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Happy Bakery

Good evening and welcome to another game review! This time, I'll go after...
...this! I've already bought this game since two days ago. This was released from Europe in May 15 2009. Actually, it's from Japan first by the name Panpakapan Yasan (パンパカ パン屋さん Panpaka Panyasan) in June 26, 2008. It's simple cooking game, just looking for bread makes me hungry.

Edit in October 13 2012, 4:37 PM: Oh, this game was also enters Happy Series, and Happy Bakery is the first one in the series.

Okay, back to review, I'll review in simple way that your younger ones can understand. The story starts when you came to Happy Bakery. Then you'll need to fill your name. Next, the chef will teach you how to make a dough (always happened before starting a new recipe). Suddenly, a cloud appears and your finished dough becomes living things! His name was Doudou. For that introduction, we will know that the chef's name was Rue. Or is it? Anyway, he broughts you and Rue to Bread Kingdom by hole. And one of the bread fairies will teach you how to make the bread resembling their shape. For the first, it's the White Bread fairy.
The collection of your finished bread can be seen here.
How to make a new bread type? First, you'll need to touch Go to the Bread Kingdom (upper right). Over 6 areas, touch the moving fairies (one interesting thing, you can touch some thing for the effect). Follow the instructions. Of course, with doughs first! Then sometimes the oven thing (his name is oven) will bake it for you. After that, put the bread to the pointed area! You can make it anytime you want by touching the lower right one. There are total of 40 breads you can make. Unfortunately, you can't see the orders nor touching the costumer in the first option. But, for those who dislike food order genre like me, phew! Oh, the more you unlock the bread, the bigger the shop will be, as well as costumers.

Overall, this is a good cooking game. The music is also good even only a few. But beware not to play too much or you may start feeling bored a little. One more thing, once you have all 40 breads, you'll come to credits and the game will end. Quite a shame too, as it only takes least than a hour or two to beat the game. But it's okay, reminding that it's the children game, anyway. And that concludes my review today, and see you in my next review!

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