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Hamsterz 2

Welcome back to my review. I think you've get tired on any game review... Anyway, my review this time is about:

Maybe it's the sequel of Hamsterz Life... or something like that. But with different taste. Anyway, this game was released as Let's Live with Hamsters (ハムスターと暮らそう Hamusutā to kurasou) at Japan in December 21 2006, then at Europe in November 9 2007, and America in November 23 2007. 2 years later, the Best Price version was released in July 9 in Japan only. Oh, and note that this game was also in Gameboy Advance. But, however, I only have DS version, so I mentioned on that version. At any rate, let's go on, with a little walkthrough to go on again.

After you got or buy your hamster, give it a name!
OK, to start this session. After you enter your own profile, the random person (cousin) will greet and give you a new, Golden Hamster and its name (as I said in the previous review, and as you know, your new hamster is a baby!). Then, you'll come to your pet shop with the random cashier too! And that's the start of the game, as I said. To know, my first playthrough's cousin is Kerry and the second is Jane. Really, your virtual cousin is very random.

Your very first cage, Pretty Dwarf. And look for that sleeping hamster!
Unlike Hamsterz Life (HMF) which needs minigames in order to get items, in this game you have to to make sure that your hamsters is properly cared (not waiting for weeks or so, sorry!) in order to get new items! That's right, it's a real-time game. If you want to chat, there are three person: Owner, Cashier, and Instructor (Lindsay, in my game in first and even second). It's weird that it's only have limited talks, but I always looking for the items each day. Each items needs stars, which will be earned by any hamster's activity. 

If HMF has Toys, then HM2 has Treasures. Yeah, it's temporary. If you don't want to use it again, select Clean Up. The examples are: Cleaners to earn some stars if your hamster used that item, and Clippers to cut the four circles (legs) to earn stars if you didn't touch outside the circle. Heheh, maybe I have limited about what I say on this review, though.

Now, for some extras: Bonding. Your hamsters needs to play together with other hamsters in the same race but different gender. Do hamsters have race? Yes, they are. After Golden, you have Dwarf, Cambell, and Roborovski, and they are 97 types of them in this game. Let's level it with 1 for Golden, 2 for Dwarf, 3 for Cambell and 4 for Roborovski for more easy understanding. You can only bond 1-1, 2-3, and 4-4. Easy, right? If both hamsters are able to play together, tap Two Hamsters and Love button to partner them! And next day, your female hamster (if you have them), will pregnant and few days later will have baby! Congrats! But however, you can only keep up to three hamsters in your home (due being three cages avaiable), and nine in your care center.

In overall, if you say graphics, it's very good for the hamster, even when they send thunderbolt to you when it's uncomfortable three times was still fun. The music is a little fun, I guess. The inventory with more new items was still fun that I still suprised through them. The Book in Store was very helpful if you have trouble. It also say that there are some minigames that you can earn stars, but I've never experienced neither remember it. Anyway, if you want to adopt your hamsters in game and wants to practice your patient for waiting new items, then this game's for absolutely you.

It's been a while since I didn't show the other sites for you. Here you are:

Ok, as always, see you in my next review!

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