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Go! Princess Pretty Cure

"Strongly, Gently, Beautifully!" (つよく、やさしく、美しく!  Tsuyoku, Yasashiku, Utsushiku!) This theme of this Pretty Cure series is Princess with the key Dreams. Prepare to have elegant princess-like lessons next week after the final episode of HapiChar with Go! Princess Pretty Cure, which is February 1, 2015.

Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014

Attacks in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure (Part 2)

Sorry for the Part 1! For some reason, up until Lovely Force Arrow, the rest of it was deleted, but oh well! Instead let me introduce the rest of the deleted one as the recovery, from some edits from Wikia! Enjoy! It contains the attack from Episode 23 up until the final episode, 49. (Including Magical Lovely Pad which releases along with Gabutyra Carnival that time)

Part 1: For the beginning, go with this first before continuing: http://himawarimawari.blogspot.com/2013/02/attacks-in-dokidoki-pretty-cure.html, especially for My Sweet Heart and Lovely Force Arrow

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Attack in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! (Part 2)

The second part of HapiChar attack section since it will be too much to use alone (sorry for not saying it earlier in Part 1). Anyway, let's continue along the path with another brand new attacks below.

NOTE: From here on, all of sub and main attacks are combined, and depending on the recent episode, the order may change.

Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Attacks in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! (Part 1)

Here is the list of attacks in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. Like HeartCatch Pretty Cure, the attacks is divide onto two categories: sub and main. Most of the main attacks requires "Pretty Cure!" to attack, and note for Cure Lovely and Cure Princess', only the first three sub attacks mentioned are available in LovePreBrace roleplay toy.

WARNING FOR ANY OF COLLAGE & GIF LOVERS: Since this link (http://dec.2chan.net/18/futaba.htm) is expired after Episode 14 streamed live, don't expect more GIFs from it for Episode 15 or so forth, unless the submitter changes his/her mind on it, so best to expect very few of it.

Cure Lovely (Sub)

Lovely Beam (ラブリービーム Raburī Bīmu)
Debut: Episode 5 (the Cure in the pre-opening introduction is Cure Happy)
Cure Lovely makes a round in front of her eye and release it on the enemy. Since it brought into the hot topic by many fans, this attack reminds me of Mekara Beam from Digi Charat Nyo.


Lovely Punching Punch (ラブリーパンチングパンチ Raburī Panchingu Panchi)
Debut: Episode 7 (the Cure in the pre-opening introduction is Cure Aqua)
After spinning her LovePreBrace dial, Cure Lovely raises her left hand and summons a big pink punch, sending it into the enemy.


Lovely Rising Sword (ラブリーライジングソード Raburī Raijingu Sōdo)
Debut: Episode 7 (the Cure in the pre-opening introduction is Cure Aqua)
The initiation is similar as Punching Punch, but now Cure Lovely summons a pink energy sword to cut the enemy's attack into two. It's also capable for guard after Lovely Shield.


Items in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

This is the list of all items in HapiChar Pretty Cure, pics will be added once the series airing:

PreChanMirror in the start of Lovely and Princess' group transformation. (Ep. 2)
PreChanMirror (プリチェンミラー PuriChenMirā)
Debut: Episode 1 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Black)
Roleplay Toy Release: February 1, 2014
The Transformation Device of Lovely, Princess and Honey, which is activated by the phrase "ChangIn, In! (かわルンルン!Kawaru nru n!)" and after changing their hairstyle with color and inserting their PreCards, "Pretty Cure, Spinning Mirror Change! (プリキュアくるりんミラーチェンジ!  Purikyua kuru rin Mirā Chenji!)" which is alike "Gokai Change", "Kyoryu Change" or "Tokkyu Change" for Gokaiger, Kyoryuger and Tokkyuger respectively.

Hime Shirayuki with her first PreCards: Roller Skater and Cherry Flamenco. (Ep. 2)
PreCard (プリカード PuriKādo)
Debut: Episode 1 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Black)
If in the first three Pretty Cure series needs Queen Cards to transform, this season's collectible items is consists of cards of user's body, tops and bottoms instead. When collected together, it will form either the transformation, disguise, fashion or form change for the user. Should all the PreCards are gather together in one PreCards File, any wish will be granted, thought only once. The first batch hold by Glasan are used to recover Iona's powers as Pretty Cure, but the second one hold by Ribbon is never granted in the finale and their fate is unknown (possibly the four still need disguise for near future, that's my thought of it).

LovePreBrace on 3D Cherry Flamenco (Ep. 14)
LovePreBrace (ラブプリブレス RabuPuriBuresu)
Debut: Episode 1 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Black)
Roleplay Toy Release: February 1, 2014 

The attack device for Lovely, Princess and Fortune, placed by their forearms before finishing their transformation.

Cure Line having a call from Hime while Megumi was sleeping (Ep. 3)
Cure Line (キュアライン Kyua Rain)
Debut: Episode 3 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Passion)
Roleplay Toy Release: April 19, 2014
If Aikatsu got a Aikatsu Phone Smart, then HapiChar gets Cure Line. This smartphone was given by Blue for those who either knows or became Pretty Cure, and used to contact others.

Cure Honey's Baton in Episode 10
Triple Dance Honey Baton (トリプルダンスハニーバトン Toripuru Dansu Hanī Baton)
Debut: Episode 9 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Rhythm)
Roleplay Toy Release: April 19, 2014
Cure Honey's weapon, which can be divided into three forms: Maracas when split onto two, Ribbon Mode and Baton Mode. When summoned during her henshin, it was in Baton Mode and was included in the finishing pose and roll call.

Iona wishes to give her Pretty Cure power by her PreCard File and after helping Glasan sneezes (both from Episode 22)
Fortune Piano (フォーチュンピアノ Fōchun Piano)
Debut: Episode 22 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Beauty)
Roleplay Toy Release: July 19, 2014
Thanks to PreCards obtained by Cure Princess to fill the PreCard File, Iona wishes to give her Pretty Cure power, which power was absorbed by Glasan and can be converted into this item with her new Cure Fortune PreCard through the same way as obtaining usual PreCards. She can use the new PreCard by slotting them in to the empty slot and pressing the lowest key thrice before running her fingers across the keyboard, with the ring glowing the respective colors of the key she hits. The keyphrase to transform in combat is "Pretty Cure Sparklin' Star Symphony!" (プリキュア きらりんスターシンフォニーPurikyua Kirarin Sutā Shinfonī!)

To use the PreCard, Iona has to press the following key:
  1. Cure Fortune: Purple, Purple, Purple
  2. Pine Arabian: Red, Orange, Green
  3. Anmitsu Beauty: Purple, Pink, Yellow
  4. Disguise: Indigo, Indigo, Indigo
 This is the most seen in disguise sequence when using it in the group including Iona.

Fortune Tambourine during Starlight Ascension
Fortune Tambourine (フォーチュンタンバリン Fōchun Tanbarin)
Debut: Episode 22 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Beauty)
Roleplay Toy Release: July 19, 2014
When Cure Fortune raises her hand and released the power within in, this weapon will appear. To use an attack, she'll scan her ring to the heart until it shines, and taps it to attack.

Ribbon with Axia Box (Episode 19), and after Cure Princess sending the wing shape into Shining Make Dresser (Episode 31)
Axia (アクシア Akushia) / Shining Make Dresser (シャイニングメイクドレッサー Shainingu Meiku Doressā)
Debut: Episode 2 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Dream, Axia) / Episode 29 (the Cures in pre-opening introduction is Cure Peace, Shining Make Dresser)
Roleplay Toy Release: September 13, 2014 (7 days after my birthday, and this day was also Hibiki Tachibana's birthday from Symphogear)
Axia is Pretty Cure version of Pandora's Box, which contains the Phantom Empire until Hime accidently opens the box after hearing the crying sound. Through the ritual led by Blue and Hime at Pikari Shrine, the box transform into an usual power-up item Shining Make Dresser, which first appear in the end of Episode 29 in 3D. The incantation after a pillar of blue light is unleashed after the dance is "Be Together! The Temper of Happiness! Raise High! The Innocent's Thought! O Light of the Earth, become the holy power! Shining Bright! Shining Make Dresser! (集まれ!ハピネスな気持ち!高まれ!イノセントな想い!地球の光を聖なる力へ! 輝け!シャイニングメイクドレッサー! Atsumare! Hapinesuna kimochi! Takamare! Inosentona omoi! Chikyū no hikari o seinaru chikara e! Kagayake! Shainingu Meiku Doressā!)", where the light blue goes to Hime when the much paler blue goes to Blue.

This is capable for Happiness Big Band with Flight Mode required, while after in Innocent Form, Innocent Purification with 12 more sub-attacks from it, but only 4 that appeared in the anime. Using much power to the Dresser will make the Cures using it become much stronger, which enable them to withstand even at residence by Queen Mirage's influence.

Cure Lovely's Innocent Harmony Mic in the end of Episode 48's Part A.
Innocent Harmony Mic (イノセントハーモニーマイク  Inosento Hāmonī Maiku)
Debut: Episode 38
Roleplay Toy Release: November 25, 2014
The evolution of cosmetic chip used in Shining Make Dresser which enables sing to use the last group attack Innocent Purification. Ribbon and Glasan also has the mini version of the mic but it's unknown where they got it.