Senin, 19 November 2012

I'm Back!

Hello, I'm back! Now, still waiting about my telephone and Wi-Fi to come (my birthplace has so many citizens, that's why they took too long), and now I'm using Homeschooling's Wi-Fi right now. But you're be so frustasted because I didn't edit any Pretty Cure posts at all, just because I don't have a chance. But anyway, now I will do it soon as I publish this post, starting with Attacks in Smile Pretty Cure. Please see that, OK?

Anyway, the info for you who didn't watch any news about new Pretty Cure. DokiDoki! Pretty Cure (ドキドキ! プリキュア Dokidoki! PuriKyua, lit Heart-Throbbing! Pretty Cure!) will be coming soon at as usual (maybe, 100% guaranteed), February 3 2013. I'll back as soon as I can once the info about new Cures will appear starting from the logo first. Otanoshimi ni!

Edit on December 5 2012, 8:42 AM: Also, Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2 Our Hearty Friends (プリキュアオールスターズ New Stage 2 こころのともだち PuriKyua Ōru Sutāzu Nyū Sutēji Tsū: Kokoro no Tomodachi) will be released soon on March 16 2012. It's really 100% guaranteed  DokiDoki! will also arrive. I will write the review as soon as I can in later July, but I'll need to write DokiDoki first this month, followed to Smile Pretty Cure Movie in March, ok? Also, I'll not forget to write my cousin's NDS game. You'll know soon, so look forward for it! Jya, Mata Otanoshimi ni!

Kamis, 01 November 2012

Hiatus for a While

Maybe you'll be shocked for this, but starting November 4, I won't post anymore blog post for a while. This is due at my hometown, didn't have any WiFi and to get that, my family must get the telephone first.

Also, I'll need to homeschooling in my hometown, since I didn't stand any much longer for friends who likes to disturb me and the stranger student loves to call my name (but my viewer aren't strangers, so don't worry about that) so when my WiFi transferred into there, I'll be able to post in this blog again. Keep waiting! Patience is important!