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Hamsterz Life

Love hamsters? Love cute things? Then, you'll unable to stop staring at this game:
Maybe you'll be confused which series in Petz: Hamsterz are in order. This is for Nintendo DS because I don't have one for Gameboy Advance. But don't worry! As I say, you'll never stop staring on this hamster game and you'll say in your heart: KAWAIII!!!

Anyway, this game was released in Japan as Love Love Hamster (LOVEラブハムスター Rabu Rabu Hamusutā) in November 2 2006, then in America 26 days later (November 28), next in Australia in December 14, then finally in Europe 6 days later (December 22). This game was published by Ubisoft and developed by Digital Kids.

How to start this game? 
Hammy (top) and Hamster select (bottom)

OK, let me guess. Every game has a tutor, right? This game's mentor is Hammy, which will tell you your name (fill it!), then your gender. Before you can choose a hamster, you'll know that it wants to communicate a lot bu don't know how, so you'll need to be responsible for all about hamster's duty. You can them choose your hamster you want (I'm Golden one, which was given at the start of Hamsterz 2, but will be reviewed later), and give your hamsters a name (for me, my hamster's name is Mawari).

Then, you can start a game! The gameplay will be explained later once I get home (currently I'm in my father's office). Look for the next section, OK?

Edit started on 4:57 PM: Hello, I'm back for more info. You can feed and communicate with them, but the facility was incomplete. So, how can we add the item like exercise wheel or accessories or even food? That's right, minigames! The minigame will be explained on the next section.

First of all, minigames. It's sort of games used for your entertaiment. But how? It's not easy, you'll need to have hamsters have a music note and say 'Play with me!', and it needs time. But once it does, the play button in center bottom will appear! Yay! The minigames and the difficulties are random, though, so be prepared. There are maybe less than 10 minigames but I'm not sure, but some of them are Slide Panel, Item Catcher, and Ball Get. Some gamers will know which type of minigames are used.

Second, communicate with MIC. Touch the bell button for switch screen from top screen where the hamster is playing to the bottom screen. Then touch Teach. Look for the words you want to teach that day. Like Good morning and even the day festival such as Strawberry Day. Speak to the Microphone based on the text shown, ok?

They're around 11 toys, which you can get at minigames. If you play with it, your hamsters will be questioned how it works. Then, you'll take actions! For example, let's say we have Hamster Wands. We need to spin it around with stylus! Then, after a while, it (hamster) will spin it around! Try other around, it's very fun! Also, they're patterns. In order to play some toys, we need a bigger cage, and even change the appearance of your water bottle, exercise wheel, wallpaper and the accessories. You can also edit all about yourself and even your family and friends!
Choose the answer in order for hamster to learn some new words.
But don't take too long!
In overall, it's a good virtual hamster game. As for staring for your hamster playing, eating, and it's interesting to watch them! But beware as this game was a real time game, you need to come back every day and be responsible to make them happy. Well, as always, see you in my next review!

Edit in October 17 2012, 8:20 PM: The websites are here for you!
Japanese Websites
Items Walkthrough:

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