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Items in Suite Pretty Cure

Cure Module (キュアモジューレ, Kyua Mojūre)
Debut: Episode 1
The Cure Module is a Brooch-like device that allows transformation of Pretty Cures. They are originated from the person's heart brooch of G-clef. To transform, a Fairy Tone must be inserted in the top slot of the Cure Module, and say "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!!" (レッツプレイ!プリキュアモジュレーション!!, Rettsu Purei! Purikyua Mojurēshon!!) and then press the button on the bottom side of the brooch. Besides needs Fairy Tone, the person must also in harmony mood usually with the phrase together "Unforgiveable! (絶対に許さない!Zettai ni yurusanai!)," in order this mood to occur.

In Episode 5 and the toy incarnations of the brooch, Hummy explains that the Cure Module also functions as an Ocarina, which is used to play music if a Fairy Tone is inserted and pressing the four button (or each two buttons in toy incarnation, each button [Pink and White, Blue and Purple] can plays 2 different music). Each Fairy Tone has a different abilities, for example Dory has a power of dream.

Also, like Heart Seed inserted on Heart Perfume in Heartcatch series, other Fairy Tones can be used by the Cure Module to increase Pretty Cure's abilities. For example, Solry can be used to increase Cure's power when it's blowed.

Photo 95
For Cure Muse, she use this item with Tiry to perform the attacks Shining Circle and Sparkling Shower, although she needs to detaches the Cure Module first. The way to make the attack functioned is also the same, playing Ocarina.

Extra: Where the Cure Modules comes out?
The Cure Modules are normally comes from G-Clef from the chosen Pretty Cures, Aphrodite mentions it Heart Tone Key (ハートのト音記号 Hāto no toonkigō; Heart of Treble Clef) because it also has a heart symbol together with G Clef (left). They can came out if the certain circumstances (right), like if they want to do something to protect (like Ako) or they say "Unforgivable!" (by Hibiki and Kanade, then Ellen), causing the potential to become Pretty Cures will woke up (right). Depending the amount of person who gets Cure Module out from their chest, they must transform in pair or even individually.

Legendary Score (伝説の楽譜 Densetsu no Gakufu)
Debut: Episode 1
The pink book that contains music notes for Music Princess to sing in order to protect everyone's happiness, it's called Happiness Melody (幸せのメロディ Shiawase no Merodi, also called Melody of Happiness). The vice versa is Sorrowful Melody (不幸のメロディ Fukou no Merodi; or Melody of Misfortune) where all people becomes sad whoever hears it and to make things even worse, reviving Noise completely. The 4 G Clefs from Pretty Cure were also needed to completely finish it (Pretty Cures give their G Clefs to Minor Land at Episode 43).

Cure Belltiers

Belltier in Bell Mode
The Cure Berthiers are the weapons used by the Pretty Cures (except Cure Muse). They summons secondary Fairy Tones (with primary if they can) to amplify harmony energy and unleash a powerful purification attack to the Negatone.

  • The first two words (Mi, Fa, and So) is depending their Fairy Tones they use, for example Miry in Miracle Belltier Fary in Fantastic Belltier, and Solry for Soul Rod.
  • Bell Mode appears thanks with Cure Muse's help, with separating the Belltier, they can perform their second attack. This Mode first appears in Episode 12.
  • Cross Rod is another version of Stick Mode but the handle is swapped. With this, they can perform their powerful combination attack Music Rondo (see below). This Mode first appears in Episode 16 when Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm decides to defeat Negatone without Cure Muse's help (at that time Cure Muse was still masked and Cure Beat didn't born yet).
    The Belltiers are follows:

    Miracle Belltier

    Debut: Episode 6
    Cure Melody's Belltier is named Miracle Belltier (ミラクルベルティエ Mirakuru Berutie). She summons Miry (and Dory) to amplify harmony energy and unleash multiple attacks to the Negatone depending on the Modes. 

    There are 3 Modes in this weapon, first is Stick Mode (スティックモード Sutikkumōdo), where this is the normal Belltier using Miry to unleash Music Rondo (ミュージックロンド Myūjikku Rondo) attack. Second is Bell Mode (ベル・モード Beru Mōdo), when both Dory and Miry are inserted and the Belltier was separated into two, where can be used to perform Miracle Heart Arpeggio (ミラクルハートアルペジオ Mirakuru Hāto Arupejio). And last is Cross Rod (クロスロッド Kurosu Roddo), where is the same as Stick Mode, but the other handle (Dory) was switched into another Fantastic handle (Rery), where she, along with Rhythm, can use the powerful version of Music Rondo, Music Rondo Super Quartet (ミュージックロンドスーパーカルテット Myūjikku Rondo Sūpā Karutetto).

    In episode 9, Kanade ever dreams about Cure Melody using Miracle Belltier to save her, and not only Cure Melody has the Belltier, also Hummy, Siren, Trio the Minor, her family, Ako and Ouji also have, making her shout why she doesn't have one and wakes up.

    Left: Using Miracle Belltiers to release energy bolts in Episode 14. ; Right: When her hands are trapped by enemy with Cure Rhythm in the movie, summoning Miracle Belltier or Cross Rod are impossible, only getting hurt afterwards.

    Aside from purification attacks, the Miracle Belltier can also release energy bolts onto enemies upon contact. One weakness is that summoning the Belltier requires the use of both hands, so Cure Melody cannot summon her Belltier if her hands are trapped by the enemy (as seen in episode 9 and movie).

    Fantastic Belltier

    Debut: Pretty Cure All Stars DX3, Episode 9
    Cure Rhythm's Belltier is named Fantastic Belltier (ファンタスティックベルティエ Fantasutikku Berutie). She summons Fary (and Rery) to amplify harmony energy and unleash multiple attacks to the Negatone depending on the Modes.

    Like Miracle Belltier, there are 3 Modes in this weapon, the differences are the Fairy Tone used and the attack. For Stick Mode (スティックモード Sutikkumōdo), Rhythm uses Fary to unleash Music Rondo (ミュージックロンド Myūjikku Rondo) attack. In Bell Mode (ベル・モード Beru Mōdo), both Rery and Fary are needed to perform Fantastic Piachere (ファンタスティックピアチェーレ Fantasutikku Piachēre). While in Cross Rod (クロスロッド Kurosu Roddo), the other handle (Rery) was switched into another Miracle handle (Dory) [if you forgot the Cross Rod attack, see Miracle Belltier section].

    Love Guitar Rod

    Debut: Episode 22
    Cure Beat's Belltier is not named of Belltier, instead she named this Love Guitar Rod, and shaped like guitar.

    Unlike the Cure Belltiers, the Love Guitar Rod has two modes on which Cure Beat utilizes for her battle style. These mode are the Guitar Mode (ギターモード Gitā Mōdo), on which Cure Beat uses the Love Guitar Rod as a normal guitar and uses Lary to dispel or protect people from attacks, mainly Beat Sonic (ビートソニック Bīto Sonikku) and Beat Barrier (ビートバリア Bīto Baria). And the Soul Rod Mode (ソウルロッドモード Souru Roddo Mōdo), on which she uses it to amplify harmony energy and unleash a powerful purification attack which in this case, is the attack Heartful Beat Rock (ハートフルビートロック Hātofuru Bīto Rokku) which will purify a Negatone.

    Healing Chest (ヒーリングチェスト Hīringu Chesuto)
    Debut: Episode 29 (24 in 2nd eyecatch)
    A lengendary item in Major Land, and is the residing place of the Crescendo Fairy Tone, as revealed by both Hummy and Cure Muse. The Crescendo Tone can heal the other Fairy Tones, as well as lend great power to the Pretty Cure at times. When it's scanned by hand, the Cresendo Tone will appear from the crystal ball in second eyecatch, also playing piano in the chest will feed the Fairy Tones. It also enable the Pretty Cures to use the attack Suite Session Ensemble (Crescendo with Cure Muse).

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