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Happy New Year 2012!

You think today it's too soon to celebrate New Year's Day, but now I'm going to change my background! This time is Youkai Navi Runa. Feel free to save my own wallpaper (but I'm too shy to see my wallpaper being used in another blog) to become my New Year Present and my previous, current and next blog wallpaper! I hope I will write even more and better reviews about anime, manga, and games to cheer you up. But I hope this year is not doomsday...

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Items in Smile Pretty Cure!

Smile Pact (スマイルパクト Sumairu Pakuto)
Debut: Episode 1
The Smile Pact is a compact-like device that allows the girls to transform into Pretty Cures. The device itself is powered by a Cure Décole, special tokens that can bring power to whoever owns it. To transform, the girls opens the Smile pack and must insert their Ribbon-Shaped Cure Décole into the device. They then recite an incantation and use a specialized powder puff to spread the magic into their bodies, allowing them to change their appearances into their Cure Forms. In addition, other Cure Décoles can be inserted into the Smile Pact to allow them to access their additional abilities. (thanks for details in livejournal, pdt8806!)

Strawberry (Ichigo) Cure Decole
Cure Décole (キュアデコ Kyua Dekoru; Cure Decor)
Debut: Episode 1
Note: It's named Cure Decor for common, but I spell it Cure Decole as the Official Japanese Magazines named it 'Cure Decole'
Special tokens that can be used either to revive the Royale Queen of Märchenland or bring about the Worst Ending. Each represents Royale Queen's will. All Cure Decoles were stolen by Pierrot before the story starts and only been stored by Red Nose to make Akanbe (as in Episode 12 Joker said there's no Cure Decoles in Blue Nose).
List of Cure Decors. Sorry if small!
Some Cure Decoles have different effects when inserted to Smile Pact (Episode 2 to 30), Decor Decolle (Episode 7, 12, 30 is the one I know) or Royale Clock (Episode 33 onwards) like:
  1. Ribbon: Used to transform into Pretty Cures. Each center of ribbon has different shape. Happy is Heart, Sunny is Circle, Peace is Star, March is Diamond, and Beauty is Rhombus.
  2. Rainbow Cure Decole: In Episode 12, Candy's strong feelings can generate 5 Rainbow Cure Decoles (not Miracle Jewel, that will explained later). The shape of each Cure Decole is the same as the center of the Ribbon Cure Decole, for example, Happy's center of the ribbon is heart, then her Rainbow's shape will be pink heart. When it's inserted to Smile Pact, it changes the tiara and earrings into golden ones and can access the attack named Rainbow Healing
  3. Super Princess Decor: The Decole can be putted onto Princess Candle and then transform Pretty Cures into their Princess Form.
  4. Strawberry (Ichigo): Summon giant strawberry to feed Candy.
  5. Rose (Bara): Summon a small bouquet.
  6. Rabbit (Usagi): Summons a comb to styles Candy which resembles rabbit.
  7. Butterfly (Choucho): Summons a butterfly hairclip, also gives Pretty Cures wings to fly .
  8. Royale: Produce flipping cards (Eyecatch Ep. 1-30) and summon Princess Candle (Episode 23).
  9. Phone (Denwa): Can communicate with Pop.
  10. Star (Hoshi): Decorate large tree stump into the Pretty Cure Magic Library (Episode 7). Also beautify user's look by their new look (Epidsode 15) or with sparkles (Episode 37). It's revealed that this can summon a yellow flower bouquet (Episode 41).
  11. Ring (Yubiwa): Summons a pair of rings.
  12. Cherry Blossom (Sakura): Summons a shower of cherry blossom petals.
  13. Pudding (Purin): Summons a big pudding.
  14. Umbrella (Kasa): Produces 5 Umbrellas resembling Cure's theme.
  15. Lipstick (Kuchibeni): Produces makeover supplies. So far they're three that this Decole produces: A lipstick (Episode 13), a hair iron and a hair dryer (Episode 19).
  16. Juice (Jyuusu): Produces a cup of juice
  17. Banana (Banana): Produces a banana
  18. Sports Cup (Supootsu Kappu): Produces a gold medal.
  19. Cherry (Cerii): Produces a giant cherry.
  20. Sunflower (Himawari):
  21. Dress (Doresu): Creates clothes for Candy.
  22. Macaroon (Makaron):
  23. Elephant (Zou): Borns an elephant.
  24. Jelly (Zerii):
  25. Piano (Piano): Summons a mini-piano.
  26. Kiwi (Kiui):
  27. Melon (Meron):
  28. Chick (Hiyoko): Borns a group of chicks.
  29. Grape (Budou):
  30. Dolphin (Iruka): Turns Pretty Cure's legs to mermaid tails.
  31. Shoes (Kutsu):
  32. Pig (Buta):
  33. Royale Rainbow (Royairu Reinboo): Needed to summon Phoenix for Royale Rainbow Burst, also replaces Royale function for eyecatch (Ep 31-48)
  34. Angel (Tenshi): Gives wings to Happy Robo.
  35. Sports Tenis (Supootsu Tenisu): 
  36. Fight Balloon (Faito Baruun): Produces a bunch of balloons.
  37. Sweets Candy (Suiitsu Kyandi): Produces a candy rain (A pun is 'Ame' means rain and candy, however, it's different kanji).
  38. Ultra: Powers up Pretty Cure and upgrade their attack, activating it twice will transform Pretty Cures into the Ultra Form.
  39. Dog (Inu): Gives a dog nose to the user.
  40. Tiara: With 5 trump cards, Joker can use it to create Bad End Pretty Cures.
Decor DecolleDecor Decolle collected in Episode 6
Decor Décolle (デコルデコール Dekoru Dekōru)
Debut: Episode 6
The Decor Décolle is a specialized trunk used to store the collected Cure Decoles. The item has a sole purpose on reviving the Queen of Märchenland by collecting all of the Cure Decole pieces and placing them inside the case. It was brought in by Pop during the 6th episode, but is stolen from Joker at the end of Episode 21.

Miyuki's first time encounters Book DoorThe first time Pretty Cures encounters Book Door (third for Miyuki)
Book Door (本の扉 Hon no Tobira)
Debut: Episode 1
A large bookshelf residing in the Cure's secret base, the Mysterious Library (ふしぎ図書館 Fushigi Toshokan). By shifting books around in a specific order on a bookshelf, the Cures can travel between the Mysterious Library and any bookshelf in the world, depending on what they are thinking of.

The way to travel is:
  1. The user must concentrate and think about what he/she was think about.
  2. Take a book, and the pink light appears
  3. Shift the left books to the right, and the pink light appears in another row.
  4. At that row, shift the right books to the left.
  5. When another pink light appears in yet another row, shift two books aside.
  6. The pink light will spread through a bookcase, and they can travel to the world where they think above!
Princess Happy's pose after transforming
Princess Candle (プリンセスキャンドル Purinsesu Kyandoru)
Debut: Episode 23
An item that can be used by Pretty Cure Princess Form. This must to be summoned by Royale Decor and in Episode 24 it comes by Pretty Cure's strong feelings. With Princess Decor inserted into the rod, it can transform into Pretty Cure Princess Form and use the various version of Rainbow Burst (レインボーバスト Reinbō Basuto) attack.

Bad End in Episode 1Bad End Orb that contains Pretty Cure's despair in Episode 22
Bad Energy (バッドエナジー Baddo Enajī)
Debut: Episode 1
The energy used to revive Pierrot. Using the black paint to the white page, the sky changes and all creatures will instantly fell into Bad End (mostly humans)Discernable by the fact they become darker and surrounded by dark purple glow. However, some people are immune to this: Pretty Cure (as long as Pretty Cure book aren't painted black), Bad End Cadres, Candy, Pop, and undespaired people (as seen by Tae Hoshizora in Episode 27). To fell someone into Bad End is to traumatize the effector until he/she glows purple (as seen in Episode 22, the user is Joker and the effector is Pretty Cure). It should be note that the black paint can be used to the Akanbe's nose to become Hyper Akanbe. 

Example of: After Bad End's retreat and Akanbe's defeat (left), after Bad End's retreat and the effector still in Bad End (center). The right one proves that the Bad End field only has a limited space.

If Pretty Cure have defeated Akanbe and Bad End Cadre retreats, then they'll never remember what they have do before fell into Bad End, and with the Bad End field disappear in the limited space, everything broken will go in reverse. But however, if Bad End Cadre is successful on collecting enough Bad End and retreats when everyone still in Bad End, they'll keep dejected in despair.

Royale Clock (ロイヤルクロック Roiyaru Kurokku)
Debut: Episode 30
Using this will execute their most powerful group attack, Royal Rainbow Burst but to use it Princess Form and Candy's strength were needed to summon Phoenix. Then each time the attack were used, the clockface's hand will move by one, similiar to Pierrot's Clock. First appears when Decor Decolle was filled on the second time. Also they can use it to contact with the Royale Queen.

Miracle Jewel (ミラクルジュエル Mirakuru Jueru)
Debut: Episode 45
The winged-crystal that can grant any wish. Pierrot and the Bad End Kingdom was searching for it. Some fans refer that Candy is Miracle Jewel, and it's proven true if Royale Rainbow Burst was used 12 times and Royale Clock was activated by itself afterwards.

In Episode 46, it's revealed that the Miracle Jewel is the wish-granter is wrong, but the egg for the new Royale Queen (Candy is Royale Queen's daughter).

Photo 88
Pretty Cure Book (プリキュアの本 Purikyua no Hon)
Debut: Episode 1
The pink book that starts out all this series' story, each page contains from the peaceful Marchenland to Pretty Cure's arrival. However, just like the purple book Bad End Cadre have, once Pretty Cure book is sprayed by black paint, Pretty Cure will instantly fell into Bad End. This book is totally forgotten after has been mentioned in Episode 21 from that next episode until Episode 47 because the series is focusing too much for character development. This book was also serves as the teleportation from Marchenland back to human world by entering that (um, it could be a possibility that Marchenland has no bookshelf there).

Thumbnail: (these one are from Episode 6)

Cinderella's Origin Book (始まりのしんでれら Hajimari no Shinderera)
Debut: Episode 39
This white book is the source of all Cinderella's story in Smile Pretty Cure's world, and once one page is being touched, the toucher must enter the story as one of that role, this is why Bad End Cadres take advantage to it to make the story into Bad End after Candy touches the page, making all Pretty Cures (Miyuki has sucked to the book earlier than the other four in the library) and Bad End Cadres sucked into it.

Despair Pool (絶望のプール Zetsubō no pūru; Note: Not named actually)
Debut: Episode 47
Actually not an item, but is made when Pretty Cure are in Bad End in the second time (the cause of this has already explained in 'Pretty Cure Book' section, you'll be tired if I repeat, so refer to that section instead). All peoples here are in purple and decides to sunk themselves in this pool, saying all bad feelings like this: "Despair... The True... End... (絶望・・・本当の・・・終わり・・・ Zetsubō... hontō no... owari...) and then while sinking "Sadness, anger, solitary, loneliness... Anyone has a weak heart. World's sadness, as long as the person is present, sorrow's story will continue. All we can do is nothing... (悲しみ、怒り、孤独、寂しさ・・・誰にでもある弱い心。世界中の悲しみ、人が居る限り湧き続ける絶望の物語。私達にはもうどうすることも・・・ Kanashimi, ikari, kodoku, sabishisa... darenidemo aru yowai kokoro. Sekaijū no kanashimi, hito ga iru kagiri waki tsudzukeru zetsubō no monogatari. Watashitachi ni wa mō dō suru koto mo)". Whoever tries to get out of here, Pierrot will summon any subordinates attaching one of their bodies making them struggle and pulling them back to Bad End no matter what (REALLY! The big hand is very strong enough to pull Cure Happy down!).

More image of Despair Pool can be seen here (does these reminds you a bit of Gokaiger Episode 47's end? I am, but they're unconscious and their Ranger Key got stolen by Basco instead).
Majorina’s Items
The item Majorina make to allow the users to have the magic affected. But is named like the effect and the naming sense is terrible for others. For me, the funny one are Sunny and March's line about Retuurner's effect in Episode 8. Each items has a green Majorina symbol on it. Below are the list of Majorina's items:

Switcheroo (イレカワ~ Irekawāru)
Used in: Episode 8
The pair of rings which can allow two users to switch places. However, it's impossible to wear the ring off without Retuurner potion. This item was dropped off to human world by Akaoni's sneeze.

Retuurner (モトニモドールModoni Modōru)
Used in: Episode 8
The potion which can cancel Switcheroo's magic, meaning both affected user will return to normal again. This also appears in Episode 38 that when Kid Wolfurun and Kid Akaoni fighting causing the Retuurner to spray, returning kid Pretty Cure back to normal.

Turn-Me-Small (チイサクナ~Chīsaku Na~ru)
Used in: Episode 11
The mallet that can be used to shrink the user, but it's actual shrinking target is whole Pretty Cure no matter which Cure to be hitten. To return to normal, the shrinken Pretty Cure must be hitten by the mallet again. This item is thrown by Akaoni because he thinks it's a flyswatter and it's useless.

Booring (ツマラナクナール Tsumaranakunāru)
Used in: Episode 17
The two large neck rings that is used to make the users bored, and is used by FUJIWARA pairs. It works that they lost their humor sense. However, FUJIWARA pair breaks them by their strength.

Invisiible (ミエナクナ~ル Mienakuna~ru)
Used in: Episode 20
This camera comes in two varies: Original (top) and Backup (bottom). They both have been throwed by Wolfurun. The camera flash can make the affected users invisible for others (However, others can smell them and hear their voice). The affected users by Original Invisiible are Miyuki, Akane, Majorina, and Blue Akanbe on that Episode. The affected users by Backup Invisiible are both Miyuki and Akane in the end of that Episode.
Game Suucker (ゲームニスイコマレ~ル Gēmu ni Suikomarēru)
Appears in: Episode 29 
A dice which can suck the users into the game world if this rolls. In order not to trapped into the game world forever, they must complete all the games before halfway past 6 (6:30 pm)

 SmPC_0019_Layer 23SmPC_0082_Layer 84
Become Roobo (ロボニナ~ル Robonina~ru)
Created in: Episode 35
This guns was created by Wolfurun and Akaoni's Robotaa toy and the toy gun. However, this can be used once, and by Akaoni's sneeze, it transforms Cure Happy to Happy Robo (to reverse this, Majorina must break the gun). The transformed Robot can only be controlled by control room.

Become Huuman (ニンゲンニナーNingennina~ru)
Used in: Episode 37
This badge will transform non-human user into human as long as the badge remains attached to one of their clothes.

Become Kiid (コドモニナ~ル Kodomonina~ru)
Appears in: Episode 38
Kid Akaoni (meaning Akaoni in kid form) threw this away and makes this sprayed to whole Pretty Cure and Candy to revert them (and their sound and heart) back to kid and Candy to baby form, and the worst is reducing Pretty Cure's power back to human's even they can transform into Pretty Cure while remains in kid form.

Smile Pretty Cure!

The ninth Pretty Cure that will appear in February 5th on 2012! The theme on this series is about fairy tales.