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Princess on Ice

Ready for some ice-skater game in DS? Then get prepared with:

This game is released in 2008 in different dates: April 24 in Australia, April 25 in Europe, November 15 in US and finally December 4 in Japan. This sport game was developed by Arc System Works and published by 505 Games (AU and EU), Aksys Games (US) and in the same developer (JP). Ready to skate to the next section? Prepare your ice-skating shoes, and here goes!

(I'm only explain the US version of the first series, so forgive me if I'm not explaining the JP version and Princess on Ice 2)
There are four route to choose: Kelly, Alyssa, Gabrielle and Madison, who have a dream of becoming the next Princess on Ice, an award so prestigious it hasn't been bestowed for an entire generation. How to prove their skills? By competing in multiple skating competitions. Each girl has a manager that teaches them how to perform, and as the story deepens, they meet each other one by one.

My favorite Princess on Ice character, Kelly.
There are four ways to do in the Ice Tournament:

  1. Tap the snowflakes just before they disappear. Tapping the snowflake in the wrong time will cause a MISS.
  2. JUMP - Tap every green, blue and orange when it gets the center. 
  3. STEP- Tap all of the icons appeared just before they disappear. The most difficult one to me out of 3.
  4. SPIN - The easiest way out of 3, spin the snowflake in circle with your stylus. SPIIIINNN!!!!
You must make the bar reach the line indicated by the green crown in order to have a big success. Good luck! And for results, in the bottom screen you can also rewatch your last gameplay and save it.

I don't know how many music you can play, but so far there are 5 in my gameplay in each chapter, but I believe there are more of them. However, you can always hear the music in Sound Test in Gallery. Aside of it, you can also watch the endings, your saved gameplay, and more, making it much fun to play!
The moves will unlock as you go through chapters. Keep eye on the stars for your wanted difficulty!
Another feature is a store where you can by clothes and accessories through points. Each success will reward you some points, and this feature will be unlocked in Chapter 2. If you decided to restart over a character story, don't worry as your items and points will be saved upon confirm. The other thing is Moves that can be used on your play. But be careful, more stars, the more difficult the game, but the more fun for your enjoyment if you're a challenge-lover.

 Making judge happy marks is the main point for you to make a huge success, but below the Heat is unforgivable for them, so be careful!

Overall, it's an entertaining skater game that can be enjoyed to fill your time. Spin like crazy? Or tap all the icons like crazy? Up to you, as long as you make the move excellent. When I first play this game with Kelly, my moves all bad that it failed for the first tournament, but it's the past so I can feel the enjoyment when I get my first success. But I don't quite get why GameSpot rated it 6.6, maybe the story is more downer like in Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright in 3DS? I don't know, but don't let this bother you. If you're a skate-lover and pretend that you're really skate in reality, enjoy this game and see you in my next review!

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