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Attacks in KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode

Sorry for the wait! Glad that the main/sub attack didn't go in HapiChar and GoPri because of being 2D. Anyways, with energy and smile, Let's La MazeMaze!

KiraKira Kiraru KiraKiraru (キラキラキラル キラキラル Kirakirakiraru Kirakiraru)
Debut: Episode 1 (Whip), 3 (Gelato), 5 (Macaron), 6 (Chocola), 8 (All)
The first solo attack using Sweets Pact by mixing the cream on the pact. It can be used to restrain the enemy and defeating them.

Cure Whip version:

Cure Custard version:

Cure Gelato version:

Cure Macaron version:

Cure Chocola version:

Swe-Ets Wonderful A La Mode (スイー・ツー・ワンダフル・アラモード! Suī tsū Wandafuru Aramōdo)
Debut: Episode 11
The first group attack using Candy Rod. Rolling the pot from the rod, the star of it shines and the group jumps. Custard spins to create dough from the rod, Gelato shakes the rod to create cake, Macaron spins the rod to create a circle to cut the cake into 5, Chocola creates the red cream of each cake, and Whip summons strawberries and white layer to the cakes and falls into the enemy. The group then dash to turn the cake into transparent as they land, spinning the pot to coat the cake into their theme color after raising the rod and popped out, purifying the enemy.

The incantation is "Candy Rod! KiraKiraKirarun, Full Charge! Swe-Ets Wonderful A La Mode!" (キャンディーロッド!キラキラキラルン、フルチャージ!スイー・ツー・ワンダフル・アラモード! Kyandī Roddo! Kirakirakirarun, furuchāji! Suī tsū Wandafuru Aramōdo!)

Whip Decoration (ホイップ・デコレーション Hoippu Dekorēshon)
Debut: Episode 12
Cure Whip's solo attack using Candy Rod. She rolls the pots and creates a strawberry shortcake that devours the target once it hits.

Her incantation is "KiraKira Kirarun! Whip Decoration!" (キラキラキラルン!ホイップ・デコレーション! Kirakirakirarun! Hoippu Dekorēshon!)

Custard Illusion (カスタード・イリュージョン Kasutādo Iryūjon)
Debut: Episode 13
Cure Custard's solo attack using Candy Rod. After she rolls the pot, she summons two big cherries to collide into a bunch of yellow lights.

Her incantation is "KiraKira Kirarun! Custard Illusion!" (キラキラキラルン!カスタード・イリュージョン! Kirakirakirarun! Kasutādo Iryūjon!)

Gelato Shake (ゲラート・シェイク Jerāto Sheiku)
Debut: Episode 14
Cure Gelato's solo attack using Candy Rod. After spinning the pot, she turns shards of ice to coalesce into a giant ice ball. She then repeatedly punches the ball with her ice-encased left fist, causing it to shatter and send shards flying at the target.

Her incantation is "KiraKira Kirarun! Gelato Shake!" (キラキラキラルン!ゲラート・シェイク! Kirakirakirarun! Gerāto Sheiku!)

Macaron Julienne (マカロン・ジュリエンヌ Makaron Jurien'nu)
Debut: Episode 16
Cure Macaron's solo attack using Candy Rod. Macaron presses the purple star button which makes a whip-like stream of meringue with two round weights on it resembling the macaron cookies . The two cookies become sandwiched together before the target is attacked. Once the attack is about to make contact, claw-like blades jut out of it.

Her incantation is "KiraKira Kirarun! Macaron Julienne! Meow!" (キラキラキラルン!マカロン・ジュリエンヌ!にゃ〜あ☆ Kirakirakirarun! Makaron Jurien'nu! Nya 〜 a ☆)

Chocola Aromaze (チョコラ・アロマーゼ Shokora Aromāze)
Debut: Episode 15
Cure Chocola's solo attack using Candy Rod. She presses the red star on the rod, making a chocolate tornado like a drill consume the object.

Her incantation is "KiraKira Kirarun! Chocola Aromaze!" (キラキラキラルン!チョコラ・アロマーゼ! Kirakirakirarun! Chokora Aromāze!)

Parfait Etoile (パルフェーエトワール Parufē Etowāru)
Debut: Episode 24
Cure Parfait's solo attack using Rainbow Ribbon. She creates three rings to bind the enemy.

Her incantation is "KiraKiraKirarin! Parfait Etoile!" (キラキラキラリン!パルフェーエトワール! Kirakirakirarin! Parufē Etowāru)

KiraKuru Rainbow (キラクルレインボー Kirakuru Reinbō)
Debut: Episode 23
Cure Parfait's solo attack using Rainbow Ribbon. She rotates the star on the ribbon and spins it to make an ice that upon touch on her body, it becomes giant cup and trapping the enemy after creating the ice cream through the ribbon, and cuts the fruits to place it into the cup. She finally fills the cup by spinning the ribbon and explodes into the rainbow smoke.

Her incantation is "Rainbow Ribbon! Here goes! Un! Deux! Tres Bien! KiraKuru Rainbow! Bon Appetite" (レインボーリボン!いくよ!アン!ドゥ!トレビアン!キラクルレインボー!ボンナペティ! Reinbō Ribbon! Ikuyo! An! Do~u! Torebian! Kirakuru Reinbō! Bon'napeti!)

Items in KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode

Sweets Pact (スイーツパクト Suītsu Pakuto)
Debut: Episode 1
The main transformation device and also the first weapon to be use. This pact allows the user to transform into their Cure forms by the phrase ""CurA la Mode Decoration!" (キュアラモード・デコレーション! Kyu Ara Mōdo Dekorēshon!)". It can also becomes the first main weapon by using the cream to turn into different objects.

Animal Sweets (アニマルスイーツ Animaru Suītsu)
Debut: Episode 1
The main collectible items in this series. When the food becomes full of KiraKiraru, it will change into a pin used to transform with Sweets Pact, which also appeared under the same condition. The other sweets are made by the KiraKira Patissiere team.

Candy Rod (キャンディロッド Kyandi Roddo)
Debut: Episode 11
The second main weapon for the first 5 Cures. Aside for used in combat, it can be used for solo attack and Sweets Wonderful A La Mode.

Rainbow Ribbon (レインボーリボン Reinbō Ribon)
Debut: Episode 23
Cure Parfait's main weapon, changed from Julio's rod. Aside for used in combat, it can be used for KiraKuru Rainbow and Rainbow Etoile.