Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

This Time, I'm REALLY BACK!

"Everyone, smile and Ultra Happy!" See you in our Movie Review!
I have finally get my WiFi in my birthplace weeks ago, but too bad it always interrupted because of the strong wind, but it's fine! Be happy that I'll return for really sure this time!

If I have time, I'll add and update anything related to Smile and DokiDoki! Pretty Cure post (Smile Episode 48 is very similiar to Pretty Cure All Stars DX3, so just compare if you watch it both). Just wait for that! And look forward for so many posts that I'll get and liked! OK, to end our real reunion, I'll say, Kiramekinasai! Twinkle Ultra Happy! (Mixed from Cure Diamond's attack spell and Miyuki's Catchphrase)