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Attacks in Smile Pretty Cure

I think you, Smile Pretty Cure fans, were waiting for my attack blog, sorry for waiting so long and here you are! I will also post the college (or thumbnail) of the attack from BBS and 2chan, if you want a large size, click it, ok?
(Some following pictures are from kokoda_koji's review at, and some are downloaded myself)

Edit on September 23, 2012: I'm also adding the track used to attack excluding Solo Attacks! (because they use random OST to used)

Edit on November 19, 2012: Sunny Fire, Peace Thunder and March Shoot's kid form attack were changed to small size because of different size and height. (at 11:49 AM when writing this)

Solo Attacks
Like Suite Pretty Cure which using power of friendship to gather attack, they have their own way before using solo attack. They must Charge up their Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit before using (for 3DS game, you must tap the gold medal at the Smile Pact carrier). This makes their Smile Pact glow enabling them to attack. However, unlike their previous series, their attack uses up a lot of power and energy, making them exhausted after using.

The upgraded version appears near the end of the story when Ultra Cure Decole was set unnoticed under certain circumstances and was strong enough hurt Hyper Akanbe, but at the cost of Ultra Cure form (except for Episode 47, where they can use their upgraded attacks twice).

Photo 152Photo 117
Happy Shower (ハッピーシャワー Happī Shawā)
Debut: Episode 1, Episode 8 (Candy ver.), Episode 38 (kid ver.), Episode 39 (Cinderella), Episode 44 (Shining)
Cure Happy's basic finishing attack. After charging up her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit, Cure Happy uses both hands (when she is Candy's body, she uses her ears) to draw a large pink heart in front of her, and concentrates the energy into a smaller heart. She then grabs the small heart with both hands, spins around and projects the energy at the enemy.
SmPC38_0019_Layer 56SmPC38_0018_Layer 57
In kid form, she didn't charge enough spirit (saying "Kiai da!" thrice), that's why she can't use her attack (plus, her power was reduced in kid form). But her face was so cute her even on the last frame before the shooting fails.

When she's in Cinderella world and in Princess Happy form, she can use Cinderella Happy Shower (シンデレラハッピーシャワー Shinderera Happī Shawā), the heart produced become six times larger.
SmPC44_0023_Layer 36SmPC44_0022_Layer 37
With Ultra Cure Decole power, this attack was upgraded into Happy Shower Shining (ハッピーシャワーシャイニング Happī Shawā Shainingu). Ultra Cure Happy (in the second version, the first version is the upgraded form in the movie) jumps to the air and produces the heart even larger than Cinderella version (something like that) and shoots it to the target and the size of the heart decrease for the beam.

As Ultra Happy, she can casts Happy Shower multiple times with little energy to spend each shoot.

Thumbnail: (in BBS they are lazy to create Happy Shower College, so only 2chan were shown, sorry! In exchange, I will also show the first failed Happy Shower)
Miyuki in Candy's body Thumbnail:

Photo 177Photo 176
Sunny Fire (サニーファイヤー Sanī Faiyā)
Debut: Episode 2, Episode 30 (mermaid ver.), Episode 38 (kid ver.), Episode 40 (Burning)
Cure Sunny's basic finishing attack. After charging her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit. The Smile Pact gets engulfed in fire and flies into the air. She then jumps and spikes the pact as if it were a volleyball, sending it to the enemy.
 SmPC38_0025_Layer 50
In kid form, due being child, she can't jump into the ball (normal human jump), making the fireball easily disappear. My thought is the fireball was reduced to no effect like March Shoot, and if it's so, then it's really makes sense why Sunny can't jump to the ball.
In Episode 40, Ultra Cure Sunny upgrades it into Sunny Fire Burning (サニーファイヤーバーニング Sanī Faiyā Bāningu). Sunny was camouflaged by fire and flies with a fireball resembling the Sun and then punches it into the fire beam to the enemy.

Thumbnail: (only 2chan again since BBS are lazy again)


Peace Thunder (ピースサンダー Pīsu Sandā)
Debut: Episode 3, Episode 30 (mermaid ver.), Episode 38 (kid ver.), Episode 41 (Hurricane)
Cure Peace's basic finishing attack. After charging her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit, she makes a peace sign in the air and a lighting bolt comes down, shocking her. She then spins around with lighting and blast them at the enemy.

In kid form, she gets instantly beaten only with her attack, because of the thunder scares her.
With Ultra Cure Decor to power, she can use Peace Thunder Hurricane (ピースサンダー・ハリケーン Pīsu Sandā Harikēn). Ultra Cure Peace makes a peace sign and this time a lightning storm surround her and Peace, completely stands on it, does the similiar thing as the normal version.

Thumbnail (the third version only appears in Episode 19):

March Shoot (マーチシュート Māchi Shūto
Debut: Episode 4, Episode 29 (head ver.), Episode 38 (kid ver.), Episode 42 (Impact)
Cure March's basic finishing attack. After charging the Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit, she then summons the wind and compresses it into a ball before kicking it, sending the blast to the enemy.
In Episode 29, the scene changed to where she uses head instead of leg, making a great big wind to get the ball to home run.

SmPC38_0026_Layer 49 
In the kid form, she can successfully does this attack, but no effect to Hyper Akanbe.
With Ultra Cure Decole to power-up, this attack was upgraded into March Shoot Impact (マーチシュートインパクト Māchi Shūto Inpakuto). March makes a typhoon and spins herself in the typhoon before kicking the target or turns the opponents' energy agaisnt them into hers.


Beauty Blizzard (ビューティブリザード Byūti Burizādo)
Debut: Episode 5, Episode 29 (swimsuit ver.), Episode 38 (kid ver.), Episode 43 (Arrow)
Cure Beauty's basic finishing attack. After gathering enough spirit to her Smile Pact, she then gathers the snow in her left hand and then draw a snowflake pattern with her right hand. Cure Beauty then combines both together fires a freezing blast to the enemy.
SmPC38_0021_Layer 54SmPC38_0020_Layer 55
In her kid form, she successfully does this attack, but the effect only as the same as air conditioner to Majorina (like absorbing it, in the right picture).
SmPC43_0016_Layer 85SmPC43_0015_Layer 86
With Ultra Cure Decole to power-up, this attack was upgraded into Beauty Blizzard Arrow (ビューティーブリザードアロー Byūtī Burizādo Arō). She combines two sword into an bow, and make it into the real bow and arrow made by ice. Nice touch for that.


Group Attacks
This needs Decors putted and appearance or form change in order to use one of these group attacks. However, this doesn't need a lot of energy and can be used even one or whole Pretty Cures are exhausted.

Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu)
Debut: Episode 12
The group attack which needs the golden crowns (from white crown and tiara) via the 5 Rainbow Cure Decors which requires Candy to generate them, as seen in colored comic. The Cures insert each Rainbow Cure Decors into their Smile Pacts, which, changing their forms to have shining gold tiaras and earrings. The Cures then combine their powers to form a large rainbow wall which blasts towards the opponent. It's the only purification attack that can be affected by Blue Akanbe, but for the Blue Nose, seems like destroying attack for me, I think.

OST used: Smile Pretty Cure OST 1 Track 28 "Pretty Cure Rainbow Healing!"
Thumbnail (only 2chan due BBS being lazy again):

Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト Reinbō Bāsuto)
Debut: Episode 23
The Cure's Second Group purification attack which requires Princess Candle and Super Princess Decors to transform into their Princess Forms, the Cures ride pegasi made of light and combine the power of the Princess Candles to form a large white pegasus which fires a large burst of rainbow light at the opponent. Princess Happy then blows up the candle's fire, and incitiates the final phrase.

The inciation is: "Deliver, the hope light! Fly, to future! Pretty Cure Rainbow Burst! Shine, Happy Smile!  (届け、希望の光!はばたけ、未来へ!プリキュア・レインボーバースト! 輝け、ハッピースマイル!Todoke, kibō no hikari! Habatake, mirai e! Purikyua Reinbō Bāsuto! Kagayake, Happī Sumairu!)"

OST used: Smile Pretty Cure OST 2 Track 1 "Pretty Cure Rainbow Burst!"
Thumbnail: (2chan only with Princess Form transformation, because bad news from me that BBS stops their operation, really. Check this if you don't care)

SmPC_0051_Layer 54SmPC_0053_Layer 56
Royale Rainbow Burst (ロイヤルレインボーバースト Roiyaru Reinbō Bāsuto)
Debut: Episode 32 (I thought it made it's debut in Episode 31) 
The upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. The differences is Candy must press the pink button of the Royale Clock. Also, the phoenix replace the pegasus, and the music is different than previous one (more royal). But it won't work against Demon King in the movie.

Cure Happy first rolls the clock and they say (with Candy). "Open! Royale Clock! One power in one cycle-kuru! Gather, Hope Light! Fly, Brilliant future! Pretty Cure Royale Rainbow Burst! Sparkle! Happy Smile! (開け!  ロイヤルクロック! みんなの力をひとつにするクル!届け希望の光!羽ばたけ光り輝く未来へ!  プリキュア・ロイヤルレインボー・バースト!! 輝け! ハッピースマイル!  Hirake! Royairu Kurokku! Min'na no chikara o hitotsu ni suru Kuru! Todoke kibō no hikari! Habatake hikarikagayaku mirai e! Purikyua Roiyaru Reinbō Bāsuto! Kagayake! Happī Sumairu!)"

OST used: Smile Pretty Cure Movie OST Track25 "Pretty Cure Royale Rainbow Burst!", Smile Pretty Cure OST 2 Track 29 "Pretty Cure Royale Rainbow Burst!"
Thumbnail: (2chan, some different scenes can be seen here)

Fire Shoot (ファイヤーシュート Faiyā Shūto)
Debut: Episode 47
The combination attack with Ultra Cure Sunny and Ultra Cure March. First, Ultra Cure March kicks the green ball to the air to become bigger, then Ultra Cure Sunny throws her fire to the big ball, before they say the attack phrase to become a green fire meteor to the enemies.

Thunder Blizzard (サンダーブリザード Sandā Burizādo)
Debut: Episode 47
The combination attack between Ultra Cure Peace and Ultra Cure Beauty, making it the thunder iceberg. First, Ultra Cure Beauty throws her ice bow to the air to become iceberg, and Ultra Peace sends the thunder on it, before saying the phrase to throw the thunder iceberg into the enemies.

Ultra Rainbow Burst (ウルトラレインボーバースト Urutora Reinbō Bāsuto)
Debut: Episode 48
An attack that is used in the Pretty Cure's Ultra Form; it's similar to Royal Rainbow Burst, but it's too weak to defeating Pierrot, causing them to knocked down by him and return back to normal.

Thumbnail: (along with the rest of the episode after this attack)

Miracle Rainbow Burst (ミラクルレインボーバースト Mirakuru Reinbō Bāsuto)
Debut: Episode 48
An attack that is used in the Pretty Cure's Ultra Form with the power of Royal Candy; it's similar to Royal Rainbow Burst, but now they gathers their power and though Pierrot was pushing this attack, the phoenix appears as the Giant Angel Cure Happy and hugs Pierrot before he gets ultimately defeated.

Their incantation is "One power in one cycle-kuru! Pretty Cure Miracle Rainbow Burst!  (みんなの力をひとつにするクル!  プリキュア・ミラクルレインボー・バースト! Min'na no chikara o hitotsu ni suru Kuru! Purikyua Mirakuru Reinbō Bāsuto!)"

There's a speech for you to read when after that line above to Pierrot ultimately defeated:
Pierrot: It's good for you to realize despair's power! (ゼツボウのチカラを思い知るがイイ Zetsubou no Chikara o omoishiruga Ī!)
Royale Candy: Candy and friends will absolutely never lose-kuru! (キャンディ達は、絶対に負けないクル! Kyandi-tachi wa, zettai ni makenai Kuru!)
Ultra Beauty: To the future ahead, even there's any difficulty! (これから先の未来に、どんな困難があっても! Korekarasaki no mirai ni, don'na kon'nan ga atte mo!)
Ultra March: We'll go to it absolutely! (わたし達は絶対に前に向かって進んでいく!Watashi-tachi wa zettai ni mae ni mukatte susunde iku!)
Ultra Peace: I think there are lots of problems on the future, but! (これからも大変なことがたくさんあると思う、でも! Korekara mo taihen'na koto ga takusan aru to omou, demo!)
Ultra Sunny: Tackle with all we can got, we'll show you the true smile! (それを全力で乗り越えて、ホンマもんの笑顔になれるんや! Sore o zenryoku de norikoete, honma mon no egao ni nareru n ya!)
Ultra Happy: We, no matter what, the true smile will be never forgotten! Absolutely continue working! (わたし達はどんな時も、本当の笑顔を忘れない!絶対に、頑張っていくんだもん!Watashi-tachi wa don'na toki mo, hontō no egao o wasurenai! Zettai ni, ganbatte iku nda mon!)
Pierrot: Shut up! I'll crush you all! (だまれ!スベテを叩き潰してくれる!Damare! Subete o tataki tsubushite kureru!) [This is when he pushes Miracle Rainbow Burst back]
Ultra Happy: SPARKLEEEE!!! (かがやけ! Kagayakeee!)
Ultra Cures and Royale Candy: SMILE PRETTY CUREEE!!! (スマイルプリキュアSumairu Purikyua!!!) [The phoenix sparkles]
Pierrot: What?! (何?! Nani?!) [Gets hugged by the phoenix revealed as Giant Angel Happy] It's it exceeds despair? Isn't that. (絶望の超えるというのか、それは Zetsubō no koeru to iu no ka, soreha)

Thumbnail: (again, with the rest of the episode after this attack)