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Disney Friends

Disney Friends Box Front
I have played this since I'm in Primary School. This is the awesome game that is realeased in February 26 2008. In this game, this is kinda simulatic game but important thing, real time setting! Much I say that the day is set by the time on your DS settings (like Tinker Bell on DS, right?).
Disney Friends ScreenshotDisney Friends Screenshot
Anyway, I will let you tell some part of the story. The story starts with you as Guardian. Tinker Bell will guide you for the tutorial. The tutorial first with the Alien in Toy Story. After tutorial, the door leading to Stitch's world (as I remember, he is from Lilo and Stitch) will open. At first, only Stitch's door can you access, but as you earn more Guardian Points, more character will unlock.
Disney Friends ScreenshotDisney Friends Screenshot
You usually use stylus to interact with the character. But you can use the button, either. You can speak into MIC on your DS to speak with your character. There are some phrase that only lead to one character only. Hakuna Matata, for example. It's only lead to Simba. Also, you can dress up your character like give them a hat, glasses. Sometimes, they can yawn, hungry, or bored, so give them either time to sleep, food, or something like a toy. But keep in mind that once you play this game, your point of review will be in 1st person view.

The characters from Disney you will access for besides the Alien are:
  1. Stitch: As mentioned, he is the monster-like creature from Lilo and Stitch.
  2. Dory: Dory from Suite Pretty Cure? No, this blue fish is from Finding Nemo. She is forgetful and absent minded. You can unlock her world's door by receiving Rookie Guardian rank.
  3. Winnie the Pooh: The yellow bear who wears the red shirt from Winnie the Pooh. I know that he always hungry only for honey. You can unlock his world's door by receiving Associate Guardian rank.
  4. Simba: From The Lion King, you can unlock his world's door by achieving Novice Guardian rank.
Each character has 3 area you can choose to play specific minigames. In there, you can find other character from the movie. You can play multiple times on some minigames at the same day, though some isn't.

Besides that, certain days is special activities for specified character. Take an example: Tuesday is Two's Day for Pooh, because all the honey values are doubled. Another is Sandwich Day for Stitch, you can pudge the fish with sandwich you buy in the store.

Disney Friends is somewhat like Nintedogs game. It's very basic though, and I'm not fan of Disney cartoon either. For Disney fans who likes the virtual game, you can play the game just for fun.

Oh yeah, for the guide, click: http://disneyinteractivestudios.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3019/kw/disney%20friends

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