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Motoko-chan no Wandaa Kitchin

13 days ago, I watched another game video that is the first promotional game, which is:
Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (もと子ちゃんのワンダーキッチン Motoko-chan no Wandā Kitchin, "Little Motoko's Wonder Kitchen") is a Super Famicom (Japanese name for Super Nintendo Entertaiment System, or SNES) video game that teaches players how to cook meals in a realistic kitchen, which could be the possible inspiration to Majesco to create Cooking Mama. During a promotional period that started on September 1993, the game was considered a promotional item that was given away with Ajinomoto mayonnaise purchases in Japan.

The two known characters besides the living Mayonnaise: Motoko (left) and Motojirou (right)

Now you can touch anything to find any memo left by Motoko, but in order to start the ingredient-search, you must touch the sausages in the plate that becomes 7 dwarfs that take the ingredients away with the red dwarf leaving you monkey memo. Monkey? Yes. Now you can choose which way you want to go between the three: Elephant (ぞう , Pink)Penguin (ペンギン Pengin, Blue) and Monkey (さる Saru, Brown). As you travel through many places, you can find the ingredients needed for recipe. Each has 5 and scattered through many places that you must find.

After you found all five for the recipe, you'll get the explaination from Motojirou (もとじろう Motojirou) that tells you all about mayonnaise. Get the Japanese dictionary ready to understand clearly. Touch the destination to see if you're brought to the cooking section!
Cooking Section about Pineapple Salad. As you know, the time making it in this game was a bit shorter than the other two.
For Elephant we got Pineapple Salad (パイナップルのサラダ Painappuru no Sarada), for Penguin we got Tomato Cup Salad Gratin (トマトカップのサラダグラタン Tomato kappu no Sarada Guratan), and for Monkey we got Mayonnaise Omelette (マヨ オムレツ Mayo Omuretsu). Of course, Ajinomoto Mayonnaise (味の素マヨネーズ Ajinomoto Mayonēzu) was also used as ingredient. Special for Mayonnaise Omelette, you can decorate anything you want using Ajinomoto Mayonnaise (just my guess, actually...).

Recipe of Almond Sauce.
Following the cooking section, Motoko (もとこ Motoko) will explain you the sauce that will perfect against one type of food as the thanks for your delicious food. For Elephant, we got Parsley Sauce (パセリソース Paseri Sōsu) which perfect against steak sauce, Penguin is Curry Sauce (カレーソース Karē Sōsu) which perfect against Seafood, and for Monkey we got Almond Sauce (アーモンドソース Āmondo Sōsu) which is perfect against fish cooking. As the main cooking do, Ajinomoto Mayonnaise was also included in 100 grams (previously I've write 'with certain grams' as I'm not sure about grams needed, but I've checked my downloaded video and 100 gram of Ajinomoto Mayonnaise for every sauces are needed).

Tic-Tac-Toe game. You have to fill with circle while Obaba (Great-Grandmother) fills it with X. Many circles and you win, and vice versa.
Overall, it's very fun game that makes me really like this game if you're a simulation-lover. Even there's only three main dish you can cook, the ingredient searching was fun and challenging. The sound effects that replace voice acting are very excellent. Like Happy Bakery I've reviewed before, for once you cook all 3, the game will end after Motojirou gave you one last explaination. But it won't reduce the chance to watch the video about it at all time. Oh, and one last explaination, there is a Tic-Tac-Toe game that you can play when in the bedroom where the black witch sleeps. If you want to know about Mayonnaise recipe through the game or you're the cooking simulation lover, pick this game as there's a ROM for this game at www.emuparadise.me. If you don't have any ROM and wanna watch the video instead, type the game's title at YouTube (or any video sites) and there you go! Download it at KeepVid or SafeTube (or any video saver you have) to watch it as many as you want.

End of Credits and you'll be greeted by this again with 'Oshimai' (End) below Ajinomoto. Quite suprising when get this 'Ajinomoto' voice twice...
That's the end of my review about Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen. See you for the next review! Next time, may I able to enjoy this game video through Media Player Classic while playing full version of Song Bird from Makoto Kenzaki at Winamp? Hm, let's see... (but we've gotta wait until May 29th, 12 more days to go!)

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