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Restaurant Story

iPhone Screenshot 1
It's iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone game time! Remember "Story" series like City Story or Nightclub Story? Now I'm explain my favorite "Story" game Restaurant Story, Farm Story, and Bakery Story. First is Restaurant Story.

Restaurant Story is the one of the simulation game series "Story." This game was released in October 13 2010. In this game, you can build your very own restaurant (like Bakery Story that will explain later) released by TeamLava. And keeping costumer happy and wel-fed is also included. But what is gameplay in this game? Well, I will show you.

iPad Screenshot 2
First, the costumer came to the restaurant. After choosing the seat, they will eat the food that has stored in the counter, and the costumer will leave happy. Otherwise, if there is no food in the counter, they will just sitting in the table, and after a while, leaving angry... To solve this, you must have the food in the counter, but how?

iPad Screenshot 4
That's why the cookbook comes in. There are 3 separate cooking appliances, Stove, Oven, and Grill. Each appliances also have 4 separate section, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert (All is not included since All section includes all Menus in the each appliance's Cookbook). Each menu includes the vary amount of time to finish, XP, and costs, and requires 2 preparations before the cooking time starts and 1 preparation before serving.

The cooking time depends of the number of plates can be served. The longer the cooking time is, the more plates can serves, and vice versa. Please note that not all the menus can be all be unlocked, you must be in specified level to unlock the new menus. And also, please note again that the food will always spoiled (the fly icon) if you're not serving the food on time. (EX: Quesadilla requires Level 44 to unlock)

iPad Screenshot 3
The cons in this game, the Gems. Seriously, Gems, yeah, you will start with 14 Gems and 40.000 coins if I am right (please correct me if I'm wrong). Some goods that you can buy in Design Menu requires Gems. To get more gems, you can choose from 24 until 580 Gems, but it requires real American money, but fortunately if you have master Line Cook (Level 2) and Pastry Chef (Level 4) with cook many times at one menu, you will obtained 1 Gem and 50XP. But for faster we must do the first way, that is just sad. Oh, you can also get 1 Gem if you got gold medal in Badge.

 iPad Screenshot 5
Anyway, let's move on. Another feature of this game is neighbourhood. Basically, for more expansion of the restaurant, you'll need neighbours. Neighbours can be accessed by typing the Storm8 ID and wait for them to accept your request. Or in Community tab, you can visit other people's restaurant and leave them tip. You can also send them gifts! Pretty interesting, huh?
See the second tab on the upper right? It's Collectibles section. It's what you're looking for.
The new feature I want to discuss for is Collectibles. How to get this collectibles? Just do what should you do: prepare and serving food, buying things in Design tab, etc. Each activity will get you one of these collectible parts if you're lucky (i.e. 1 Egg), and if you have part of the collectibles complete (i..e. All parts on Yummy Ingredients), click Redeem to claim a reward! It's good that you will get the Diner Table and Golden Utensil. But remember, this is for iOS and TeamLava will try this section for Android (mine is bought by App Store).

In overall, I love this game more than City Story and Zoo Story. But note that this game is online game and requires Internet access, but I have cellular network so that problem is only a small problem (it can be a real problem when the connection is slow, however). The interesting thing is weekly update, so check often every week (Saturday if I am right). If you loves simulation game or just want to waste your leisure time, this is not really a problem to play this. But, pass on this "Story" series if you don't like to be notified or Gem purchases.

Edit April 24 2012:
Other appliances in this game are Turducken, Chestnut Maker, Holiday Drink Machine, Outdoor Grill, Nacho Machine, Candy Heart Stove, Chocolate Maker, Smoker Pit, Shamrock Oven, Steampunk Oven, and Egg Stove. My iPad is actually the office's iPad, so I can't play longer than you though, sorry!

Oh, if you want more, check this link: (Japanese) (if you want to download this game) (Guide along with Bakery Story) (for searching more info about this game) (for all Recipes including Fountain Drink and Sushi Bar)

Alright, see you to the next review! Look forward to Farm Story review! I'm searching for a chance now, I can jump to Bakery Story if the chance isn't right yet to write Farm Story.
Oh, I'm forgot my Storm8 ID, you can add me as a neighbour with my ID himawari_hana.


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Fresh Pretty Cure!

Fresh Pretty Cure! (フレッシュプリキュア!, Furesshu PuriKyua!; also known as Fresh PreCure!, but the English official spelling is Fresh Pretty Cure) is a Japanese anime series and the sixth Pretty Cure installment by Izumi Todo. This is my third favorite series after Heartcatch and Suite. Produced by Toei Animation and Satelight, the series premiered on February 1, 2009 to January 31, 2010 on TV Asahi, replacing Yes! PreCure 5 Go Go! on its time slot. The series's main themes is both Card Suits: which are prominent to the symbols of the main cures and also Fruits and Clovers: which are prominent to the names of the main cures and the magical devices and attacks they use.

Love Momozono is a 14-year-old student at Yotsuba Junior Highschool that tends to care more for others than for herself. One day she visits a show of the famous dance unit "Trinity" and decides to become a dancer, too. On the same event, subordinates of the Labyrinth Kingdom show up who want to collect the unhappiness of the audience. Love gets the power to change into Cure Peach and fights them. Soon after, she is joined by her good friends Miki (Cure Berry), Inori (Cure Pine) and later in the series Setsuna (Cure Passion).

Pretty Cures
(See Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red Heroine for details about Pretty Cures in this series, I don't want to explain it more about Cure Peach, Cure Berry, Cure Pine, and Cure Passion)

Fairy Mascots
Tart (タルト Taruto)
Seiyuu: Taiki Matsuno (same seiyuu as Wisdom in Futari wa Pretty Cure and Max Heart)
A ferret-like fairy (but prefers for a call 'cute fairy' than that), he is Chiffon's caretaker, but always has trouble taking care of her. He is always anxious but kind, and has a Kansai dialect. He takes Chiffon to the human world from the Kingdom of Sweets, on his search for the Pretty Cures. He is prone to worrying and often grumbles, but becomes weak to a good story and will become over emotional. He also loves Kaoru's donuts. Tart is the prince of the Sweets Kingdom, who went to the human world and is engaged to Azukina.
Chiffon (シフォン Shifon) / Infinity (インフィニティ Infiniti)
Seiyuu: Satomi Kōrogi
A baby fairy from the Kingdom of Sweets, she likes to make practical jokes with others. Chiffon often use espers power (ESP), which involves her using magic with a green aura, to make people have troubles and laugh. Love and the others, including Tart, take care of her. The mark on her forehead gives a light that has many different abilities, including giving the power for the Pretty Cures to transform and give them power ups. Chiffon acted like a normal baby at first, but the girls' Pickruns have different effects on her (Pirun: She started eating human foods, Kirun: She began to speak, Blun: She tried on different clothes, Akarun: Strengthened her current powers). Her true identity is "Infinity", the limitless memory and a god-like entity, and can only say "I am Infinity. The unlimited memory (わが名はインフィニティ、無限のメモリーなり
Waga na wa infiniti, mugen no memorīnari)".

Azukina (アズキーナ Azukīna)
Seiyuu: Mayu Isshiki
A tall squirrel-like fairy and Tarte's fiancée, Azukina is royal from a kingdom close to the Kingdom of Sweets. In order to unite these kingdoms, she was arranged to marry Tarte, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Sweets. Since then, they have had a close relationship, and grown attracted to each other. When Tarte goes to the human world with Chiffon to search for the Pretty Cures, she worries deeply, and is relieved when he comes back for a short visit with the founded Pretty Cures. Azukina and Tarte both care deeply for each other and will do everything to protect the other.

The villains in this series are known collectively as denizens of "Labyinth" (ラビリンス Rabirinsu). Their names come from the cardinal directions.
Westar (ウエスター, Wesutā) / Hayato Nishi (西 隼人, Nishi Hayato)
Seiyuu: Yasunori Matsumoto
At first sight, he might seem like a heartthrob, but in truth, he's a dumb muscle who becomes some sort of comic relief later in the series. Westar seems to have feelings for Eas, and is the most effected by her betrayal. His theme color is yellow.

He along with Soular dies fighting Cure Berry and Cure Passion. In episode 46, he and Soular were sucked into a blackhole which leads them to death. In episode 48, Souler and him were brought back to life by Chiffon to help the Pretty Cures and since they don't work for Moebius anymore, their clothes have changed to white.
Soular (サウラー, Saurā) / Shun Minami ( , Minami Shun)
Seiyuu: Kenichi Suzumura
He is calm and reserved, and resembles Mucardia from the previous series, Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo. He often plans out his attacks before going on a mission, always knowing beforehand what to do. His theme color is sea-green.

In episode 48, Westar and him were brought back to life by Chiffon to help the Pretty Cures and were given the ability to summon Hohoemina. These are like Nakewameke, but have a white diamond power source and work for the forces of good.
Northa (ノーザ, Nōza) / Nayuta Kita ( 那由他, Kita Nayuta)
Seiyuu: Misa Watanabe
The highest ranking member of Labyrinth and the most evil. After Moebius deems Wester and Souler to be useless, he calls upon Northa to retrieve Infinity. She first appears in episode 36, although her face was vaguely shown in the new opening sequence from episode 26. In episode 49 it is revealed that she was created by Moebius using the DNA of a plant.

One of two Nakewameke in Episode 34
Nakewameke (ナケワメーケ, Nakewamēke)
These creatures play the role of the monsters-of-the-day, similar to the Zakenna, Uzaina, Kowaina and Hoshiina in the preceding series. Their name can mean "cry and shout" unlike Most magical girl anime, most of the choice of monsters in this season are Robots.

Nakisakebe in Episode 19
Nakisakebe (ナキサケーベ, Nakisakēbe)
These creatures replace the Nakewameke's role as monsters-of-the-day and they first appear in Episode 19 until Episode 22. These are created by upgrades to the Labyrinth members' cards and said card resembles a Tetrahedral Net with eyes. Their name can mean "cry loudly". Use of the Nakisakebe cards causes pain and anger to the user.
Sorewatase in Episode 36

Sorewatase (ソレワターセ, Sorewatāse)
The newest creatures that replace the Nakewameke and Nakisakebe, they first appear in Episode 36. These serve as a radar for finding Infinity and only Northa can use them fully. Their name means "give me that".
Moebius (メビウス, Mebiusu)
Seiyuu: Tomomichi Nishimura
This demon is the leader of Labyrinth who wishes to rule all worlds, thinking of all his subjects to be only mindless pawns. He grants the members of Labyrinth their items. In episode 49 it is revealed that the Moebius we have seen throughout the series is just a robot. The real Moebius is a supercomupter that hypnotised it's creators i.e. the people of Labyrinth.

Cline (クライン, Kurain)
Seiyuu: Kouji Hiwatari
So far, this middle-aged man has only appeared in episodes 9, 22, 23, 35, 36, 42, 46 and 47. He appears to be one of the elite members of Labyrinth. His theme colors are shades of yellow and indigo. In episode 49 it is revealed that he was created by Moebius using the DNA of a Lizard.

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Pizza Frenzy

I want to write another post about games. Now we have Pizza Frenzy produced by PopCap Game (previously Sprout Games) and it was released in February 2 2005. Let's see the gameplay and review of this delivery-order game.

Let's hear the story. For centuries, the Stromboli family made the best pizza in Europe until the new era of assembly line appears, where no one enjoyed the pizza anymore. Now, the last member of Stromboli family, Lorenzo, Paula, Niccolo, and Lisa must revive the family honor with delivering pizza with the secret family pizza recipe.

There are 3 different modes in this game. First is Speed Mode move pizzas to shops as fast as you can. This mode didn’t get even remotely difficult. Even after 30 minutes of play, it was trivial and tedious. One nice touch: after each round in Speed Mode, a blimp floats by that drops money bags, which you click to collect. Unlike Speed Mode, in Memory Mode you only get to see people’s orders for a few seconds. Then they turn to “?” icons. You have to remember what they ordered. This mode can be moderately stressful at later levels. And last is Simon Says Mode where the differences is send the pizza in the order that the customers requested the pizzas. Like Memory Mode, this mode can be moderately stressful at later levels.

The objective of Pizza Frenzy is to quickly deliver the correct pizzas to customers. The game levels take place in a number of different locations, with each location having a unique topography, including two or more pizza kitchens. Each of these kitchens is responsible for producing and delivering pizzas with a specific topping. During gameplay, customers will appear with an icon representing a specific pizza topping they are calling to order. This icon must be clicked, and the player must then click the correct pizza kitchen in order to dispatch the needed pizza to the customer. If players take too long, or try to deliver the wrong pizza, the customer hangs up the phone, causing a decrease in overall customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction dips low enough, the game ends.

Before every level starts, the player picks which pizza toppings will be available for order on that level. The number of kitchens varies by level, but ranges from two to four. The actual topping selected for a kitchen has no impact on the game, with the caveat that higher level toppings earn more money.

After a certain number of levels are completed, the player earns or unlocks an additional topping of his or her choice. The new toppings from which the player can choose include both standard toppings (e.g. olives or mushrooms), as well as items not normally associated with pizza (e.g. donuts, chocolate or french fries).
After the initial game levels, some percentage of the callers placing orders are actually criminals intent on hurting the pizza business. These include vandals, prank callers, and thieves. If players mistakenly take an order from such an individual, profits will be lost or the player's reputation will suffer. Instead, players must click on a police station when such a caller is observed, causing the police to arrest the individual and to provide a monetary reward. Although it can be difficult to spot criminals amidst the fast-paced flurry of mouse clicks, their presence is often alerted by a specific auditory cue.
The game also includes callers who have other (not necessarily negative) effects when their orders are successfully placed. Such callers include a chatty female customer or a gossip who convinces other waiting customers to change their orders to match hers, a banker who collects tips for a brief period of time so that the player can focus on other things, a movie star who gives huge tips, and a monk who causes time to temporarily slow down.

And now for minigames, there are Bonus Mode where you create as the same pizza as the example, by decorating the toppings to the right place. When you done, you will checked the accuracy. The more perfect the accuracy, the more bonus points you have. Usually this mode will appear if you completed some level.

And the second is make your own pizza in "Design your own pizza" which requires 5 toppings to unlock. You can create your own pizza with the toppings you want, add or delete the man-made pizza to the topppings list, or either edit a name of the pizza (but can only up to 15 words).

For Toppings, there are 26 ingredients which are used as toppings in Pizza Frenzy. How to unlock it's seen above. Each one comes in four levels, which are obtained by creating longer Pizza Frenzy Chains. Level 2 is opened with a Pizza Frenzy (5 combo), Level 3 is opened with a Double Frenzy (10 combo) and Level 4 is opened with a Super Frenzy (20 combo). There included: Cheese, Pepperoni, Meatball, Mushroom, Olive, Shrimp, Fish, Pineapple, Bacon, Chicken, Donuts, Banana, Crab, Peanuts, Ice, Eggs, Sausage, Caviar, Chocolate, Egg Plant, Lobster, Beans, Fries, Green Cheese, Taco, and Pumpkin.

So, in overall, it's a good and simple game at all. I think for starters, you must start with Speed Mode first, and if you have sastified, you can try another mode. For you who loves pizza or loves delivery-order game, this is the must play.

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Black and Orange Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

Irashaimase! The last section on Pretty Cure Heroine section! This time, I will post Black and Green Heroine where is not included on other Heroines, what do I mean? Yes, the theme color (black and green) until Smile confirms, has only one heroine each! Poor, but anyway, let's go!

Edit 14 January 2012: Green Heroine was moved and joined together with Purple and Red Heroine because of Smile has another Green Cure, and Cure Sunny moves here becomes Orange Heroine.
Edit at 22 November 2011: For Zerochan pic I show, there is 2 more, Dark Pretty Cure and Cure Muse. Why I don't show them in Black Heroine? Quite simple, Dark Pretty Cure is actually the villain and Cure Muse is actually Yellow Cure (only becomes the Black Cure when she is masked)

Anyway... Instead of continue this Zerochan pic, let's go to the review!

First, from Black one, which is only held by Cure Black:

1. Cure Black (キュアブラック Kyua Burakku)
Cure Black 02 by candycanecroft
Series: Futari wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart)
Real Identity: Nagisa Misumi
Seiyuu: Yoko Honna
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 1, "Really Like the Love! Cure Lovely Gives her Birth!" (愛が大好き!キュアラブリー誕生! Ai ga Daisuki! Kyua Raburī Tanjō!)

Nagisa is the ace of the school lacrosse team. She is also a close friend of Akane Fujita, a former lacrosse player who runs her own takoyaki stand. She is strong-hearted, though it usually quite lazy when it comes to her homework. She is also a food lover, her favourite dish being the takoyaki served at Akane's stand. Although generally courageous, she will become quite flustered when near Shougo, who she has a crush on. She is often known for her catchphrase of yelling "Unbelievable!" (ありえな~い! Ariena~i!).

As Cure Black, she introduces herself as "Emmisiary of light, Cure Black! (光の使者、キュアブラックHikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku!)" She is strong and passionateIt is also revealed that even though Cure White is not around, Cure Black can use incredible powers by herself, but this depends largely on her emotions and will. Together with Cure White, she can perform the Marble Screw (マーブル・スクリュー Māburu Sukurū; Marble Twister in English dub) and Rainbow Therapy (レインボーセラピー Reinbō Serapīattacks. Later, when the duo is powered up by the Rainbow Bracelets, they can do a new attack called Rainbow Storm (レインボーストーム Reinbō Sutōmu)

In Max Heart, Cure Black's outfit, along with Cure White's, is slightly upgraded. Her lower dress gets another thin layer, and her leggings have slightly changed. Her leggings and gloves have a blue trim. Her earrings have changed from silver to gold, and her commune strap is held by a large gold heart. There is also now a tiny light-blue heart in the center of the bow. Pretty Cure's attack is powered-up to Marble Screw Max (マーブル・スクリューマックス Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu), and later to Marble Screw Max Sparkle (マーブル・スクリューマックススパークル Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu Supākuruwith the Sparkle Bracelets. Together with Shiny Luminous, they can also do the Extreme Luminario (エクストリイムルミナリオ Ekusutoriimu Ruminarioattack, which in the final episode is upgraded to Extreme Luminario Max (エクストリイムルミナリオマックス Ekusutoriimu Ruminario Makkusu)

And last is the orange Cure which is held by Cure Sunny only: 
2. Cure Sunny (キュアサニー Kyua Sanī)
Series: Smile Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Akane Hino
Seiyuu: Asami Tano
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 31, “By No Means of Access!? Cure Honey and Phantom!” (まさかの急接近!?キュアハ二ーとファントム! Masaka no Kyū Sekkin!? Kyua Hanī to Fantomu!?)

According to Toei's site, Akane enjoys making people laugh and her family owns an okonomiyaki shop. She also plays volleyball and borns in Osaka.

Photo 180As Cure Sunny, she introduces herself as "Hot-blooded solar power, Cure Sunny!" (太陽サンサン熱血パワー、キュアサニー! Taiyou sansan nekketsu pawā, Kyua Sanī!), she can use fire in this form and use Sunny Fire (サニーファイア Sanī Faia) to attack. With Red Rainbow Cure Decor and four other Cures, together they can shoot Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu) to destroy Blue Akanbe. In Princess Sunny (プリンセス サニー Purincesu Sanī) form, she, along with four other Cures, can use the attack Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト Reinbō Bāsuto) with the Royal version as the story goes on.

Edit in 14 January 2012: Actually I insert Sunny as Red Heroine, but after I notice her outfit which is orange, she's becomes Orange Heroine instead.
Will the next season will occur another theme color Pretty Cure like pink, blue and more? I hope Toei will do so... I will edit it each theme color Cure comes.

Phew... and this will be the last section of all Cure based in theme color, but it's not done yet! I will post:
My Favorite Cure in Pretty Cure Series

Yes, it's all about my opinion why I loves the Cure that I choose to become my favorite. Oh, do you know why I write Theme Color Heroine in Pretty Cure Series? The answer is:
Unfortunately, Multiply is already dead by May 31, 2013 so better DON'T search for this, okay?

It's in Indonesian language but you will know if you see the image. Until now, there's no new entries about that like All About Blue Heroine or whatsever, making me upset. Anyway, I will write the next, extra section above when I have a chance. Otanoshimi ni!

(Some pictures in Pretty Cure Heroine series are taken by,,, and other sites. I forgot taking them credit)

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White Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

We're almost in climax, and we will take a look at white heroine in Pretty Cure Series. Enjoy!

  • All White Cure has an talent (Honoka is good at study, Mai is drawing, and Kanade is baking cake) (except Ayumi)
  • Mostly must transform with the leader in pair (except Cure Echo).
  • In 10th Anniversary Message, like some of the Cures, they going with it politely. The type goes like this: "It is Cure __. Thank you very much for Pretty Cure 10th Anniversary. From now on, I shall give you my best regards." (キュア__です。プリキュア10周年、ありがとうございます。 これからもよろしくお願いします。 Kyua __ desu. Purikyua 10-shūnen, arigatōgozaimasu. Korekara mo yoroshikuonegaishimasu.), although Cure Rhythm adds 'Korekara mo, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ne.' (これからもよろしくお願いしますね) for her third line. Except White who is the very last one, they're comes up first in their team before their leader as the second.

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Purple, Red, and Green Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

Long time no see, gals and guys! I'm here to post the another section and first combination on this Pretty Cure-exclusive blog, Purple, Red and Green Heroine Cures! Since there both only two each (Sunny is actually Orange Cure) each theme color (until Cure Sword is here for Purple), I'm supposed to combine purple and red in the same post. Please alert for someone who didn't read my previous post  (Yellow Heroine) that Cure Muse (previously Symphony) is not related to purple but yellow heroine even though her Fairy Tone is purple. For Cure March's case, see her section below.

Edit in 14 January 2012: Green Heroine moved onto here because currently has also only have 2 Cures, and Cure Sunny moves from Red to Orange Cure because of her outfit and joined together with Black Heroine.