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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Box FrontRune Factory: Tides of Destiny Box Front
This game was released in Japan on February 24, 2011 in PS3 and Wii with the title Rune Factory Oceans. I've heard that Natsume has picked up the localization rights to the game. The game will be released October 11 this year with the title Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny! Yaaay ^o^!

Aden and Sonja, the two childhood friend, due to unexplained reasons, they're enveloped in a bright, white light and whisked away to another world. Upon awaking, however, Aden finds his childhood friend nowhere in sight – rather, her consciousness has been transported into his own body. Eventually, a young lady by the name of Odette soon discovers Aden, and offers him housing neighboring the inn, "Sisters," she and her two siblings, Lily and Violet, run.

Sometime thereafter, though, a giant rises from a large, sudden rift in the ground – the result of a seed that Aden and Sonja had planted previous to their current circumstances – and descends upon the land. Finding the being cute, Sonja names it Ymir, who then permits the two to ride on him as he walks about the ocean. With this, new islands are upturned, sea monsters are fought, and the strange place Aden and Sonja are stranded in is slowly uncovered.

From the video I watch thanks to OtogiClover, until the end of the story we'll play as Aden, who, stucked by Sonia because two gender in one body. Farming in the island is the goal, also both has to defeat Masked Man. Like Rune Factory 2, we can choose either Aden or Sonja and the unchoosed character will stay in the inn (really? I'm only know Japanese a little).

Unfortunately, the character portaits 'weeped out'. The portaits was changed into 3D, we can see villagers wearing accessory too. If you want, you can always press L1 (PS3) or C (Wii) button to temporarily change into default.

For the monster (I don't know much because I don't come to E3 2011), from the video I watch, you can take up to 3 monster (with clover symbol above the monster's head). You can plant crops depending of the monster. They separated to 4 parts, Spring Island, Summer Island, Fall Island, and Winter Island, and each monster in certain Island can give you a chance to plant specific seasonal crops depending of the Season Island. For example, Goblin can give you chance for planting Potato, Strawberry, and Cucumber, while Yipper will give you a chance to plant Buckeye Tree and Maple Tree. (Warning: It's only my suggestion because I only can Japanese a little)

Note: Thanks to for this description, and for the images! Please note some US name, I don't know it's official or not, but it's taken by screenshots from Facebook. More official US name will appear once I see the walkthrough video after the US game is released.

Main Characters

Aden (アゼル Azeru, Azel)
Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro (J), Ted Sroka (E)
An outgoing, friendly individual and the male protagonist, he shares a somewhat playful relationship with Sonia, his childhood friend for whom he cares for deeply. Due to various circumstances, he is whisked away to another world at the beginning of the game and, as a result, must share his body with Sonia’s consciousness. Can be a bit head-strong and values the friendship of others.

Sonja (ソニア Sonia, Sonia)
Seiyuu: Ai Shimizu (J), Jessica Straus (E)
A cheerful young woman with a bright personality, she is the female protagonist and is ultimately forced to cohabit Aden’s body as a result of losing her own, which, unsurprisingly, causes some complications (it's revealed that Masked Man has use Sonja's body for some reason). Nevertheless, her sunny disposition is rarely dampened, though she easily falls victim to jealousy. Deeply cares for Aden and has the ability to sing the Spirit Song besides the "Sisters" (Lily, Odette, Violet).

Bachelors (if you play as Sonja)

(see above)

Bismark (ビスマルク Bisumaruku)
Seiyuu: Hideyuki Hayami (J), Todd Haberkorn
A kind, though somewhat reticent, young man who co-runs the general store with his twin sister, Sarah, he is diligent in his work and takes pride in his profession, though is often exacerbated by his sibling’s lack of motivation and his constant need to reprimand her. He notably values chivalry, and will not stand for the unseemly actions of others, particularly if those actions are directed at women. Can sometimes be a bit socially awkward, particularly in concerns to Sonja.

James (ジェームス Jēmusu)
Seiyuu: Hiroyuki Yoshino (J), Matt Mercer (E)
An intrepid merchant who cares for his sister, Elena, he exhibits a cordial and gentlemanly air. Valuing politeness, he has no qualms about chastising his younger sibling for her at-times rude behavior, though nevertheless dotes on her frequently. Kind and down-to-earth, he is an amiable and welcoming individual.

Joe (ジョー )
Seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi (J), Chris Rickabaugh (E)
An extroverted, out-going treasure hunter who lives off the coast of Finis Island with his sea-faring grandfather, Bacchus, with whom he often disagrees with over the validity of his profession. Nevertheless, he is passionate about what he does, and displays competence at the task. Having a prankster personality, he is no stranger to reprimands and is rather expressive in his emotions and opinions. Upon seeing Sonja for the first time, he instantly falls in love with her.

Bachelorettes (if you play as Aden)

Electra de-Sainte Coquille (エレクトラ・ハッタイン・ヴィヴィアージュ Erekutora Hattain 'Vu~ivu~iāju)
Seiyuu: Sakura Tange (J), Lauren Landa (E)
Daughter of Beatrix, the matriarch of the Hattain sub-branch of the wealthy de Sainte-Coquille clan, she is a hardworking and diligent individual who, on top of acting as Finis Island's representative in her mother's stead, strives to help earn funds for her family, which is rather strapped for cash. Nevertheless, she maintains an optimistic outlook on things and likes to help others. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting accessories and studying in secret in the hopes of one day attending a school in the city. She is good friends with her maid, Maerwen.

Elena (エレナ Erena)
Seiyuu: Kanae Ito (J), Stephanie Misa (E)
A spirited adolescent who is Finis Island’s resident blacksmith and lives at her shop with her older brother, James, she fashions partially-mechanical golems during her spare time, and displays an inordinate knowledge of the subject. While she often speaks harshly to others and has no qualms about saying disparaging comments, she has a kind heart. Frequently uses Aden as a personal guinea pig for her newest creations.

Lily (リリ Riri)
Seiyuu: Kikuko Inoue (J), GK Bowles (E)
The oldest of the three main heroines, she treats her younger sisters, Odette and Violet, with a motherly attitude and has an overall calm disposition. While clumsy and a terrible cook, she is very skilled at the lute and so functions as Finis Island’s bard during the evenings at the local inn, “Sisters,” which she helps run. After Odette, Violet, and Sonja, she is the one of several that can sing the Spirit Song.

Maerwen (メルプリン Merupurin)
Seiyuu: Ryo Hirohashi (J), Karen Strassman (E)
An outwardly cold Dark Elf who serves as the de Sainte-Coquilles' maid, she is good friends with Electra, though is often frustrated by her constant menial working. Indeed, she can appear easily exacerbated with others and frequently expresses this, though, ultimately, she is a kind individual appreciative of others. She reads in her spare time, and doesn’t necessarily mind discussing her elven heritage. Deeply cherishes the garden to which she tends.

Mikoto (Mikoto)
Seiyuu: Yuu Kobayashi (J), Erika Weinstein (E)
A stoic and very formal onna-bugeisha, or lady-samurai, hailing from the Far East, she works as a hired guard charged with protecting Fenith Island’s borders and speaks sparsely of her past. While she lacks confidence in herself as a person, she trains diligently every morning to become a stronger warrior. Ordinarily composed, she can, at times, show sudden bursts of anger or other emotions, particularly if she is comfortable with someone or in close proximity to a cute animal.

Odette (オデット Odetto)
Seiyuu: Masumi Asano (J), Rachel Hirschfield (E)
The first person both Aden and Sonja meet upon arriving at Fenith Island, she helps the two become acquainted to their new surroundings and offers them housing neighboring the inn, “Sisters,” for which she acts as the chef. Has a scar under her right eye and on her upper right arm, and is the middle sister of the three main heroines. While friendly and a generally welcoming individual, she can exhibit some tsundere tendencies. Also acts as Fenith Island’s priestess, and can sing the Spirit Song besides Lily, Violet, and Sonja. She is good friends with Sierra. She also has a posession power, when it does, complete with altered eye color and a distinctly different voice. She has some degree of control over this, however, which proves useful in many a situation.

Pandora (パンドラ Pandora)
Elena-Pandra 2 2.jpg
Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura (J), Hunter Mackenzie Austin (E)
A demon encased in stone for several centuries due to a petrifaction spell gone awry, she is eventually released from her prison by Aden and Sonja, with whom she forms a peculiar relationship. Despite initial denial as to her nature, she later on becomes much more open about discussing her true identity and intentions of world domination, and often displays the ability to turn a conversation in any direction of her choosing. While somewhat menacing, she also can be kind to others. Eventually lives at the church and becomes a friend to Quinn in particular.

Sierra (セーラ Sēra)
Seiyuu: Fumie Mizusawa (J), GK Bowles (E)
An extroverted tomboy who co-runs the general store, “Twins,” with her twin brother, Bismarck, she largely lacks motivation to do her job, preferring instead to skip work to have fun elsewhere. Easy-going and a bit absent-minded at times, she can occasionally speak without thinking, to the chagrin of some. Is good friends with Odette, with whom she visits while procrastinating.

(see above) 

Violet (アイリス Airisu; Iris)
Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa (J), Megan Harvey (E)
The youngest of the three main heroines, she helps her older sisters, Lily and Odette, run the inn, and acts as Finis Island’s nurse. Has a shy, somewhat reticent personality, and finds it rather difficult talking to Aden, with whom she falls in love with at first sight. Enjoys gardening, and, like her sisters and Sonja, can sing the Spirit Song.

Bacchus (バッカス Bakkusu)  
Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.16.06 AM.png
Seiyuu: Hiromu Miyazaki (J), Michael McConnohie (E)
Joe's alcoholic grandfather and guardian who lives off of Fenith Island's local pier in a houseboat, he is boisterous and rather outspoken, much to the chagrin of some at times. Has an adventurous attitude and generally attacks things with gusto, particularly fishing, of which he is particularly fond. Is a regular patron of the inn, "Sisters'," bar, and has a bit of a thing for Lily.

Beatrix de Sainte-Coquille (ボナパルト・ハッタイン・ヴィヴィアージュ Bonaparuto Hattain 'Vu~ivu~iāju; Bonaparte de Sainte Coquille)
Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.15.04 AM.png
Seiyuu: Takahiro Fujimoto (J), Unknown (E)
Matriarch of the local sub-branch of the de Sainte-Coquille clan, the Hattain, and mother of Electra, she is a bit of an eccentric that spends the better part of the day in the family's backyard attempting to dig up a buried fortune. Nevertheless, despite her somewhat neglectful ways, she sincerely cares for her daughter. Has the tendency to end words with random suffixes, and enjoys food.

Gerard (グレー Gurē; Grey)
Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.15.56 AM.png
Seiyuu: Masahiro Yamanaka (J), Kyle Hebert (E)
A priest who resides over Fenith Island's church and caretaker of Quinn and Kelsey, he has a rather flamboyant personality and often refers to himself with feminine pronouns. An honest, forthright, and affable individual, he holds the community's trust, and so serves as an emotional guide of sorts. He is fond of cute things and persons, and has taken a bit of a liking to Aden in particular. Presides over the summer's beach activities, and has a scar under his left eye.

Jocelyn (ジャスリン Jasurin) 
Seiyuu: Unknown (J), Michelle Anne Dunphy (E)
A traveling archeologist who visits Fenith Island twice a week (Thursdays and Holidays), she has a fine eye for item identification, and so will appraise curiosities brought to her by the community's residents. An amiable individual with a calm matter of speech and an approachable demeanor, she is an all-around friendly person. Dresses in fine clothing, and is married.

Quinn (キルト Kiruto; Kilt)
Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.15.18 AM.png
Seiyuu: Saki Fumida (J), Hunter Mackenzie Austin (E)
An orphan, though otherwise generally happy-go-lucky, young girl who lives at Fenith Island's church with her twin brother, Kelsey, she has a bright and cheerful personality, preferring to play outdoors than be stuck inside. Still, she is perceptive to her sibling's feelings, and so reacts to them accordingly and looks after him the best she can. Helps to clean the chapel in her spare time.

Kelsey (ニット Nitto; Nitt)
Screen shot 2011-10-23 at 10.15.31 AM.png
Seiyuu: Fumie Misuzawa (J), Jay D. Stone (E)
An orphan, and debilitatingly shy, young boy who lives at Fenith Island's church with his twin sister, Quinn, he has a timid and somewhat sensitive demeanor, favoring time to himself and often opting to say little when prompted. Rather skittish, he regularly relies on his sister's guidance and lead in various situations. Reads books during his spare time, and seems to be a bit taken with Iris, around whom he often feels faint.

The Masked Man (仮面の男 Kamen no Otoko)

Seiyuu: Fuuko Saito (J), Patrick Seitz (E)
A mysterious, ominous individual who serves as the main antagonist, he ardently pursues Aden and Sonja and constantly causes grievances for them, sometimes opting to physically confront the two if the need should arise. Has a unnatural fixation with the world's various elemental temples and the orbs in which they house, as well as the mythical Native Giant, which appears to be one of the main reasons for his duplicitous actions. Additionally, has a great need for the Spirit Song, and, while he can sing it, often targets others with the same ability. Later revealed to be Sonja's possessed body.

Plus with three guest character, Tabatha (Rune Factory and Rune Factory Frontier), Anette and Candy (both in Rune Factory Frontier too)!

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