Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

My Shops

Back to School... Now I'm in 8th grade and 2 months again is my birthday. Now I will review games again... Not a new Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, but the Facebook Games My Shops! Currently, I'm in Level 59 and wanted to unlock all the shops (currently I'm unlocking Bakery, Cake Shop, Pet Shop, Clothes Shop, Candy Shop, Hat Shop, Florist, Shoe Store and Electronics), but due of my Internet Connection few months ago, I stop playing it. But don't worry! I will play it again if I have a chance to play it, and I found out when I start out again the deleted game, it returns to the saved file before I delete it, the cons only all my stocks sold out (really alike Story series by TeamLava, don't you agree?).

Orders... I prefer instant one but it will cost cash.
At first, you can only unlock Bakery, and some tutorial. But as you go on, receive XP, you can unlock more shops and costumers. If you not yet playing My Shops, I will give you some little guide:

Yes! My level was high enough for me to build Shoe Store!
  • You can only unlock 1 Shop once you reach specific Level (ex: You have reach Level 7 and you have a choice to build Pet Shop, Clothes Store, and Candy Shop. If you choose Pet Shop, then you must build another two once you reach Level 10 and 15). So, in my theory, you must wait until you reach another Level (10, 15, 30, 40, 75). 
  • If I say "Its the same as", then I'll say the Level you need to unlock, the cost and the time to build the shop is the same. The differences are just costumers.
  • Difficulty were vary depending by cost of goods-exclusive on Beauty, Goods in the shop that will unlocked and upgraded, love needed to delight costumers, etc. As the Difficulty goes up, those things explained will increases, and vice versa.
  • Be careful of Advanced and Expert Difficulty Shop (Hat Shop, Florist, Shoe Store, Electronics, Jewelry), some shop-exclusive like Ads, Signs, Shop Window and things that related to some shop and coins required to upgrade Goods requires either hundred thousand or million amount of coins. So don't waste your money only for buying that for increase Beauty. Only do that when you're ready.
  1. Bakery: You can unlock it during tutorial. Cost 5.000 Coins and 5 second to build it. Will unlock Nice People.
  2. Cake Shop: Will unlock once you reach Level 4. Cost 10.000 Coins and 1 minute to build it. Will unlock Upper Class.
  3. Pet Shop: Will unlock once you reach Level 7. Cost 125.000 Coins and 1 hour to build it. Will unlock Globetrotters.
  4. Clothes Shop: Its the same as Pet Shop. Will unlock Crazy Dudes.
  5. Candy Shop: Its the same as Pet Shop. Will unlock Geeks.
  6. Hat Shop: Will unlock once you reach Level 20. Cost 2.000.000 Coins and 12 hour to build it. Will unlock Monsters.
  7. Florist: Its the same as Hat Shop. Will unlock Farmers.
  8. Shoe Store: Its the same as Hat Shop. Will unlock Champions.
  9. Electronics: Will unlock once you reach Level 55. Cost 10.000.000 Coins and 1 day (24 hour) to build it. Will unlock Sci-Fi.
  10. Jewelry: Its the same as Electronics Store. Will unlock Fairy Tales.
Who is the unlocked costumer?
Anyway, comes to my specific review. The costumers sometimes needs Beauty Level of the Shops that can be done by costumizing the shop and upgrading the size of the shop. If the things has already sold out (has a red circle on the top of the shop),  the costumer will get angry, so click Goods and deliver some goods (don't send too much or the notification "The vechile is full!" or "The stock is full!" will occur)! Usually, delivery takes a real time, so be patient. If you have enough coins, you can unlock more remarkable stuff to order. Of course, you need to pay for them using your real money. 

When customers have bought the goods they want, you are able to collect love upon their heads. As a result, customers level up to add new purchase demand (Ex: The max heart Little Paris who usually buy Bagel will buy Bread) as well as unlock new customers (Ex 2: Max heart Billy Gin and max heart Angelina Pretty will unlock Granny Doubtfire, see above).

Congrats! Completing one of the collection gets you reward!
Sometimes, customers drop collectible items which can be collected trade in collections for large amounts of coins, experience, love and exclusive decorations. Furthermore, the rush hour in My Shops makes you to earn coins swiftly by clicking the full rush meter. When happy customers reach the required amount, all of them will rush into the shop and purchase the goods with a considerable quantity.
Beauty is needed for sastify costumer. Use it stragically because it needs coins!
In the Beauty option, as mentioned, you can customize your shop to attract more costumers. If you want a bigger shop, you can click on the Size to upgrade your Shop. Make sure you have enough Coins. 
My Phone. Parody of iPhone?
One of interesting parts is you can use a virtual iPhone (usually for menu) to call the ingame guide to do missions, which is similar to MMORPG where you can find a NPC to perform a quest. You can find different persons to assign your missions. In the menu, you can get different options: 
  1. Store: To buy instantly Love Pack and Energy Pack if you have enough Cash 
  2. Call: To dial a secret phone number, updates every week or month
  3. Photos: To take a snapshots to share it to your friends
  4. Lottery: Minigames that you can only play once a day and the reward is a multiple coins depending of your Daily Rank, you can play it again though but you need 5 Cash
  5. Thropies: To show all the thropies you obtain so far
  6. Report: To show your daily rank, coins revenue, and happy costumers
  7. Statistic: To show what result per week you obtain in the table
  8. Missions: To show all the uncompleted missions 
  9. Shops: To show all the shops you unlock or still be locked
  10. Oh, the new feature that was appear a while ago is Job List, is when you can show your rank of each job you obtain by cleaning, painting, etc. But it costs energy (shown in blue bar above love bar), so pay attention how much energy you have left (usually refills 1 energy every 10 minutes)

Pay attention... 1 minute 52 seconds remaining until delivery...
But unfortunately, if we help a neighbor sends materials to upgrade Truck or Goods later we can only XP and Coins, it's good if we send the material and we get the same material if only XP and Coins. Everyday can only send 26 gift, but we can help someone for the trouble because we need some things required for upgrade Goods or Truck.

Upgrading things at Factory is good to decrease the time, but it will increase the delivery cost and some needs ingredients to ask your friend like above picture.
Like all Facebook Games, we'll still able to multiply the neighbor so we can get a lot of coins and love. You can catch robbers, finding the crate, refill the stocks, and cleaning the neighboor's street in neighbour's street. You can find an active player let his friend can help us again later for upgrading trucks and goods. This game is refreshed every 2 PM usually (in Jakarta, Indonesia time), so we can visit the neighbors again.

The most lucky thing... getting coins as you're offline!
So, in overall, My Shops is a very fun game where you can obtain coins even when you're offline. The loading isn't long so you don't need to worry (except Internet Explorer users, for real). Yeah, this all above is still a small review, so I'll come again to give more updates once I'm playing further more. For you who wants to spend time and loves simulation game like me, I recommend you playing this game (Facebook users only). 


Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

Yellow Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

Now we have the list of all Yellow theme Heroine in Pretty Cure in this post (Shiny Luminous isn't included in this category even though her theme is light and has yellow pigtails, she's inserted into non-leader Pink Heroine because of her cloth, sorry for you who wants to insert Luminous to this category, though I still recongnize her as both Yellow and Pink Heroine). Enjoy!

Characteristic of Yellow Heroine:
  • Has yellow hair and pigtails (except Cure Bright, Cure Pine, Cure Muse, Cure Peace and Cure Rosetta), but yellow hair and pigtail is not mean they are Yellow Heroine, the other color Cure that have both (or one) of these are,
  1. Shiny Luminous, but she is non-leader from Max Heart.
  2. Cure Peach also has this too, but Pink Heroine. Cure Heart also do the same, but not pigtails.
  3. Both Cure Melody and Cure Happy has pigtails but not yellow hair, Pink Heroine.
  4. Cure Rhythm also has yellow hair but pigtails, and she is one of the White Heroine.
  • Their attack involves light (Shiny Luminous has this too, but Cure Pine, also Cure Muse and Cure Peace; Cure Happy in Pink Heroine involves this element)
  • Has bloomers in each Cures' clothes. To understand, let me post the bloomer comes to each Yellow  Cure's outfit (thanks, kokoda_koji!).
  1. Cure Lemonade (GoGo outfit), Cure SunshineCure Peace, Cure Rosetta, and Cure Honey have bloomer in their sleeves.
  2. Cure Pine has bloomer in her arm band.
  3. Cure Muse gets her bloomer in her skirt.
  • For Cure Sunshine, Cure Muse, Cure Rosetta and Cure Honey, they are the Yellow Cure who have the most dramatic hair-length changing (from short hair to long hair) after transforming.

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Rune Factory 4

Your happy news for you. Rune Factory 4 (ルーンファクトリー4 Rūn Fakutorī 4) is a simulation/role-playing video game developed by Neverland Co. and published by Marvelous Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. It was announced in Famitsu on June 29, 2011 and will be released later in Spring 2012 (previously late 2011). It is the sixth game in the Rune Factory series, and the first to be released on the 3DS. Will English version will use the subtitle "A Fantasy Harvest Moon" in this title again? Let's see later on.

Like Tides of Destiny, there are 2 main character as usual, Lest (male, top;) and Frey (female, bottom). But unlike Tides of Destiny, at the start of the game, you can choose either of them. (I prefer Frey more than Lest because she is female) Anyway, Let's go to the story section.
The story's setting in the kingdom of Selfia, the protagonist falls from an airship and loses their memory. They are saved by an elder named Volkanon, and the protagonist must act as the town's temporary prince/princess. Frey/Lest tells whomever you're playing as has potential to be an Earthmate, just as the three protagonists before them (Raguna, Kyle, and Micah) and they can communicate with dragons.

So far, there are only 3 bachelor and bachelorettes, there are: Margaret, Dolce, and BishnalWhen a potential loves first shows up in Rune Factory 4, you get to see a movie of them. Once you start courting members of the opposite gender, you won’t have to dive straight into marriage after getting together — you’ll have the opportunity to maintain your relationship as lovers, not just with one but with multiple candidates.
See? How's the formation?
Next up is farming. You aren’t restricted to a strict grid in Rune Factory 4 while planting crops. Once you find a nice field to farm in, you can plant crops in whatever formation you choose. You can even grow giant crops (Like Harvest Moon DS).
To marry someone, you must have romantic date first. They're more innocent and romantic, such as playing piano, fishing or even talking. At first, you must invite someone (by pressing L and R?). And the romantic scene occur so MC can even closer to spouse you want to marry. In the bottom screenshot, it's revealed we can see the emotion dialog even when talking.

Shop, err... it's the same system as Rune Factory 3. No complain for me what is the shop system. Please see these two pictures intsead. Oh, by the way, the two new characters is Wolkanon (the elder butler, bottom), and there is a new system. You can build up the town using Prince SystemConstructing buildings and hold festivals are needed by spending Prince Points.

Finally, dungeons. Like previous games, Famitsu confirms that you can tame monsters in dungeons and raise them (I think with monster hut too). Rune Factory 4 is about 50% complete in June 30th and is due out this year. Please note that the updates will be out before Dungeons system and I will update this post as the new updates by Marvelous are out. I will check often for updates.