Selasa, 30 April 2013

Princess on Ice

Ready for some ice-skater game in DS? Then get prepared with:

This game is released in 2008 in different dates: April 24 in Australia, April 25 in Europe, November 15 in US and finally December 4 in Japan. This sport game was developed by Arc System Works and published by 505 Games (AU and EU), Aksys Games (US) and in the same developer (JP). Ready to skate to the next section? Prepare your ice-skating shoes, and here goes!

Pay a visit!

Sorry for not writing the new post to my blog for a long time, but now I'll post some recommendations! Do you like games that didn't require login? Then pay these sites a visit:
Or search for more games.

Didigames are mostly for girls, sorry that since I'm a girl. But I promise you that I'll write Pretty Cure New Stage 2 review ready for you for enjoy in July. And not to forgot, my cousin's DS game that I play are (as long as I remember, I'll try to update today or maybe tomorrow, just in case):

  • Mathematics (DS, cousin's game)
Nice education game. But some are a bit challenging...
  • Princess on Ice (DS, mine)
Do the timing well and you'll get one step closer to the most difficult Princess on Ice!

More I'll update soon! See you in my next review!