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Mega Man X: Command Mission

Hello, and welcome back to my review. Maybe you'll know this earlier, but I'll show this for those who want to know this game. And this game will be...

Here! Do you know these character? My knowledge of Mega Man X started when seeing the CD (3D version). Mine is the PS2 version, but GameCube players can play this too.

Anyway, back to the release info. This game was released on July 29, NA on September 21 (which I have), and in EU in November 19. The game where both version were released at 2004 was published by Capcom and developed by Capcom Production Studio 3.

Now, I'm start to be a real reviewer like any review blog for some section and for this link. For my thoughts about this game, please check my Livejournal post: http://himawari-mawari.livejournal.com/4018.htmlNow let's rumble!

So, how the story started? This game takes place during an unspecific year in the 23rd century ("22XX AD"), about 100 years after Mega Man X series' events. A new substance known as "Force Metal (フォースメタル Fōsu Metaru)" is extracted from the debris of a small meteorite. Technology based on the metal revolutionizes the field of Reploid Engineering. Giga City (ギガンティス Gigantis; Gigantis in Japan), an artificial island in the middle of an ocean, is built purposely for the mining and smelting of Force Metal.

Everything is well until a band of Reploids arm themselves and launch an assault on the island. Its leader, Epsilon, is branded a "Maverick" by the government, and a "Maverick Hunter" team is dispatched by Colonel Redips to Giga City in order to liberate it from the grasp of Epsilon's "Rebellion Army ((リベリオン Riberion)". As Mega Man X, Zero, and a Hunter named Shadow travel to Lagrano Ruins, a collapsed pillar separates them. X must then fight his way to a place where he and Zero are reunited. Upon reaching Epsilon's destination, Shadow betrays the team (WTF?! Meaning What The Fuck?!), Epsilon's Cadre appears and knocks Zero away. X has no choice but to escape (only leading him unconscious) and gather a resistance team to assist in defeating the minions of the Rebellion Army. 

But, what's next on the story? Better guess it yourself or it will be a big spoiler (and beware, there's some 'betrayal' theme came to the story, trust me). The story was divided into 10 chapters.

WATCH OUT!!! Sonic Blizzard!
The theme of this game is the easy version of turn-based RPG game. Why? Because unlike Xenosaga which have different camera view, the other-camera view on this game was off, still in the same view. That's why I call it easy version. The battle scenes at first are good to watch, but over time you'll find it boring because it's always repeated again and again and monotone.

Like any RPG games, this game also has challenges. You can talk to Nana (ナナ Nana) after you rescue her to grant access to Deployment Center (派遣センター Haken Sentā) and Sky Room (スカイルーム Sukai Rūmu). Deployment Center is the system where you can dispatch your Mechaniloid (up to 3 unit each dungeon). If successful, they will bring items which you can see in Sky Room. In Sky Room, you can see the extra content you can see during the game. 
Each dungeon has its own challenge. In this dungeon, X mustn't move when the room becomes red or you must go into battle. This pose is used when X trespass the security rule.
No RPG if there's no playable characters! If you want to know, I'll give you their name: X (エックス Ekkusu; also called Mega Man X), Zero (ゼロ Zero),  Spider (スパイダー Supaidā), Massimo (マッシモ Masshimo), Marino (マリノ Marino), Cinnamon (シナモン Shinamon), and finally Axl (アクセル Akuseru; Accel). Each of them contains their pros and cons. For example, Axl. Axl has a copy ability that can be used for Action Trigger DNA Change (DNAチェンジ Dīenuē Chenji), plus his Hyper Mode Stealth Mode (ステルスモード Suterusu Mōdo) that can be useful for some enemies. Another example comes to Massimo. I hate Massimo because of these things: weak against any element (even when he use Glint Armor [ダイモニオン Daimonion]), plus due being eqquiped by heavy armor, only 2 slots you can use to get Force Metal. For supporting characters, just find it out the others yourself.

Once the character's LE reaches 0, then your character will kneel down. If only 2 of 3 kneel down, then the survived character will perform their victory pose with the camera only pans on him/her.
Now, for sound and music. Only some musics are very enjoyable and good, like Face Beaming with Joy and Maverick Hunter I (first battle theme), also Law and Order is a good music too. And for sound, X's sound is far more better than X7 or Japanese version, for Japanese version I prefer Cinnamon's voice because she's more like a little girl and she put formal sentence like 'desu' or 'shita'. If you play or watching the Japanese version of the game, you'll be know about these. But I didn't prefer any of enemies' sound effect, though. 

Let's go to another section. Action Trigger (アクショントリガー Akushon Torigā), Hyper Mode (ハイパーモード Haipā Mōdo), and finally Final Strike (ファイナルストライク Fainaru Sutoraiku). Action Trigger is the character-exclusive move that can be accessed at 50% WE above (WE replenishes every turn). For example, Spider's Fortune Hand (フォーチュンカード Fōchun Kādo, Fortune Card at Japanese) will need you to took what card he needs to switch out (very difficult unless you good with Poker). Next is Hyper Mode, which is similiar to power-up form, the examples have been explained at two previous paragraph. For some trivia, X is the only one who has a different trigger scene
The Final Strike against my favorite character (captured from HGLetsPlay's video)
Finally comes to Final Strike. Watch for the enemy's bar which is their remaining LE (game version of HP), however it only appears when all three members are active. When it reaches orange, the Final Strike will occur, and you must repeatedly press the button shown in the top screen. Too difficult, eh? Don't worry, you can always cancel it if you don't want. I really want to wish that the Final Strike becomes like All-Out Attack in Persona 3 and 4...
Question: What expression did they use when:
Left or Top: Sawing the first boss  Right or Bottom: When caring on the injured person?
Before ending this review, I'll show you the CONS that comes here. EXPRESSIONS. Yes, expression. The expression was COMPLETELY OFF this game. Yeah, most character appear emotionless, only just moving their mouths. Maybe Capcom want us to guess which expression they use? Only Capcom would know. If somehow they make the remake of this game, using animation would be very better than reusing CG event. I somehow feel sick when sawing the screen before the second image above, where Marino's eyes are still open despite being hurt. Plus, the hand. They change their hands offscreen. Example, on the screen when one of the boss explodes, Axl uses his gun-grabbing hand and didn't close his eyes.

Be careful not to let all of your party members KD (Kneel Down) or else you'll get this Pre-Game Over screen at the right.

In overall, it's fun addictive game but however as you go on the chapter will feel downer. If you think the story is bad and sucks, you're wrong. Watch the sequence multiple times and you'll found that the story is awesome (only some will understand this, though). For the music, the first battle music appear more better than the second music battle. The favorite character that I like is the Playable girls (Cinnamon and Marino) and X. And for other playable character, nah, just pass. At any rate, if you want to beat the game easily but want challenges, pick this game. But for you who really wants to see what expression did they use, nah, just give this a pass and look for other game that has better expression (if you don't, only desparation will occur). To put in chronogical timeline, I prefer Mega Man Zero is completely alternate timeline from Mega Man X. Ok, as always, see you in the next review!

Edit in March 4th, 2013, 5:39 PM: I have some guides too in Crunchyroll, here:
I don't know if the Crunchyroll pages needs login to access or not, but it contains some X and the Playable Girls' images and some character info, so please take a look if you have account.

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