomplete, so I won't put the Gamezebo link.

One more thing, you can add me with my ID

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Farm Story

iPhone Screenshot 1
Sorry for waiting long! This is Farm Story. Writing this reminds me of Harvest Moon since both themes on these games are... FARMING! You're right.
iPhone Screenshot 2
Restaurant and Farm is both the in the same series, but that's the differences, you first start with an Apple Tree and only a few land. You can start farming crops by doing this:

  1. Tap twices to plow.
  2. Go to the store by clicking Store or tap twice on plowed land.
  3. Click the crop or flowers you want, and start planting whatever land you choose.
  4. Once has reach the time, the crops will be ready to be harvested. Harvest anyway!
  5. After harvested, it will turn again into empty land. Repeat this section to be successful farmer!
I recommend turn on Push Notifications to prevent crops from withering. If the crops take specified time to grow, then TeamLava will take you another specified time to harvest before it withers. For prevent making you confused, let's take an example. Corn needs to be 1 Day (not real 24 hours but 22 hours instead) to be grow and harvested. After it's matured, it takes another 1 Day for you to harvest before withered. But for Flowers, you don't need to be worry because it never withers even though takes another specified time.
See? Most of these animals needs Gems.
Another section is Tree, like Flowers, it will never wither and multiharvested. If you harvest after specified time, the timer will reset. Easy for mastering, right? Animals do the same too, but many choice you can choose and some needs Gems (What is Mastery and Gems? You will be know if you read this). Animals when reach the specified time, the animal will show itself with yellow exclamation (!) symbol. That means you will get money by them!

iPhone Screenshot 4
People would ask, why don't I explain Neighbours and Expansion here? Because the Farm Expansion, Collectibles and Neighbour System are the same as Restaurant Story, so check this link for information. Anyway, if you love this exciting farming game, this game will be interesting for you. Sorry if this review is short.

The Link related to Farm Story:
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/farm-story/id367107953?mt=8 (if you want to download it, but you need iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch first)

This guide shall help you! See you in Bakery Story review! Once again, you can add me with my Storm8 ID himawari_hana.

Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

My Shops Tutorial

This is the separate part and another guide of My Shops. For you who didn't play this yet, I will show you the tutorial. It was thanks to this video so I can use Snipping Tool to get this picture:

Anyway, let's start.

1. Before play this game, click www.facebook.com/MyShopsGame. Then, click Go to app bar and then Allow.
2. Wait for a moment when the game is loading, and This first window will appear saying welcome. Click Next>>>.

3. Mayor Johnson wants you to build the first shop. Click Okay!
4. Click Build a Shop as seen above.
5. In Shop Section, click Build to build your first shop, Bakery.
6. As in My Shops post, Bakery needs 5 seconds to build it up. After 5 seconds, click Click to Open! to open your Bakery.
7. Congratulations, your first shop was build successfully! And first 4 Costumer on Nice People card will appear (See the fourth costumer on the right? Its a pun or parody of Justin Bieber).
8. Next tutorial! How we can welcome the costumers?
9. Just click the costumer and this window will appear! Easy, right?
10. As I said in My Shops post again, costumer will come to buy stuff. Like all of us in the supermarket, right? BUT REMEMBER, even though we're offline, THE STOCK WILL ALWAYS DECREASE UNTIL SOLD OUT AND COSTUMER WILL BE ANGRY! So be careful, but how to refill the stock?
11. That's right, ORDERS! In this image above, you need to order some Bread and Croissant.
12. Click Goods as shown above.
13. Order the Bread...
14. And Croissant...
15. Ta-da! 1 order of each Bread and Croissant is made! Now click OK.
16. Your order will appear in 20 seconds, but...
17. Mayor Johnson will making the first order shorter! Yokatta...
18. Let's take a delivery now by click over the truck or Take Delivery button! Pay attention, there are 4 clocks above the truck, right? That means bonus coins. The bonus will vary depending on the level of truck. Careful, if the order is waited too long, the clock will turn grey (0 bonus coins) one by one. If all clock turn grey, 0 bonus coins for you.
19. Anyway, let's move on to next tutorial. Your Bakery is well supplied now, omedetou!
20. Remember this tips that I saw above!
21. Now we have to do missions (like request), unlocking all costumer family, new costumer, and more! 

Anyway, the tutorial by me is done here, have fun and enjoy ^o^.