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Purple, Red, and Green Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

Long time no see, gals and guys! I'm here to post the another section and first combination on this Pretty Cure-exclusive blog, Purple, Red and Green Heroine Cures! Since there both only two each (Sunny is actually Orange Cure) each theme color (until Cure Sword is here for Purple), I'm supposed to combine purple and red in the same post. Please alert for someone who didn't read my previous post  (Yellow Heroine) that Cure Muse (previously Symphony) is not related to purple but yellow heroine even though her Fairy Tone is purple. For Cure March's case, see her section below.

Edit in 14 January 2012: Green Heroine moved onto here because currently has also only have 2 Cures, and Cure Sunny moves from Red to Orange Cure because of her outfit and joined together with Black Heroine.

Anyway, here we go! Starting from Purple one:

1. Milky Rose (ミルキィローズ Mirukī Rōzu)
Series: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!
Real Identity: Milk / Kurumi Mimino
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 11 "Magneficient Transformation! Milky Rose!"

The second Cure who doesn't have a 'Cure' in her name after Shiny Luminous. Debuts in episode 21 in Yes! Pretty Cure 5. A white-and-pink lop rabbit who is the royal speaker and chancellor-to-be of the Palmier Kingdom. Milk and Nozomi are always in constant disagreements over food, especially chocolate. She was unable to take a human form in the first season, but later gained this ability, her alias Kurumi Mimino, after picking up a glowing blue seed in episode 7 in the sequel. Milk adimires Coco a lot, and is jealous when Nozomi shows close to him. Milk and Karen share a close friendship, since she wants to learn leadership from Karen. Her civilian name backwards has the same pronunciation with Miruku no Mimi (ミルクの耳) meaning "Milk's ears." She has long, violet, curly hair and fuchsia eyes. When transformed, she wears violet with blue flower decorations. A calm, smart character, her cool persona acts as a mask to her bizarre personality.

As Milky Rose, she introduces herself as "The Blue Rose is The Secret Mark, Milky Rose!" (青いバラは秘密の印ミルキィローズ! Aoi Bara wa Himitsu no Shirushi, Mirukī Rōzu!)  She is significantly stronger than Pretty Cure, being able to defeat her foes with ease. However, she has to be careful using these powers, or else she can deform back to her mascot form. In order to transform into Milky Rose, Milk must be Kurumi and have her Milky Palette at hand. The first time helping Pretty Cure, Milky Rose did not reveal who she really was and ran off, making all the Cures worry which side she was on. Milky Rose can use her own signature attack, Blizzard (ブリザード Burizādo). When Natts is granted his Palmier crown, Milky Rose can use the Milky Note and the Milky Mirror to perform Metal Blizzard (メタルブリザード Metaru Burizādo). At the final episode, she can use Floral Explosion (フローラルエクスプロージョン Furōraru Ekusupurōjon) together with Pretty Cure.

2. Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライト Kyua Mūnraito)
Series: Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Yuri Tsukikage
Debut as Pretty Cure: Beginning of Episode 1 "I am Changing! I will Show You!"
Seiyuu: Aya Hisakawa
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 4, "The Transfer Student is a Princess! Operation “Hime’s Friend Get” Start!! (転校生はお姫様!!ひめの友達ゲット大作戦!!Tenkōsei wa Ohimesama!! Hime no Tomodachi Getto Daisakusen!!)"

(I have reviewed her before in this post, but for you who doesn't know her yet, see below then)
Yuri is 17 years old and Momoka's friend, also in the second year of Myōdō Academy's high school branch. She shares class notes with Momoka when the latter can't attend classes because of her job, also she heads the list of successful candidates in the grade. Her father went missing during the investigation of the "Heart Tree" in France. At the beginning of the story, she was defeated during the fight against Dark Pretty Cure, rendering her Pretty Cure Seed broken and the Heart Tree once withering. Owing to that her fairy died, she can't transform since her only Pretty Cure Seed broke. Scarred by this, she isn't willing to help new Pretty Cures. But later the Heart Tree and the Heart Pot recover her Pretty Cure Seed and allocate her status of Pretty Cure again. Cure Moonlight has powers related to the moon and can use auxiliary attacks in addition to her finishing attack. Her catchphrase is "I'll keep fighting, for everyone's heart!" (全ての心が満ちるまで、私は戦い続けるSubete no kokoro ga michiru made, watashi wa tatakai tsuzukeru!).

As Cure Moonlight, she introduces herself as "The flower glistening in the light of the moon, Cure Moonlight!" (月光に冴える一輪の花、キュアムーンライト!, Gekkou ni saeru ichirin no hana, Kyua Mūnraito!)  As the sole protector of the Tree of Hearts in the past, Cure Moonlight is said to be the "The Legendary Warrior" Precure by Sabaku. Cure Moonlight is also the stongest Pretty Cure said by Tsubomi. Cure Moonlight is capable of fighting with martial arts and she is capable to fight evenly against Dark Pretty Cure, who is considered Sabaku's right hand. Along with this, she can use the attack Silver Forte Wave (シルバー・フォルテウェイブ Shirubā Forute Ueibu), and a solo version of Floral Power Fortissimo (フローラルパワーフォルテッシモ Furōraru Pawā Forutesshimo), she also use it for further use than purification as well as Floral Power Fortissimo with Cure Sunshine. Moonlight also performs Floral Power Fortissimo with Cure Blossom during the final battle against Dune.

3. Cure Sword (キュアソード Kyua Sōdo)
Series: DokiDoki! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Makoto Kenzaki (identity unknown from official site until Episode 4's end, and completely revealed in Episode 6, but it's after Episode 23 that her profile as Makoto aren't unknown again with Cure Ace)
Debut as Pretty Cure: Beginning of Episode 1 "The Earth's in Big Pinch! The Last Remaining Pretty Cure!" (Cure Sword), Episode 40 "The Reached Feelings! MakoP announces her new song!" (with Angel Wings)
Seiyuu: Kanako Miyamoto
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 32, ”Iona’s Puppy Love!? Innocent Form Operates!” (いおなの初恋!?イノセントフォーム発動! Iona no Hatsukoi!? Inosento Fōmu Hatsudō!)

The royal guard of Trump Kingdom in parallel worlds. She comes to Japan to find the princess after her nation was invaded. She has a strong sense of responsibility, always feeling remorse for feeling that she didn't protect the princess and defending the kingdom, causing her to not get along well with her allies. She becomes a supermodel as Makoto, and was nicknamed "Mako-P (まこピー Mako Pī)" among fans (Mana is one of them). Though Mana didn't know who is Cure Sword exactly, via the Clover Tower's hidden camera, Alice can pinpoint that Cure Sword looked like Makoto, much to Mana's suprise.

As Cure Sword, she introduces herself as "The courage blade! Cure Sword!" (勇気の刃!キュア
ソード! Yūki no yaiba! Kyua Sōdo!) and her roll call after this is "This Cure Sword will show your ambition cut off by my love sword! (このキュアソードが愛の剣であなたの野望を断ち切ってみせる! Kono kyuasōdo ga ai no ken de anata no yabō o tachikitte miseru!)" Her motif is the Spades and her fairy partner is Davi, and with Davi as Lovely Commune, she can transform or use it for the attack Holy Sword (ホーリーソード Hōrī Sōdo). When she has Love Heart Arrow in hand, she can use Sparkle Sword (スパークルソード Supākuru Sōdoand with the others, Lovely Force Arrow (ラブリーフォースアロー Raburī Fōsu Arō). After capable of striking Lovely Straight Flush (ラブリーストレートフラッシュRaburī Sutorēto Furasshu) as well as the Royal Lovely Straight Flush (ロイヤルラブリーストレートフラッシュ Roiyaru Raburī Sutorēto Furasshu) in the group, as individual, Cure Sword can execute Sword Hurricane (ソードハリケーン Sōdo Harikēn) with her own Magical Lovely Pad.

(Left: Toei Animation, Right: TV Asahi)

4. Cure Fortune (キュアフォーチュン Kyua Fōchun)
Series: Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Iona Hikawa
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 1 “Really Like the Love! Cure Lovely Gives her Birth!” (愛が大好き!キュアラブリー誕生! Ai ga daisuki Kyua Raburī Tanjō!)
Seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu (one of the popular seiyuus from Music Ray'N, and voicing Lala Satalin Deviluke from To-Love-Ru and Canderilla from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger as well as potraying her human form)
HapiChar Congratulary Message: 14, "A Hero Takes Forth! He is a Real Tremendous Fellow!!" (ヒーロー登場!あいつはいかしたすごいやつ!!Hīrō Tōjō! Aitsu wa Ikashita Sugoi Yatsu!!)

Note: Before I was feared Cure Fortune will be actually a fake name, so I didn't this Cure on the list until December 26, 2013, and 'Cure Fortune' name is real. 

First appeared as an typical of unidentified and aloof Pretty Cure who helps the weak and has a strong sense of justice and a gentleness when she consoles people and was partnered by her mascot Glasan. Her sense of duty as a Cure and her excellent fighting skills and at school Iona is cool, serious, has excellent grades, never laughs. Her family owns a karate dojo which she experts of, and also she likes fortune-telling. She is strict both with herself and others and hates to lose. She often scolds Cure Princess for a lack of responsibility and blames her error opening the Axia Box causing Cure Tender to be sealed in the coffin mirror by Phantom. even warns Cure Lovely for this: "Let me advise you: Don't put any credence to Cure Princess, if you don't want to summon any great difficulties in front of you." (忠告しておくわ。キュアプリンセスを信じては行けない、でないとあなたに大きな災いが降りかかるわ。Chūkoku shite oku wa. Kyua Purinsesu o shinjite wa ikenai, denaito anata ni ōkina wazawai ga furikakaru wa.) in Episode 8. But as of Episode 22 and 23, they finally resolve their hatred and becomes friends.

As Cure Fortune, she introduces herself as "Glittering in the night sky is the hopeful star, Cure Fortune!" (夜空にきらめく希望の星!キュアフォーチュン  Yozora ni kirameku kibō no hoshi! Kyua Fōchun!) but so far there's two unnamed Form Change available for Fortune, but has her LovePreBrace which can be used to perform her sub and main attacks such as Fortune Star Burst (フォーチュン スターバースト Fōchun Sutā Bāsuto) and Stardust Shoot (スターダストシュート Sutādasuto Shūto) as her finishing attack, which her motif is a purple star. After losing her old PreCard burned by Phantom, by the full PreCard File filled by PreCards given by Hime, she can obtain Fortune Piano and Fortune Tambourine as a replacement with two rings capable for both transformation (right ring), and attack (left ring) such as Starlight Ascension (スターライトアセンション Sutāraito Asenshon), Oriental Dream (オリエンタルドリーム Orientaru Dorīmu), and Cherry Blossom Blizzard Dance (さくら吹雪の舞 Sakura Fubuki no Mai). Fortune is the first one to have the Innocent Form unlocked, which after returning back to her Cure form, she finishes Saiark together with the other three with Happiness Big Bang (ハピネスビッグバン Hapinesu Biggu Ban).

From Toei (center and right, with and without seiyuus) and TV Asahi (left) site at December 26, 2013:

5. Cure Magical (キュアマジカル Kyua Majikaru)
Series: Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Rico Izayoi
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 1 "The Encounter is Miraculous and Magical! The Magical PreCures are Born!" (Diamond Style), Episode 3, "Let's Shopping at Magical Shopping District! The Power of Ruby is Awakened!" (Ruby Style) , Episode 7 "Magic at the Mermaid Village! The Reawakened Sapphire's Feeling!" (Sapphire Style), Episode 11 "Mofurun's First School Visit? Get the Exciting Topaz ~mofu!" (Topaz Style), Episode 31 "Crystallised Feelings! The Rainbow Colored Alexandrite!!"
Seiyuu: Yui Horie

A thirteen year-old girl attending a magical school. Though she is good at studying, she is not that good at magic.

As Cure Magical, she introduces herself as "The twin's sorcery! Cure Magical!" (ふたりの魔法!キュアマジカル! Futari no Mahō! Kyua Majikaru!).In Diamond Style, her normal Cure form, she can perform Diamond Eternal (ダイヤモンドエターナル Daiyamondo Etānaru), Ruby Passionare (ルビー・パッショナーレ Rubī Passhonāre) in Ruby Style, Sapphire Smartish (サファイアスマーティッシュ Safaia Sumātisshu) in Sapphire Style, and Topaz Esperanza (トパーズエスペランサ Topāzu Esuperansa) with Topaz Style. But these attacks could only work when she is together with Cure Miracle. Together with Miracle and Felice in her Alexandrite Style, they can perform Extreme Rainbow (エキストリームレインボー Ekisutorīmu Reinbō) by Rainbow Carriage rides by Moflun, and the ultimate attack Extreme Rainbow San Sun Jewelry-re (エクストリーム・レインボー・サンサンジュエリーレ Ekusutorīmu Reinbō San San Juerīre).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at December 26, 2015:

Our Current Purple Cure:

6. Cure Macaron (キュアマカロン Kyua Makaron)
Series: KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode
Real Identity: Yukari Kotozume
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 5 "The Capricious Sister is Cure Macaron!"

Seiyuu: Saki Fujita

A noble second year high school student who is known for her beauty, but can be quite selfish and arrogant at times.

As Cure Macaron, she roll calls herself as "Cure Macaron! Ready to serve!" (キュアマカロン!できあがり!Kyua Makaron! Dekiagari!). She represents beauty and excitement and sports a cat and macaron motif. She can attack using KiraKira Kiraru Kirakiraru (キラキラキラル キラキラル Kirakirakiraru Kirakiraru) and Macaron Julienne (マカロン・ジュリエンヌ Makaron Jurien'nu). Her group attack is Swe-Ets Wonderful A La Mode (スイー・ツー・ワンダフル・アラモード! Suī tsū Wandafuru Aramōdo), Animal Go-Round (アニマルゴーラウンド Animaru Gō Raundo) and Fantastic Animale (ファンタスティックアニマーレ Fantasutikku Animāre).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at December 26, 2016 and January 6, 2017:

7. Cure Amour (キュアアムール Kyua Amūru)

Series: HugTto! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Lulu Amour / R.U.R. 9500
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 20 "Cure Macherie and Cure Amour! Hooray, Hooray! Lovely Pretty Cure!"
Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura

Originally a part-time worker in the Criasu Corporation's Azababu branch office, Lulu is a quiet and reserve gynoid who is extremely devoted to Ristle while using flying saucers as weapons. Lulu infiltrates Hana's house while altering Sumire's memory to spy on the Cures, later stealing Homare's PreHeart on Papple's order to prevent the girl from helping her team. But Lulu returns the item to Homare after a change of heart, resulting in her being deactivated by Papple and taken away to be reprogramed and upgraded to be more combat-oriented with her memories erased. But while confronting the Cures, Lulu regained her memories and reconciled with them while quitting the Criasu Corporation.

As Cure Amour, she introduce herself as "Loving Everyone! The Lovely Pretty Cure! Cure Amour!"(みんな大好き!愛のプリキュア!キュアアムール! Min'na daisuki ai no purikyua! Kyua Amūru!) and represent love and dance. She can do Heart Dance (ハートダンス Hāto Dansu) and later Twin Love Rock Beat (ツインラブロックビート Tsuin Rabu Rokku Bīto) along with Cure Macheire.

Next stuff, let's go to the red one.

1. Cure Rouge (キュアルージュ, Kyua Rūju)
Series: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (GoGo!)
Real Identity: Rin Natsuki
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 2 "Full Throttle Passion! Cure Rouge!" (first season), End of Episode 1 "Revived! Pretty Cure 5" (GoGo!)

This second-year student appears as a tomboy and plays enough sports to have every team clamouring for her to join them, but indulges in a few feminine pursuits, such as a love of boys and is scare of ghosts and legends. She has a very straightforward and down-to-earth personality that sharply contrasts with her childhood friend and classmaate, Nozomi. Her parents run a flower shop, making her busy of helping parents and nursing younger sister and brother. She felt in question for her future at first, but getting interest in jewery design after working in Nuts House. Rin wears red, and she transforms into Cure Rouge;

As Cure Rouge, she introduces herself as "The Red Flame of Passion, Cure Rouge!" (情熱の赤い炎、キュア·ルージュ!, Jōnetsu no akai honō, Kyua Rūju!) She can use the attack Rouge Fire (ルージュファイアー, Rūju Faiā) and Rouge Burning (ルージュバーニング, Rūju Bāningu) with Rouge Tact.  With combining other four's powers, they can use the powerful finishing attack called Five Explosio(ファイブエクスプロージョン Faibu Ekusupuroshon). In GoGo!, she can use the attack Fire Strike (ファイヤーストライク Faiā Sutoraiku) as her individual attack, and combination attack Rainbow Rose Explosion (レインボーローズエクスプロージョン Reinbō Rōzu Ekusupurōjon) and in final episode, Floral Explosion (フローラルエクスプロージョン Furōraru Ekusupurōjon). For catching Pinkies, Coco gets a trumpet from her Pinky Catch. Her counterpart is her best friend, Cure Dream.

2. Cure Passion (キュアパッション, Kyua Passhon)
Series: Fresh Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Eas / Setsuna Higashi
Debut as Pretty Cure: End of Episode 23 "Eas' End! Cure Passion is Born!" (normal form), End of Episode 48 "The Final Battle! Cure Angel were Born!" (Cure Angel)
Seiyuu: Yuka Komatsu
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 3, "The Secret's Out of Bag!? Pretty Cure's True Character is a Must-Hidden!!" (秘密がばれちゃった!?プリキュアの正体は絶対秘密!! Himitsu ga Barechatta!? Purikyua no Shōtai wa Zettai Himitsu!!)

She first starts as a cold and isolated teenage girl loyal only to Moebius which, due to her behavior when she is defeated, can be seen as an obsession. After spending time with the girls as a spy, she begins to wonder what makes her happy and slowly opens up to them. Following a final battle with Cure Peach where she finally discovers happiness in Episode 23, her life reached the deadline determined by Labrynth and she died. However, she was saved by the Akarun and Chiffon, and is reborn as Cure Passion. After agreement she lives with the Momozonos, joins the dancing group and attends Public Yotsuba Junior High School with Love. Her catchphrase is  "I'll do my best!" (精一杯、頑張るわ! Seiippai ganbaruwa!). She dislikes green peppers and her fear is losing her friends.

As Eas, she Introduces herself as "I am Eas, denizen of Labyrinth, and faithful servant of Lord Moebius" (我が名はイース。ラビリンス総統、メビウス様がしもべ!, Wa ga na wa Iisu. Rabirinsu soutou, Mebiusu-sama ga shimobe). After being reborn as Cure Passion, she Introduces herself as "The scarlet heart is the proof of happiness! Freshly-ripened fresh, Cure Passion!" (真っ赤なハートは幸せの証! うれたてフレッシュ、キュアパッション! Makka na Hāto wa Shiawase no Akashi! Uretate Furesshu, Kyua Passhon!). She can use Happiness Hurricane (ハピネスハリケーン Hapinesu Harikēn) with her Passion Harp. Thanks to the Clover Box, she, with other three Pretty Cures can use attack Lucky Clover Grand Finale (ラッキークローバー・グランドフィナー Rakī Kurōbā Gurando Fināre). Towards the end of the series, she gains an upgrade called Cure Angel and with other Pretty Cures can use Loving True Heart (ラビング・トゥルー・ハートRabingu Tourū Hāto) and Loving True Heart Fresh (ラビング・トゥルー・ハート・フレッシュ Rabingu Tourū Hāto Furesshu).

3. Cure Ace (キュアエース Kyua Ēsu)
Series: DokiDoki! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Aguri Madoka (please kill the fact that she's Regina, she returned being evil by King Jikochu again)
Debut as Pretty Cure: At the end of Episode 22 "In Pinch, appears! The New Warrior, Cure Ace!" (Cure Ace), Episode 40 "The Reached Feelings! MakoP announces her new song!" (with Angel Wings)
Seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya (previously voiced Dark Lemonade at Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Movie)
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 19, "Football Confrontation! Team PreCure’s Being Set Up!" (サッカー対決!チームプリキュア結成! Sakkā Taiketsu! Chīmu Purikyua Kessei!)

A mysterious primary school girl who first appears in episode 22, saving the other Cures from the re-evil Regina (that's why I say to kill the fact Regina = Ace) and formally introduces herself in episode 23. Being the 'light' part of Marie Ange's Psyche (which has the close resemblance to Marie Ange starting from Episode 35), she was found by her adoptive grandmother Mari Madoka as a baby and by the light, reverts into the age of 10, and having a memory loss before holding the Eternal Golden Crown, she though as being the first Cure to be chosen before Sword does, she tried to defeat King Jikochu on her own but failed and lost her powers. Her partner, Ai-Chan, who Aguri fonds and treats her as younger sister and the one who provides Love Eyes Palette to her. When Aguri met Ai-Chan again, her powers were restored and is able to grow to a mature lady when transformed, however with the time limit only 5 minutes before before returning back to Aguri, even with having great strenght, although the side effects has been erased if she puts Eternal Golden Crown in her cloth after gone into light. She is very calm, quiet and wise, almost to the point on lecturing and telling rules to others.

She introduces herself as "The Love Trump Card! Cure Ace! (愛の切り札!キュアエース! Ai no Kirifuda! Kyua Ēsu!)" as her Cure Ace. Like Alice Yotsuba, for her talking style she uses her polite like a rich person like this catchphrase, "Beauty is proof of justice! With one wink, I will give you to unplug your crazy heart! (美しさは正義の証!ウィンクひとつであなたのハートを射抜いて差し上げますわ!Utsukushi-sa wa seigi no akashi! U~inku hitotsu de anata no hāto o inuite sashiagemasu wa!)". Her attack is Ace Shot (エースショット Ēsu Shotto) and the color can varies from pink, blue, yellow, purple or even red. After having a piece of Magical Lovely Pad, executing Ace Mirror Flash (エースミラーフラッシュ Ēsu Mirā Furasshu) would be possible since Episode 32.

4. Cure Scarlet (キュアスカーレット Kyua Sukāretto)
Series: Go! Princess Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Towa Akagi / Twilight
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 22 "Aspiration Flame! Cure Scarlet Is Her Name!!"
Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro

Prince Kanata's sister whose her wish to become Grand Princess is used by Dyspear to brainwash her at Despair Forest and make her believe that she's Dyspear's daughter and serving as second-in-command. This in turn led to Hope Kingdom falling into despair, allowing Dyspear to revive. As Twilight, she's a merciless and cold-hearted girl who used black Dress Up Keys to power up the other generals (except Close who was defeated and dead in Episode 11), allowing them to summon more powerful Zetsuborgs, and often regarded the Cures as "fake princesses". After her defeat in Episode 18, in Episode 19 She eventually came across the fourth Princess Perfume, which Dyspear produces  another Black Key summoned by Dyspear to transform Twilight into the Black Princess (ブラックプリンセス Burakku Purinsesu) but is purified by Trinity Explosion and Kanata's music and returned to her original form as Towa. With Cure Flora's help to calm her from despair, Towa later becomes the fourth Princess Pretty Cure, Cure Scarlet.

As Cure Scarlet, she introduces herself as "Princess of the Deep Red Fire! Cure Scarlet!" (深紅の炎
As Twilight with Cure Flora's petals burned into blue fire.
!キュアスカーレット Shinku no Honō no Purinsesu! Kyua Sukāretto!) but rather than using the other three's catchphrase, she uses "Please Reconsider Your Preparedness!" (お覚悟を決めなさい! O kakugo o kime nasai!). Her attacks is Phoenix Blaze (フェニックスプレイズ Fenikkusu Bureizu) which she uses Scarlet Violin from her brother's violin to play music and summon phoenix from Miracle Phoenix Dress-Up Key.  In group, Eclat Espoir (エクラエスポワール Ekura Esupowāru), Grand Plantin (グランプランタン Guran Purantan), and Grand Liberation (グランリベラシオン Guran Riberashion). In Mode Pretty (her fighting form), she can perform Scarlet Illusion (スカーレットイリュージョン Sukāretto Iryūjon), Scarlet Spark (スカーレットスパーク Sukāretto Supāku), Scarlet Flame (スカーレットフレイム  Sukāretto Fureimu), and Scarlet Prominence (スカーレットプロミネンス Sukāretto Purominensu). As Twilight, her fire is blue but becomes red after her resolve as Towa.

Our Current Red Pretty Cure:

5. Cure Chocola (キュアショコラ Kyua Shokora)
Series: KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode
Real Identity: Akira Kenjou
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 6 ""Is this Love!? The Brilliant Cure Chocola!"
Seiyuu: Nanako Mori

A gentle second year high school student who has a boyish appearance and a strong sense of justice. She has a younger sister who loves chocolate.

As Cure Chocola (or Cure Chocolat for official naming), she roll calls herself as "Cure Chocola! Ready to serve! (キュアショコラ!できあがり!Kyua Shokora! Dekiagari!)". She represents strength and love and sports a dog and chocolate motif. She can attack using KiraKira Kiraru Kirakiraru (キラキラキラル キラキラル Kirakirakiraru Kirakiraru) and Chocola Aromaze (チョコラ・アロマーゼ Shokora Aromāze). Her group attack is Swe-Ets Wonderful A La Mode (スイー・ツー・ワンダフル・アラモード! Suī tsū Wandafuru Aramōdo), Animal Go-Round (アニマルゴーラウンド Animaru Gō Raundo) and Fantastic Animale (ファンタスティックアニマーレ Fantasutikku Animāre).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at January 6, 2017:

6. Cure Macheire (キュアマシェリ Kyua Masheri)

Series: HugTto! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Emiru Aisaki
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 20 "Cure Macherie and Cure Amour! Hooray, Hooray! Lovely Pretty Cure!"
Seiyuu: Nao Tamura 

A girl who display a strong liking to Hana. She adores the Cures and once cosplayed as one, it was also revealed that she is sometimes is a troublemaker. She ends her sentences with ~nanodesu. She later discovered the Cures identities, and she also befriended Lulu. 

As Cure Macherie, she introduce herself as "Loving Everyone! The Lovely Pretty Cure! Cure Macherie!"(みんな大好き!愛のプリキュア!キュアマシェリ! Min'na daisuki ai no purikyua! Kyua Masheri!) and represent love and singing. She can do Heart Song (ハートソング Hāto Songu) and later Twin Love Rock Beat (ツインラブロックビート Tsuin Rabu Rokku Bīto) along with Cure Amour.

Next is Green Heroine:
1. Cure Mint (キュアミント Kyua Minto)
Series: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (GoGo!)
Real Identity: Komachi Akimoto
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 4 "Tranquil Cure Mint!" (first season), Episode 1 "Revival! Pretty Cure 5" (GoGo!)

In the third-year, Komachi is kind and shy, and likes to read books and write. However, once she is angered enough, she will snap and release her temper. She is a volunteer at the school library, along with Karen/Cure Aqua, and often spends her time there writing stories. Her dream is to become a writer, and she exhibits particular talent in this: Nuts praised her first completed story (upon the 7th revision), and he does not give praise lightly. She has romantic feelings for Nuts, which she expresses in the form of her second novel. Her parents own a traditional Japanese sweetshop. She becomes a Pretty Cure when she acknowledges with Nozomi's thought.

She introduces herself as "The Tranquility of the Green Earth, Cure Mint!" (安らぎの緑の大地
、キュアミント! Yasuragi no midori no daichi, Kyua Minto!)  She gains more strength and never hesitates about using it to help others. She, like Cure Dream, has a tendency to give out a speech about courage in the middle of the battle if she has a larger role in the episode, which often provokes the villains and tell her to shut up. Unlike most of the others in Pretty Cure, she focuses on protecting, using her attacks and agility to calls forth the forces of earth and hinder the enemies from hurting others unnecessary. She can use the attack Mint Protection (ミントプロテクション Minto Purotekushon) and Mint Shield (ミントシールド Minto Shīrudo) with Mint Leaf. With combining other four's powers, they can use the powerful finishing attack called Five Explosion (ファイブエクスプロージョン Faibu Ekusupuroshon). For catching Pinkies, Coco gets a flute/piccolo from her Pinky Catch. Her counterpart is her best friend, Cure Aqua.

In GoGo!, she can use the attack Emerald Saucer (エメラルドソーサー  Emerarudo Sōsā) as her individual attack either as offensive or defensive attack, and combination attack Rainbow Rose Explosion  (レインボーローズエクスプロージョン Reinbō Rōzu Ekusupurōjon) and in final episode, Floral Explosion (フローラルエクスプロージョン Furōraru Ekusupurōjon)

2. Cure March (キュアマーチ Kyua Māchi)
Series: Smile Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Nao Midorikawa
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 4 "Straight Match! Windy Cure March!" (normal form), Episode 23 "Pierrot's Revived! Pretty Cure in Blood's Last Drop!" (Princess March), Episode 42 "Protect it! Nao and Family's Important Bonds!" (Ultra Cure), Episode 47 "Strongest Pierrot's Power! Never Give Up Power and the Hope Light!" (Ultra Form)

Nao is a girl who behaves in kind of masculine way but also likes cute things and plays in soccer club. She's the first of six child in Midorikawa family. She's having phobia of insects (Entomophobia) and heights (Acrophobia with Akane Hino) in Episode 11. In Episode 20, he also has a ghost phobia (Spectrophobia).

As Cure March, she introduces herself as "Courageous straight match, Cure March!" (勇気リンリン直
球勝負、キュアマーチ! Yuki rinrin chokyū shobū, Kyua Māchi!)" She use the wind power March Shoot (マーチシュート Māchi Shūto) to attack. With Green Rainbow Cure Decor and four other Cures, together they can shoot Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu) to destroy Blue Akanbe. In Princess March (プリンセスマーチ Purincesu Māchi) form, she, along with four other Cures, can use the attack Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト Reinbō Bāsutowith the Royale version as the story goes on..

Before ending this Cure March's section, please remember that Cure March is originally intended to be Purple Cure (but is changed Green because it match the rainbow). But if she's officialy confirmed to be purple Cure, what is her name now, Nao Murakawa or something? (Mura is short form of Murasaki, meaning purple) I prefer Nao being purple, though (more suitable than green).

Our Current Green Pretty Cure:
3. Cure Felice (キュアフェリーチェ Kyua Ferīche)
Series: MahouTsukai Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Haa-chan / Kotoha Hanami
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 22 "Sprouting The New Legend! Cure Felice is Born!" (芽生える新たな伝説!キュアフェリーチェ誕生! Mebaeru Aratana Densetsu! Kyua Ferīche Tanjō!), Episode 31 "Crystallised Feelings! The Rainbow Colored Alexandrite!! (結晶する想い!虹色のアレキサンドライト!! Kesshō Suru Omoi! Nijiiro no Arekisandoraito!!)" (Alexandrite Style)
Seiyuu: Saori Hayami

Haa-chan and 8 Linkle Stones (Episode 15).
A mysterious baby fairy who resides in the Linkle Smartphone who rapidly grows and become able to speak as the series progress. By eating food that comes from using Linkle Stones place within the Smartphone, she can change into various forms, each with their own abilities. Spalda believed that she might be related to the Linkle Stones during their first encounter, especially to the Emerald Linkle Stone. She disappeared along with Kushi after the battle, but appears as a young girl and meets reunion with the other Cures after a few months in summer.

As Cure Felice, she introduces herself as "The ubiquitous blessing into life! Cure Felice!" (あまねく生命に祝福を!キュアフェリーチェ! Amaneku Inochi ni Shukufuku o! Kyua Ferīche!). She can use Emerald Reincarnation (エメラルドリンカネーション Emerarudo Rinkanēshon) with Flower Echo Wand. Together with Miracle and Magical in her Alexandrite Style, they can perform Extreme Rainbow (エキストリームレインボー Ekisutorīmu Reinbō) by Rainbow Carriage rides by Moflun, and the ultimate attack Extreme Rainbow San Sun Jewelry-re (エクストリーム・レインボー・サンサンジュエリーレ Ekusutorīmu Reinbō San San Juerīre).

4. Cure Parfait (キュアパルフェ Kyua Parufe)
Series: KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode
Real Identity: Ciel Kirahoshi
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 23
Seiyuu: Inori Minase

A lamb-like fairy who is able to transform into a human. She became known as the Genius Patissiere
after studying in France and recently returned to Japan for a demonstration. It is later revealed that she is Julio's sister, who was able to transform into a human after studying baking for a while, however, she reverts to her fairy form whenever she is hungry.

As Cure Parfait, she roll calls herself as "Cure Parfait! Ready to serve! (キュアパルフェ!出来上がり! Kyua Parufe! Dekiagari!)". She represents dream and hope and sports a parfait and pegasus motif. She can attack using KiraKuru Rainbow (キラクルレインボー Kirakuru Reinbō) and Parfait Etoile (パルフェエトワール Parufe Etowāru). Her group attack is Animal Go-Round (アニマルゴーラウンド Animaru Gō Raundo) and Fantastic Animale (ファンタスティックアニマーレ Fantasutikku Animāre).

Next Section:
White Heroine in Pretty Cure Series
We're almost in climax, so I'm think I will combine Black and Green Heroine after I complete the White one. See you and don't forget to Suhoor tomorrow... Lol, just for Islamic readers.

(Some pictures in Pretty Cure Heroine series are taken by,,, and other sites. I forgot taking them credit)

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  1. Cure Fortune is current cure and debuted in episode 1 and episode 8 as Iona Hikawa. Please adding Cure Sunny as a red cure.

    1. Well, in Yes! 5 and Smile has almost similar color pattern, but Sunny is more to Orange Cure then being Red.

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