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Kirby Mass Attack

Love Pink Ball who loves to say "Poyo"? Or like the game where you need to control all the characters at once? Then if you chose 'yes' for one of these questions or both, this game is absolutely for you:
This game is named Gather! Kirby (あつめて!カービィ Atsumete! Kābyi) in Japan and was released in 2011 (Japan first in August 4, then America in September 19, and finally to Europe in December 1). This game was published by Nintendo and developed by HAL Laboratory. Just for extra, if the title, Mass Attack, becomes katakana, then it will be like this (カービ ィ マスアタック Kābyi Masu Atakku)

Remember my second question that I give to you? Then why this happened? Ok, the story will tell you how it begins.

One day in Popstar, Kirby fell asleep in a field, and Necrodeus, the Skull Gang's evil leader, appeared from the sky. Using his magic staff, Necrodeus struck and split Kirby into 10 Mini-Kirbies! And all but one of the 10 Kirbies were defeated, Necrodeus leaves. As the last Kirby looks up in despair, he notices a star, which is his heart, tells him to follow it so they can defeat Necrodeus together. And his adventure to defeat Necrodeus and get himself back together again, begins... 

Please note that this is the second game at Kirby series that only uses stylus for most gameplays. I know people will be frustasted when reading this, but practice makes perfect, you know?
Result after the Kirbies bounced from the mushroom. You know what they say when bounced? That's right, PUA!!!
Anyway, back to the game. How to walk through the stage? Well, touch the straight one or something... it's hard to say with words, but double tap will make Kirbies run! Next, about jump, flick them with stylus. Then how to carry them and fly? Touch one of the Kirbies and carry them. But the limits only at red and then the line will be cut off, so be careful about that!

Unlike the enemies that will damage you when touched, instead the Kirbies will run and pummeling the enemy! If you get multiple enemies at once, don't be panicked, give separate Kirbies to pummel them each. However, some enemies can't be damaged and even KILL you!
This is what the Skull Gang that I'm talking about. In this minigame you'll need to chase the red skull one that holds the chest. But be careful for the white skull who loves to capture one of the Kirbies, though. This minigame can only found when you got the Skull Key throughout the stage and it holds medal (fruits if you have get the medal).
Kill? That's right, kill. Each Kirbies only have 2 HP and when they reach 1 HP they'll turn blue, and be careful not to touch the damaged one to blue Kirbies or else they'll turn into angel and flies off. Jump to the angel Kirby to restore them to 1 HP (blue), but if all of your Kirbies turns into angel, then game over for you (I ever get that once in Sandy Canyon stage). However, it's okay if you have a cheat that will auto-heal you, but not when get crushed or squashed.
Terenetete! One more Kirby, Sanjyou!
Now, for increasing your Kirbies, how can you do it? Call it on your Microphone? No, it's fruits! Check the bar on the top screen, and look for any fruit for any duty such as apples (1 point), bananas (10 points), melon (30 points) and Maxim Tomato (100 points) and let Kirby eat it. And look, the bar is increasing the number. Once the bar is full (100 points), a new Kirby will appear. And if you travel to the other island (which will reduce your Kirbies to one if you don't unlock the final level), all of the fruits will be melons (returns to the usual fruit once you get 10 Kirbies back in your hand).

Ok, for challenges, you'll get both Checklist and Extras. Checklist are the secret tasks that need to be unlocked. Once it's fulfilled, that task will no longer hidden. Extras are some minigames that you can play off-games and it needs some medals to unlock it: Field Frenzy (参上! モグモグ団 Sanjō! Mogumogu-dan; Calling! Munching Mission), Kirby Brawball (カービィのたいけつ!ピンボール Kābī no tai ketsu! Pinbōru; Kirby's Showdown! Pinball), Kirby Curtain Call (かぞえる!! カービィ劇場 Kazoeru!! Kābyi gekijō; Counting! Kirby Theatre), Dash Course (〇△口 けんけん  〇△口 Kenken; Shapes Hop), Strato Patrol EOS (空中探検隊EOS Kūchū tanken-tai Iosu; Air Expedition EOS), Kirby Quest (カービィマスター Kābyi Masutā; Kirby Master in JP title screen), and finally Survival Rush (カ勝ち抜き サバイバル Kachinuki sabaibaru; Tournament Survival). Ask for what these games do, it's better just seeing it yourself. But, not all the extras are minigames (or even called sub-games)! By earning enough medals, you can even listen to te game and the minigame's musics, recall back the game's story and even directing you to the checklist! Quite good, isn't it? You can collect medals throughout the game.

In overall, it's a bit challenging to unlock them all, but it's fun if you replay the game in order to get better star. But since that I love the small challenge more, it's a bit difficult at some levels. If you're a Kirby's fan and want to hear his 'poyo' sound, then pick this game. As always, until the next review!

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