Selasa, 22 November 2011

Pretty Cure on S.H. Figuarts

I heard about it that Bandai also release S.H. Figuarts to Pretty Cure. So, I want to review this. 

What is S.H. Figuarts? (Source from
S.H.Figuarts (S.H. フィギュアーツ S.H. Figuātsu; Also called Super Hero Figuarts) is a collection of posable figures created by Bandai. These figures features characters from various Anime series and Tokusatsu shows created by Toei and other animation companies and were aired in TV Stations across Japan.

As of 2011, Bandai almost released all the S.H.Figuarts versions of the Pretty Cure characters, excluding Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Suite Pretty Cure♪. Some of them were featured in Bandai's Tamashii Website while some were released as Tamashii Nations Exclusives.

Kamis, 17 November 2011

Inspector Parker

I don't like Parker's design, it's too ugly for me.
If I review puzzle game, then now for solving mystery game. One of this is Inspector Parker! This game was realeased November 12 2003 and published by I-Play.
There is the story. There are something foul's afoot at Misanthrope Manor, and it's going to take a detective with a keen eye and a knack for suspicion to solve this mysterious puzzler. As the detective (or something), you will need to help Inspector Parker solve the mystery of the Manor, where seven potential suspects, weapons, motives, victims, pieces of evidence and body disposal methods must be sorted through to solve the crime. Using logic and intuition to piece together the puzzle- is the key to solve the mystery.
To make it more clearly, let's review. Click the right one as shown on the right. If you click the wrong one, the thunder sound will appear and the time will increase. If you click wrong enough, game over, it means you failed for solving mystery. Well, each game also has failures, didn't they? But if the mission was complete, you will show the suspects and victims, and the next mission appears. 
That's only what I know. Oh, there was few things you should know. The music... its the mysterious. About the Mode, it's divided into two, Career and Puzzle. I won't say much, but there is Tutorial for starter to get enjoyed in this game. As usual, there are 3 difficulties, but Hard changes into Deadly, so there are Easy, Medium, and Deadly and to choose them, scroll  like when you are in Internet. To choose Timed and Puzzle was also scrolling, choosing which mode you like most. For starter like me, I recommended Easy. Only chose Medium when you get enjoyed and Deadly when you are pro, right?

In overall, it's fair game, but it's good if the character's face more beautiful (some are ugly like Parker), but there are also Inspector Parker Betrapped if you want (but no Betrapped game though in my laptop), Parker's design is very nice. Anyway, why you then spend your time by playing this game if you want to be a detective or like mystery game? It will be big favor for I-Play.

Tropical Swap

I think I continue review my game now, let's review about Tropical Swap. This is interesting game, puzzle but get  to recongnize blocks and rearrange to get animal image. Since it's so fun, I will review this which is realeased by Crystal Squid.

Let's see, since it's rearranging game, you must rearrange it correctly to become correct image to get points. But, there also has the animal that must need 2 piece in row or 3 piece in column. It's a lot of fun, isn't it? When the yellow triangle wth ! appears, it means the new piece will about to appear in that row. If the stacks gets too high, you have only few times to fix it, and game over if it's too late.

There are also Panic! where you can click it to remove some of your piece if it's about to become too high. But only the amount of time, though. Easy can be used thrice (3 times), Normal twice, and Hard only once. So, use it when your time is right!

After animal piece, there is also plants and fruits piece. There are rocks where only dissapear after using Bomb piece. There is also glass piece where if you complete the matched piece (ex: Lion piece with Lion glass piece), you'll get bonus!

About 3 modes, there we are: Action, Endurance, and Challenge Mode. Endurance and Challenge needs to be unlocked by different way. Anyway, it always not responding when I play Action on Easy for long so I can't unlock them. Music is so tropical summer, I like it. That's all I can say about Tropical Swap, so if you like puzzle game like putting the correct piece, this is the good try for you. See you in my next game review!

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Digby's Donuts

Long time no see! My Internet Connection said the pulse is not enough to pay! So, I do it when in school.
Anyway, back to my game review. Now I will introduce Digby's Donuts that released by HipSoft! 
In this game, Digby will open his donut's shop and to prove his business, as the new employee you must catch the fresh donut from the top and stack them out in the counter. Three or more donuts in the same color will dissapear and give you tips. If the tips were high enough, you win and level up.
Once the tips bar is all filled in green, the donuts will spread like this. Stage Clear!
But be careful though, there are the danger if you not careful. See the pink tab on the left? It's Blunders. If you failed catch the ONE donuts, the blunder will appear and give the red mark or something like that in one smile face. If the blunders goes full, game over to you! So be careful not to let the donuts fall off.
Digby's Donuts screenshot
There are 2 modes, Franchise and Arcade. There are also bonus rounds where you must catch the falling donuts from left and right and put it into the cabinet. Also there is the bonus round where you must catch the donuts and trash and put it into the right location.

And it's only what I know. But it's interesting that makes me hungry. I think you will like this if you like donuts orn puzzle game... I think. Anyway, see you in my next review!

Selasa, 01 November 2011

Attacks in Suite Pretty Cure (Part 2)


Cure Beat
Beat Sonic (ビートソニック to Sonikku)
Debut: Episode 23
Cure Beat summons her Love Guitar Rod and Lary goes into the tip of Love Guitar Rod as its power source. She strums the guitar hard, creating several notes and launches them like an arrow as projectiles.

Beat Barrier (ビートバリア to Baria)
Debut: Episode 23
It's the same as Beat Sonic, but it will creating a force field that deflects enemies.

Heartful Beat Rock (ハートフル・ビート・ロック, tofuru Bīto Roku)
Debut: Episode 22
Cure Beat's attack with Love Guitar Rod in soul mode. She calls out for her secondary Fairy Tone Solry and lends her power to her, then she changes the mode in attacks by pushing the body of guitar to the head. It's similar with Music Rondos above.

The phrase is "Play the ring, the soulful love! Love Guitar Rod! Come here, Solry! Soso! Change, Soul Rod! Come out, tone ring! Pretty Cure Heartful Beat Rock! 3/4 Beat! 1..2...3! Finale! (弾き鳴らせ、愛の魂!ラブギターロッド!おいで、ソリー!ソ!チェンジ!ソウルロッド!かけめぐれトーンのリング!プリキュア・ハートフルビートロック!3拍子!1・2・3!フィナーレ!Sukinarase, ai no tamashī! Rabugitāroddo! Oide, Sorī! Soso! Chenji! Souru Roddo! Kakemegure tōn no ringu! Purikyua Hātofuru Bīto Rokku! Sanbyōshi! Ichi, ni, san! Fināre!)"


Cure Muse
Unknown Attack
Debut: Episode 11 
Cure Muse increates a rainbow piano by clapping her hands together and spreading the keys out, and then shooting the keys at an enemy, which traps them long enough for it to be purified. She can also use it for soundproof barrier and to protect people from Sorrowful Melody.
It's also shown she can use it in her true Cure form.

Photo 95Photo 96Photo 97
Shining Circle (シャイニングサークル Shainingu Sākuru)
Debut: Episode 37
A move performed by Cure Muse in which she uses Tiry's powers to form duplicates of herself which form a star shaped circle around the enemy.

The phrase (with Tiry) is: "Come here, Tiry! Titi! The Ti note's shining melody. Pretty Cure Shining Circle! ( おいで、シリー!シシー!シの音響のシャイニングメロディ。プリキュアシャイニングサークル!Oide, ShirīShishīShi no onpu no shainingu merodi. Purikyua Shainingu Sākuru!)"

Sparkling Shower (スパークリングシャワー Supākuringu Shāwa)
Debut: Episode 37
Using Tiry's power, Cure Muse creates a series of orange note-shaped bubbles which shower on the enemy, trapping it in a bubble and purifying it.

The phrase with Tiry is "Come here, Tiry! Titi! The Ti note's shining melody. Pretty Cure Sparkling Shower! 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale! (おいで、シリー!シシー!シの音響のシャイニングメロディー。 プリキュアスパークリングシャワー!三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!Oide, ShirīShishīShi no onpu no shainingu merodi. Purikyua Supākuringu ShāwaSan byoshi!! Finare!)"