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Blue Heroine in Pretty Cure Series

All Cures from Splash Star to Suite (excluding Cure Windy).
As I say, I will write the next part of the heroine based on theme color from Pretty Cure Series. Now is blue, which is my favorite. There is a list of all Blue Heroine of Pretty Cure Series, as I said blue is my favorite color. Below is all Pretty Cures who has included in this list. (I'm forgot writing Cure Windy so I must update it to this post instead)

Update: I know the characteristic of Blue Heroine when I watch the video, they have some, such as:
  • Each has blue or purple hair and ponytails (except Cure Marine, she's not ponytail)
  • Each has their solo attack based on liquid substance (Water and Ice)For Cure Aqua and Cure Marine are water while Beauty and Diamond are ice.
That's the only characteristic I know. If you have another that you know, please comment me.

1. Cure Windy (キュアウィンディ Kyua Uindi)
Series: Pretty Cure Splash Star
Identity: Mai Mishou, Kaoru Kiryuu (in the final battle)
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 30 "Miracle Power! Pretty Cure's Big Transformation" (as Mai), Episode 49 "Zekkochou Nari! We're Friends Forever in the Starry Sky!" (as Kaoru)
Seiyuu: Atsuko Enomoto (Mai), Yuka Imai (Kaoru), Akemi Okamura (Kaoru)
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 6“Ribbon’s Mildness!! Cooking is the Love!!” (リボンの優しさ!!料理って愛情なんです!! Ribon no Yasashisa!! Ryōritte Aijō Nan Desu!!) as Cure Egret (Mai)

Mai is reserved and formal, she prefers the arts over science and has a more gentle and innocent nature. She and her family live in an observatory. Mai is very observant and aware, often noticing subtle details that could have been neglected by an average observer. 

As Cure Windy, she introduces herself as "The scented wind across the Earth, Cure Windy! (大地に薫る風、キュアウィンディ! Daichi ni kaoru kaze, Kyua Uindi!)" After Choppy becames Crystal Commune, she, with Saki, can transform together into Cure Bright and Cure Windy. Together, they can perform Spiral Star Splash (スパイラルスタースプラッシュ Supairarusutā Supurasshu) that requires new Spiral Rings version. Later, after resurrected by the Queen Fillia, she carries wind powers from Fupu to become Cure Windy.

2. Cure Aqua (キュアアク Kyua Akua)
Series: Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (GoGo!)
Identity: Karen Minazuki
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 6 "Pretty Cure 5 All Together!" (First Season), Episode 1 "Revived! Pretty Cure 5!" (GoGo!)
Seiyuu: Ai Maeda
HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 7, "Friendship Fully Opened!! The Both's Becoming New Power!!" (友情全開!!二人の新たなる力!! Yūjō Zenkai!! Futari no Aratanaru Chikara!!)

Karen is the very popular student council persident of Cinq Lumieres Academy and friends with Komachi. Because of her parent's job, she has be raisen by her butler. At first, she refuses to join Pretty Cure, but in Episode 6, the blue butterfly is successfully lands to her wrist, enabling her to transform into Cure Aqua.

Cure Aqua with Aqua Ribbon.
As Cure Aqua, she introduces herself as "The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua! (知性の青き泉、キュアアクア! Chisei no aoki izumi, Kyua Akua!)" She can use the attack Aqua Stream (アクアストリーム Akua Sutorīmu) and Aqua Tornado (アクアトルネード Akua Torunēdo) with Aqua Ribbon. With combining other four's powers, they can use the powerful finishing attack called Five Explosio(ファイブエクスプロージョン Faibu Ekusupuroshon). For catching Pinkies, Coco gets a violin from her Pinky Catch. Her counterpart is her best friend Cure Mint.

In GoGo!, she can use the attack Sapphire Arrow (サファイヤアロー Safaia Arō) as her individual attack, and combination attack Rainbow Rose Explosion (レインボーローズエクスプロージョン Reinbō Rōzu Ekusupurōjon) and in final episode, Floral Explosion (フローラルエクスプロージョン  Furōraru Ekusupurōjon)

2. Cure Berry (キュアベリー Kyua Berī)
Series: Fresh Pretty Cure!
Identity: Miki Aono
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 2 "Freshly-Gathered Fresh! Cure Berry was Born!" (normal form), Episode 48 "Final Battle! Cure Angel were Born!" (Cure Angel)
Seiyuu: Eri Kitamura

HapiChar Congratulary Message Episode: 16, “I Am ‘MassComm’!! I Shall Uncover All the Pretty Cure’s Secrecy!!” (私はマスコミよ!!プリキュアの秘密全部見せます!! Watashi wa Masukomi yo!! Purikyua no Himitsu Zenbu Mise Masu!!)”

Miki is a expert of athletic and fashion who wants to become fashion model. She lives with her mother at her house, which doubles as her mom's salon. Part of Love's dance group, and uses the dancing as her daily exercise. Her catchphrase is "I'm perfect!" (あたし完璧! Atashi kanpeki!) and she is fear with octopus.

Miki AonoAs Cure Berry, she introduces herself as "The blue heart is the symbol of hope. Freshly-gathered fresh, Cure Berry! (ブルーのハートは希望の印。つみたてフレッシュ、キュアベリー!Burū no hāto wa kibou no shirushi. Tsumitate furesshu, Kyua Berī!)" She can use Espoir Shower (エスポワール・シャワー Esupowāru Shawā) and with Berry Sword, Espoir Shower Fresh (エスポワール・シャワー・フレッシュ Esupowāru Shawā Furesshu). Thanks to the Clover Box, she, with other three Pretty Cures can use attack Lucky Clover Grand Finale (ラッキークローバー・グランドフィナー Rakī Kurōbā Gurando Fināre). Towards the end of the series, she gains an upgrade called Cure Angel and with other Pretty Cures can use Loving True Heart (ラビング・トゥルー・ハートRabingu Tourū Hāto) and Loving True Heart Fresh (ラビング・トゥルー・ハート・フレッシュRabingu Tourū Hāto Furesshu).

3. Cure Marine (キュアマリ Kyua Marin)
Series: Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Identity: Erika Kurumi
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 3 "The Second Pretty Cure is Full of Motivation!" (normal form), Episode 38 "Pretty Cure, have transformed into Super Silhouette!" (Super Silhouette)

Here she is the BAKA (stupid) blue Pretty Cure, Cure Marine. Her catchphrase is  "Even my heart, wider than the sea, is at the limit of its patience!" (海より広いあたしの心も、ここらが我慢の限界よ! Umi yori hiroi atashi no kokoro mo, kokora ga gaman no genkai yo!). She is the fashion club leader and her family opens a store called Fairy Drop, where is in the side of Hanasaki Flower Shop. She is extremely energetic, but sometimes feels lazy or impatient. After she dreams about Cure Moonlight's defeat and Cure Blossom's first fight, she already knew how to transform and fight without fairy's instructions, and she is a very fast learner. She's very fear of bugs and frogs and her Heart Flower is white cyclamen.

As Cure Marine, she introduces herself as "The flower swaying in the sea breeze, Cure Marine! ( 風に揺れる一輪の花、キュアマリン!Umikaze ni yureru ichirin no hana, Kyua Marin!)" She is able to use Blue Forte Wave (ブルー・フォルテウェイブ Burū Forute Ueibu) with Marine Tact, Floral Power Fortissimo (フローラルパワーフォルテッシモ Furōraru Pawā Foruteshimo) with either Cure Blossom or Cure Sunshine, also Shining Fortissimo (シャイニング フォルテッシモ Shainingu Foruteshimo) with Cure Blossom and Cure SunshineUse this link for more main attacks and sub attacks of her.

Extra! Since I love Marine the best (the second after Beauty), so I will post my best Erika picture. Share if you like! XD

4. Cure Beat (キュアビー Kyua Bīto)
Hgfnjgfnjdfj.pngSeries: Suite Pretty Cure
Identity: Siren / Ellen Kurokawa
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 21 "Dokkun! The Miracle Pretty Cure was Born-Meow!" (normal form); Episode 47 "Pikkan! Everyone's Hope Medley-Meow!" (Crescendo)

Here we are the current blue Pretty Cure in 2011 that first appear in Episode 21. Siren appears from Major Land, because the Music Princess who will sing Melody of Happiness this year taken by Hummy, she is angry and asked Mephisto to be her right hand. Due of true friendship between her and Hummy, her necklaces breaks and shones to become Cure Beat and save Hummy. She fears of crabs and ghost.

Ellen's true form: Siren, was Only used in first half of the story.
As Cure Beat, she introduces herself as "Playing the Soulful Tune, Cure Beat!" (爪弾く魂の調!キュアビート! Tsumabiku wa tamashī no shirabe, Kyua Bīto!). She use Cure Module and Lary (Previously, Wikia has a wrong infomation, using Tiry instead of Lary) to transform, she can use Love Guitar Rod to perform Beat Sonic ビートソニック Bīto Sonikku), Beat Barrier ビートバリア Bīto Baria) and Heartful Beat Rock (ハートフル・ビート・ロック Hātofuru Bīto Rokkuwith Healing Chest and 3 other Cures, she can perform Suite Session Ensemble (スイートセッションアンサンブル Suīto Sesshon Ansanburu), while adding Crescendo with Cure Muse. Unlike Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm who must transform together, Cure Beat can transform alone like Cure Muse (I wonder if Cure Melody can transform alone without Cure Rhythm...).

5. Cure Beauty (キュアビューティ Kyua Byūti)

Series: Smile Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Reika Aoki
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 5 "Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!" (normal form), Episode 23 "Pierrot's Revived! Pretty Cure in Blood's Last Drop!" (Princess Beauty), Episode 43 "Reika's Path! I am Studying Abroad!" (Ultra Cure), Episode 47 "Strongest Pierrot's Power! Never Give Up Power and the Hope Light!" (Ultra Form)
This student council vice president (later president in Episode 37) and is in the archery club and art club is generally elegant and kind-hearted, but has a frightening temper once her patience reaches her limit. Her father is a painter and her mother (Shizuko) does have ability of Aikido, her older brothers (Juunosuke) does judo. The most rational of the group and with her clever personality makes her think of a good way to defeating Akanbe. Like Tsubomi Hanasaki in Heartcatch Pretty Cure, she speaks in old (formal) Japanese way.

Reika's very beutiful here, this is from Episode 34.
As Cure Beauty, she introduce herself as "The pure hearts that silently lies thickly, Cure Beauty!" (しんしんと降りつもる清き心!キュアビューティ Shinshin to furitsumoru kiyoki kokoro, Kyua Byūti!) Her power is ice and water which can be used to perform an attack called Beauty Blizzard (ビューティブリザード Byūti Burizādo)With Blue Rainbow Cure Decor and four other Cures, together they can shoot Rainbow Healing (レインボーヒーリング Reinbō Hīringu) to destroy Blue Akanbe. In Princess Beauty (プリンセスビューティPurincessu Byutī) form, she, along with four other Cures, can use the attack Rainbow Burst (レインボーバースト Reinbō Bāsutowith the Royale version as the story goes on.


6. Cure Diamond (キュアダイヤモンド  Kyua Daiyamondo)
Regina vs. Cure Diamond in Episode 44.
Series: DokiDoki! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Rikka Hishikawa
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 3 "Enter the Best Partner! Cure Diamond!", Episode 40 "The Reached Feelings! MakoP announces her new song!" (with Angel Wings)

The student council clerk in Ōgai First Public Middle School. She's Mana's chilhood friend and was always protected by her, which makes Rikka always believe in Mana. She is also one of the ten best students in national mock exams.

Complaining that her father think should bring
photos as well with the souvenir.
  (From Episode 3)
As Cure Diamond, she introduces herself as "Wisdom Light! Cure Diamond!!" (英知の光!キュアダイヤモンド!! Eichi no hikari! Kyua Daiyamondo!!) and the words after that roll call is: "Trampling on people's thoughts is unforgivable. This Cure Diamond'll cool your head! (人の思いを踏みにじるなんて許せない。このキュアダイヤモンドがあなたの頭を冷やしてあげる! Hito no omoi o fuminijiru nante yurusenai. Kono Kyua Daiyamondo ga anata no atama o hiyashite ageru!)" which was later reheard for Episode 26 although the first line goes from Cure Heart. Her motif is Diamonds and her mascot partner is Rachel, and with him as Lovely Commune, she can transform or use it for Twinkle Diamond (トゥインクルダイヤモンド To~uinkuru Daiyamondo). With Love Heart Arrow, she can use Diamond Shower (ダイヤモンドシャワー Daiyamondo Shawā) on fused Jikochuu, and with the others, Lovely Force Arrow (ラブリーフォースアロー Raburī Fōsu Arō)After capable of striking Lovely Straight Flush (ラブリーストレートフラッシュRaburī Sutorēto Furasshu) as well as the Royal Lovely Straight Flush (ロイヤルラブリーストレートフラッシュ Roiyaru Raburī Sutorēto Furasshu) in the group, as individual, Cure Diamond can execute Diamond Swircle (ダイヤモンドスワークル Daiyamondo Suwākuru) with her own Magical Lovely Pad.

(Left: Toei Animation, Center: TV Asahi; Right: Hers in DCDPCAS)

7. Cure Princess (キュアプリンセス Kyua Purinsesu)
Series: Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Real Identity: Himelda Window Cure Queen of Blue Sky / Hime Shirayuki (rumours before reveals Miyabi Himeno before Hime Shirayuki is announced as her official civilian name)
Debut as Pretty Cure: Possibly in Episode 1
Seiyuu: Megumi Han (the first two Cures have 'Megumi' as given VA name... such coincidence, isn't it?)
HapiChar Congratulary Message: 14, ”A Hero Takes Forth! He is a Real Tremendous Fellow!!” (ヒーロー登場!あいつはいかしたすごいやつ!!Hīrō Tōjō! Aitsu wa Ikashita Sugoi Yatsu!!)

The spoiled and selfish Princess of Blue Sky Kingdom who loves. To save the Blue Sky Kingdom from being totally ruled by the evil organization of the Phantom Kingdom, she becomes a Pretty Cure, except she is easily scared and will immediately try to escape from in the middle of fights, and never win any single Saiark. Because of her shyness, she never had friends until meeting Megumi. 

As Cure Princess, she introduces herself as "Dancing in the sky is the turquoise breeze! Cure Princess!" (天空に舞う青き風!キュアプリンセス!Tenkū ni mau aoki kaze! Kyua Purinsesu!) although in the preview said as "Happy Charge, Cure Princess! (幸せチャージ、キュアプリンセス!Shiawase Chāji, Kyua Purinsesu!)", she can access currently two Form Changes: Sherbet Ballet (シャーベットバレエ Shābetto Baree) which has and Macadamia Hula Dance (マカダミアフラダンス Makadamia Fura Dansu) later in March. Actually in my elementary has ballet as one of the dance class "You Raised Me Up" is the song, so I'm kind of glad of using Ballet as one of Princess' Form Change and it appears first before Macadamia. With her LovePreBrace, she can perform Blue Happy Shoot (ブルーハッピーシュート Burū Happī Shūto), Arabesque Shower (アラベスクシャワー Arabesuku Shawā), or Hawaiian Alo Agent (ハワイアンアロハロエー Hawaian'aroharoē) depending on which form she is. On Cure Princess form, she can perform much of sub-attacks such as Princess Ball (プリンセスボール Purinsesu Bōru), Princess Bomb-Bomber (プリンセス爆弾ボンバー Purinsesu Bakudan Bonbā), and Princess HotShot Machine Gun (プリンセス弾丸マシンガン Purinsesu Dangan Mashin Gan) which is the only three appeared in LovePreBrace roleplay toy.

From Toei (left and center, with and without seiyuusand TV Asahi (right) site at December 26, 2013:

Our Current Blue Cure:

8. Cure Mermaid (キュアマーメイド Kyua Māmeido)
Series: Go! Princess Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Minami Kaido
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 2 "The Academy's Princess! Enter Cure Mermaid Appear!" (Cure Mermaid and Mode Elegant)
Seiyuu: Masumi Asano

Nicknamed as "Academy Princess", Minami is a sophomore at Noble Academy who has a strong sense of responsibility who can sometimes be strict as well but cares for others like a caring older sister. She dreams of becoming a respectable person who can be useful to others.

As Cure Mermaid, she introduces herself as "Princess with the Perfect Clear Seas! Cure Mermaid!" (澄みわたる海のプリンセス!キュアマーメイド! Sumiwataru Umi no Purinsesu! Kyua Māmeido!).

Using various Mode Elegant, she can perform Mermaid Ripple (マーメイドリップル Māmeido Rippuru) herself, Trinity Lumiere (トリニティールミエール Torinitī Rumiēru), Trinity Explosion (トリニティーエクスプロジオン Torinitī Ekusupurojion), Eclat Espoir (エクラエスポワール Ekura Esupowāru),

Grand Plantin (グランプランタン Guran Purantan), and Grand Liberation (グランリベラシオン Guran Riberashion) with other Cures. In Mode Pretty (her fighting form), she can perform Frozen Ripple (フローズンリップル Furōzun Rippuru), Bubble Ripple (バブルリップル Baburu Rippuru), and Coral Maelstrom (コーラルメイルシュトロム Kōraru Meirushutoromu).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at December 26, 2014:

9. Cure Gelato (キュアジェラート Kyua Jerāto)

Series: KiraKira Pretty Cure A La Mode
Real Identity: Aoi Tategami
Debut as Pretty Cure: Episode 3
Seiyuu: Tomo Muranaka

An enthusiastic and brave second year middle school student who is the vocalist of a rock band.

As Cure Gelato, she roll calls herself as "Cure Gelato! Ready to serve! (キュアジェラート!できあがり!Kyua Jerāto! Dekiagari!)" She represents freedom and passion and sports a lion and ice cream motif. She can attack using KiraKira Kiraru Kirakiraru (キラキラキラル キラキラル Kirakirakiraru Kirakiraru) and Gelato Shake (ジェラートシェイク Jerāto Sheiku). Her group attack is Swe-Ets Wonderful A La Mode (スイー・ツー・ワンダフル・アラモード! Suī tsū Wandafuru Aramōdo), Animal Go-Round (アニマルゴーラウンド Animaru Gō Raundo) and Fantastic Animale (ファンタスティックアニマーレ Fantasutikku Animāre).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at January 6, 2017:

10. Cure Ange (キュアアンジュ Kyua Anjyu)
Series: HugTto! Pretty Cure
Real Identity: Saaya Yakushiji
Debut as Pretty Cure
Seiyuu: Rina Honizumi

The kind class president from Hana's class who is gentle as an angel toward anyone. Her mother is an actor and Saaya herself was a famous child actor however now she doesn't know what to do in the future. Owing to her desire to protect Cure Yell and become a stronger person, Saaya transforms into the Pretty Cure of Wisdom, Cure Ange.

As Cure Ange, she introduces herself as "Healing on Everyone! The Wisdom Pretty Cure! Cure Ange!" (みんなを癒す!知恵のプリキュア!キュアアンジュ! Minna o Iyasu! Chie no Purikyua! Kyua Anju!).

From Toei (left) and TV Asahi (right) site at December 27, 2017:

Next is:
Yellow Heroine in Pretty Cure.

(Some pictures in Pretty Cure Heroine series are taken by livejournal.com, forums.mangafox.com, wikia.com, and other sites. I forgot taking them credit)

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