Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Now for the popular game that you can slice like crazy! Here's the game:
Um, sorry about the language, there's no language change for mine. Anyway, the language used here is in Indonesia.

I remember this very clearly when playing it on my older brother's iPhone, it's very addictive, no? Now I'll discuss the Facebook mode. Wanna play? Slice 'Play!' by drawing a line at blue circle with watermelons.

In exchange of hands, you can use mouse for slicing. Slice all of the fruit appear on the screen but watch out for the bomb as it deducts 10 points from your score and blast all the fruit without any score. You have 1 minute to slice all the fruits, unless you slice the Freeze Banana (yes, the special Bananas make a comeback here) where you can freeze the timer.

The new feature is Smoothies which uses Juice (received through the gameplay) to give a bonus. Many of them have removed, and alike Golden Tickets from Bake Shop Drop, this costs real money (but Smoothies costs Facebook Credits, and buying FC needs real money too). However, Smoothies can be unlocked using Starfruit, which is obtained through the same way as Juice except that Starfruit also obtained via achievement. The other way to get these are Sensei's Wheel.

What is Sensei's Wheel? It's an addition to this game, where you can spin the wheel to get a certain reward. Suprisingly for Extra spins, this only can be received by Facebook credits. Everyone gets a new spin each day. Already spun, and no bonus that is above x5 for the next spin.
Each game rewards you with Juice, and for info, first play got me 365 points and third is 368 points.
Overall, when get into the Play Mode, it's an addictive game for Facebook even though I play the Beta version. The music is very nice that it gives a ninja feel. For more info about this game, see here: http://fruitninja.wikia.com/wiki/Fruit_Ninja_Frenzy. As always, see you in my next diary! 12 days to go to hear Makoto Kenzaki's full version of Song Bird, really can't wait!

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