Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

Motoko-chan no Wandaa Kitchin

13 days ago, I watched another game video that is the first promotional game, which is:
Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (もと子ちゃんのワンダーキッチン Motoko-chan no Wandā Kitchin, "Little Motoko's Wonder Kitchen") is a Super Famicom (Japanese name for Super Nintendo Entertaiment System, or SNES) video game that teaches players how to cook meals in a realistic kitchen, which could be the possible inspiration to Majesco to create Cooking Mama. During a promotional period that started on September 1993, the game was considered a promotional item that was given away with Ajinomoto mayonnaise purchases in Japan.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Now for the popular game that you can slice like crazy! Here's the game:
Um, sorry about the language, there's no language change for mine. Anyway, the language used here is in Indonesia.

I remember this very clearly when playing it on my older brother's iPhone, it's very addictive, no? Now I'll discuss the Facebook mode. Wanna play? Slice 'Play!' by drawing a line at blue circle with watermelons.