Senin, 18 Maret 2013

Smile Pretty Cure Movie: Picture Book's Big Mismatch!

Sorry for the wait! It's Smile Pretty Cure Movie Review! This one was already released in theaters in October 27 last year and just streaming outside theaters this month. Anyway, it's the first and the only debut of Nico and we can taste so many fairy tales here (outside Episode 39, which is originated here).

Currently I'm downloading the movie from torrent, and I'm going to watch it afterwards, it may take 6 hours or so, so be patient! Oh, and watch the movie first in order to answer the questions provided here:
  1. Why this movie becomes the first Pretty Cure movie to reach the box office? Is this movie very awesome or something?
  2. Why Pretty Cure have to watch movie like we did in the beginning? Did they meet Nico in the theater?
  3. How was Ultra Cure Happy (not the power-up like in Episode 44) born? We know that we need Miracle Wing Light to do it, but how was the process?
  4. Princess Form and Ultra Cure Happy team up to defeat Maou, true or false?
  5. Pretty Cure still need to wear their casual clothes from the TV series and New Stage, true or false?
And much more. The answer will be provided here, in the storyline!

Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Bake Shop Drop

Tomorrow is my father's birthday, and I'll show you my review about:
This. First time I'm take a look about this, my tummy gets hungry. Anyway, let's review then.