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Restaurant Story

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It's iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone game time! Remember "Story" series like City Story or Nightclub Story? Now I'm explain my favorite "Story" game Restaurant Story, Farm Story, and Bakery Story. First is Restaurant Story.

Restaurant Story is the one of the simulation game series "Story." This game was released in October 13 2010. In this game, you can build your very own restaurant (like Bakery Story that will explain later) released by TeamLava. And keeping costumer happy and wel-fed is also included. But what is gameplay in this game? Well, I will show you.

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First, the costumer came to the restaurant. After choosing the seat, they will eat the food that has stored in the counter, and the costumer will leave happy. Otherwise, if there is no food in the counter, they will just sitting in the table, and after a while, leaving angry... To solve this, you must have the food in the counter, but how?

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That's why the cookbook comes in. There are 3 separate cooking appliances, Stove, Oven, and Grill. Each appliances also have 4 separate section, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert (All is not included since All section includes all Menus in the each appliance's Cookbook). Each menu includes the vary amount of time to finish, XP, and costs, and requires 2 preparations before the cooking time starts and 1 preparation before serving.

The cooking time depends of the number of plates can be served. The longer the cooking time is, the more plates can serves, and vice versa. Please note that not all the menus can be all be unlocked, you must be in specified level to unlock the new menus. And also, please note again that the food will always spoiled (the fly icon) if you're not serving the food on time. (EX: Quesadilla requires Level 44 to unlock)

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The cons in this game, the Gems. Seriously, Gems, yeah, you will start with 14 Gems and 40.000 coins if I am right (please correct me if I'm wrong). Some goods that you can buy in Design Menu requires Gems. To get more gems, you can choose from 24 until 580 Gems, but it requires real American money, but fortunately if you have master Line Cook (Level 2) and Pastry Chef (Level 4) with cook many times at one menu, you will obtained 1 Gem and 50XP. But for faster we must do the first way, that is just sad. Oh, you can also get 1 Gem if you got gold medal in Badge.

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Anyway, let's move on. Another feature of this game is neighbourhood. Basically, for more expansion of the restaurant, you'll need neighbours. Neighbours can be accessed by typing the Storm8 ID and wait for them to accept your request. Or in Community tab, you can visit other people's restaurant and leave them tip. You can also send them gifts! Pretty interesting, huh?
See the second tab on the upper right? It's Collectibles section. It's what you're looking for.
The new feature I want to discuss for is Collectibles. How to get this collectibles? Just do what should you do: prepare and serving food, buying things in Design tab, etc. Each activity will get you one of these collectible parts if you're lucky (i.e. 1 Egg), and if you have part of the collectibles complete (i..e. All parts on Yummy Ingredients), click Redeem to claim a reward! It's good that you will get the Diner Table and Golden Utensil. But remember, this is for iOS and TeamLava will try this section for Android (mine is bought by App Store).

In overall, I love this game more than City Story and Zoo Story. But note that this game is online game and requires Internet access, but I have cellular network so that problem is only a small problem (it can be a real problem when the connection is slow, however). The interesting thing is weekly update, so check often every week (Saturday if I am right). If you loves simulation game or just want to waste your leisure time, this is not really a problem to play this. But, pass on this "Story" series if you don't like to be notified or Gem purchases.

Edit April 24 2012:
Other appliances in this game are Turducken, Chestnut Maker, Holiday Drink Machine, Outdoor Grill, Nacho Machine, Candy Heart Stove, Chocolate Maker, Smoker Pit, Shamrock Oven, Steampunk Oven, and Egg Stove. My iPad is actually the office's iPad, so I can't play longer than you though, sorry!

Oh, if you want more, check this link: (Japanese) (if you want to download this game) (Guide along with Bakery Story) (for searching more info about this game) (for all Recipes including Fountain Drink and Sushi Bar)

Alright, see you to the next review! Look forward to Farm Story review! I'm searching for a chance now, I can jump to Bakery Story if the chance isn't right yet to write Farm Story.
Oh, I'm forgot my Storm8 ID, you can add me as a neighbour with my ID himawari_hana.


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