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Items in KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode

Sweets Pact (スイーツパクト Suītsu Pakuto)
Debut: Episode 1
The main transformation device and also the first weapon to be use. This pact allows the user to transform into their Cure forms by the phrase ""CurA la Mode Decoration!" (キュアラモード・デコレーション! Kyu Ara Mōdo Dekorēshon!)". It can also becomes the first main weapon by using the cream to turn into different objects.

Animal Sweets (アニマルスイーツ Animaru Suītsu)
Debut: Episode 1
The main collectible items in this series. When the food becomes full of KiraKiraru, it will change into a pin used to transform with Sweets Pact, which also appeared under the same condition. The other sweets are made by the KiraKira Patissiere team.

Candy Rod (キャンディロッド Kyandi Roddo)
Debut: Episode 11
The second main weapon for the first 5 Cures. Aside for used in combat, it can be used for solo attack and Sweets Wonderful A La Mode.

Rainbow Ribbon (レインボーリボン Reinbō Ribon)
Debut: Episode 23
Cure Parfait's main weapon, changed from Julio's rod. Aside for used in combat, it can be used for KiraKuru Rainbow and Rainbow Etoile.

Crystal Animal (クリスタルアニマル Kurisutaru Animaru)
Debut: Episode 26
The crystal that started as Saturn-like sphere and through one's resolution it changed into their respective animal. Later used for Animal Go-Round.

KiraKiraru Creamer (キラキラルクリーマー Kirakiraru Kurīmā)
Debut: Episode 32
The Cure's third weapon (second for Parfait). Used for Animal Go-Round and Fantastic Animale.

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