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Pizza Frenzy

I want to write another post about games. Now we have Pizza Frenzy produced by PopCap Game (previously Sprout Games) and it was released in February 2 2005. Let's see the gameplay and review of this delivery-order game.

Let's hear the story. For centuries, the Stromboli family made the best pizza in Europe until the new era of assembly line appears, where no one enjoyed the pizza anymore. Now, the last member of Stromboli family, Lorenzo, Paula, Niccolo, and Lisa must revive the family honor with delivering pizza with the secret family pizza recipe.

There are 3 different modes in this game. First is Speed Mode move pizzas to shops as fast as you can. This mode didn’t get even remotely difficult. Even after 30 minutes of play, it was trivial and tedious. One nice touch: after each round in Speed Mode, a blimp floats by that drops money bags, which you click to collect. Unlike Speed Mode, in Memory Mode you only get to see people’s orders for a few seconds. Then they turn to “?” icons. You have to remember what they ordered. This mode can be moderately stressful at later levels. And last is Simon Says Mode where the differences is send the pizza in the order that the customers requested the pizzas. Like Memory Mode, this mode can be moderately stressful at later levels.

The objective of Pizza Frenzy is to quickly deliver the correct pizzas to customers. The game levels take place in a number of different locations, with each location having a unique topography, including two or more pizza kitchens. Each of these kitchens is responsible for producing and delivering pizzas with a specific topping. During gameplay, customers will appear with an icon representing a specific pizza topping they are calling to order. This icon must be clicked, and the player must then click the correct pizza kitchen in order to dispatch the needed pizza to the customer. If players take too long, or try to deliver the wrong pizza, the customer hangs up the phone, causing a decrease in overall customer satisfaction. If customer satisfaction dips low enough, the game ends.

Before every level starts, the player picks which pizza toppings will be available for order on that level. The number of kitchens varies by level, but ranges from two to four. The actual topping selected for a kitchen has no impact on the game, with the caveat that higher level toppings earn more money.

After a certain number of levels are completed, the player earns or unlocks an additional topping of his or her choice. The new toppings from which the player can choose include both standard toppings (e.g. olives or mushrooms), as well as items not normally associated with pizza (e.g. donuts, chocolate or french fries).
After the initial game levels, some percentage of the callers placing orders are actually criminals intent on hurting the pizza business. These include vandals, prank callers, and thieves. If players mistakenly take an order from such an individual, profits will be lost or the player's reputation will suffer. Instead, players must click on a police station when such a caller is observed, causing the police to arrest the individual and to provide a monetary reward. Although it can be difficult to spot criminals amidst the fast-paced flurry of mouse clicks, their presence is often alerted by a specific auditory cue.
The game also includes callers who have other (not necessarily negative) effects when their orders are successfully placed. Such callers include a chatty female customer or a gossip who convinces other waiting customers to change their orders to match hers, a banker who collects tips for a brief period of time so that the player can focus on other things, a movie star who gives huge tips, and a monk who causes time to temporarily slow down.

And now for minigames, there are Bonus Mode where you create as the same pizza as the example, by decorating the toppings to the right place. When you done, you will checked the accuracy. The more perfect the accuracy, the more bonus points you have. Usually this mode will appear if you completed some level.

And the second is make your own pizza in "Design your own pizza" which requires 5 toppings to unlock. You can create your own pizza with the toppings you want, add or delete the man-made pizza to the topppings list, or either edit a name of the pizza (but can only up to 15 words).

For Toppings, there are 26 ingredients which are used as toppings in Pizza Frenzy. How to unlock it's seen above. Each one comes in four levels, which are obtained by creating longer Pizza Frenzy Chains. Level 2 is opened with a Pizza Frenzy (5 combo), Level 3 is opened with a Double Frenzy (10 combo) and Level 4 is opened with a Super Frenzy (20 combo). There included: Cheese, Pepperoni, Meatball, Mushroom, Olive, Shrimp, Fish, Pineapple, Bacon, Chicken, Donuts, Banana, Crab, Peanuts, Ice, Eggs, Sausage, Caviar, Chocolate, Egg Plant, Lobster, Beans, Fries, Green Cheese, Taco, and Pumpkin.

So, in overall, it's a good and simple game at all. I think for starters, you must start with Speed Mode first, and if you have sastified, you can try another mode. For you who loves pizza or loves delivery-order game, this is the must play.

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