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Black and Orange Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

Irashaimase! The last section on Pretty Cure Heroine section! This time, I will post Black and Green Heroine where is not included on other Heroines, what do I mean? Yes, the theme color (black and green) until Smile confirms, has only one heroine each! Poor, but anyway, let's go!

Edit 14 January 2012: Green Heroine was moved and joined together with Purple and Red Heroine because of Smile has another Green Cure, and Cure Sunny moves here becomes Orange Heroine.
Edit at 22 November 2011: For Zerochan pic I show, there is 2 more, Dark Pretty Cure and Cure Muse. Why I don't show them in Black Heroine? Quite simple, Dark Pretty Cure is actually the villain and Cure Muse is actually Yellow Cure (only becomes the Black Cure when she is masked)

Anyway... Instead of continue this Zerochan pic, let's go to the review!

First, from Black one, which is only held by Cure Black:

1. Cure Black (キュアブラック Kyua Burakku)
Cure Black 02 by candycanecroft
Series: Futari wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart)
Real Identity: Nagisa Misumi
Seiyuu: Yoko Honna
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 1, "Really Like the Love! Cure Lovely Gives her Birth!" (愛が大好き!キュアラブリー誕生! Ai ga Daisuki! Kyua Raburī Tanjō!)

Nagisa is the ace of the school lacrosse team. She is also a close friend of Akane Fujita, a former lacrosse player who runs her own takoyaki stand. She is strong-hearted, though it usually quite lazy when it comes to her homework. She is also a food lover, her favourite dish being the takoyaki served at Akane's stand. Although generally courageous, she will become quite flustered when near Shougo, who she has a crush on. She is often known for her catchphrase of yelling "Unbelievable!" (ありえな~い! Ariena~i!).

As Cure Black, she introduces herself as "Emmisiary of light, Cure Black! (光の使者、キュアブラックHikari no shisha, Kyua Burakku!)" She is strong and passionateIt is also revealed that even though Cure White is not around, Cure Black can use incredible powers by herself, but this depends largely on her emotions and will. Together with Cure White, she can perform the Marble Screw (マーブル・スクリュー Māburu Sukurū; Marble Twister in English dub) and Rainbow Therapy (レインボーセラピー Reinbō Serapīattacks. Later, when the duo is powered up by the Rainbow Bracelets, they can do a new attack called Rainbow Storm (レインボーストーム Reinbō Sutōmu)

In Max Heart, Cure Black's outfit, along with Cure White's, is slightly upgraded. Her lower dress gets another thin layer, and her leggings have slightly changed. Her leggings and gloves have a blue trim. Her earrings have changed from silver to gold, and her commune strap is held by a large gold heart. There is also now a tiny light-blue heart in the center of the bow. Pretty Cure's attack is powered-up to Marble Screw Max (マーブル・スクリューマックス Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu), and later to Marble Screw Max Sparkle (マーブル・スクリューマックススパークル Maaburu Sukurū Makkusu Supākuruwith the Sparkle Bracelets. Together with Shiny Luminous, they can also do the Extreme Luminario (エクストリイムルミナリオ Ekusutoriimu Ruminarioattack, which in the final episode is upgraded to Extreme Luminario Max (エクストリイムルミナリオマックス Ekusutoriimu Ruminario Makkusu)

And last is the orange Cure which is held by Cure Sunny only: 
2. Cure Sunny (キュアサニー Kyua Sanī)
Series: Smile Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Akane Hino
Seiyuu: Asami Tano
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 31, “By No Means of Access!? Cure Honey and Phantom!” (まさかの急接近!?キュアハ二ーとファントム! Masaka no Kyū Sekkin!? Kyua Hanī to Fantomu!?)

According to Toei's site, Akane enjoys making people laugh and her family owns an okonomiyaki shop. She also plays volleyball and borns in Osaka.

Photo 180As Cure Sunny, she introduces herself as "Hot-blooded solar power, Cure Sunny!" (太陽サンサン熱血パワー、キュアサニー! Taiyou sansan nekketsu pawā, Kyua Sanī!), she can use fire in this form and use Sunny Fire (サニーファイア Sanī Faia) to attack. With Red Rainbow Cure Decor and four other Cures, together they can shoot Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu) to destroy Blue Akanbe. In Princess Sunny (プリンセス サニー Purincesu Sanī) form, she, along with four other Cures, can use the attack Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト Reinbō Bāsuto) with the Royal version as the story goes on.

Edit in 14 January 2012: Actually I insert Sunny as Red Heroine, but after I notice her outfit which is orange, she's becomes Orange Heroine instead.
Will the next season will occur another theme color Pretty Cure like pink, blue and more? I hope Toei will do so... I will edit it each theme color Cure comes.

Phew... and this will be the last section of all Cure based in theme color, but it's not done yet! I will post:
My Favorite Cure in Pretty Cure Series

Yes, it's all about my opinion why I loves the Cure that I choose to become my favorite. Oh, do you know why I write Theme Color Heroine in Pretty Cure Series? The answer is:
Unfortunately, Multiply is already dead by May 31, 2013 so better DON'T search for this, okay?

It's in Indonesian language but you will know if you see the image. Until now, there's no new entries about that like All About Blue Heroine or whatsever, making me upset. Anyway, I will write the next, extra section above when I have a chance. Otanoshimi ni!

(Some pictures in Pretty Cure Heroine series are taken by,,, and other sites. I forgot taking them credit)

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