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Items in Heartcatch Pretty Cure

Here are the list of items in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!.

Heart Perfume (ココロパフューム Kokoro Pafyūmu) & Shiny Perfume (シャイニーパフューム Shaini Pafyūmu)
Debut: Episode 1 (Heart Perfume), Episode 23 (Shiny Perfume)
"Pretty Cure Seeds" produced by fairies must be inserted, at which point the fragrance is sprayed on in order to transform. Heart Seeds can also be inserted to create temporary special abilities, such as speed boosts and healing. Instead of Heart Perfume, Itsuki uses Shiny Perfume to transform, where it's yellow rather than pink, but has all the same functions as the Heart Perfume.

Extra! How Heart (or Shiny) Perfume appears?
The person says the word "protect" from their mouth so the mascot partner's crest shines to give their owner Heart (or Shiny) Perfume. 
Heart Flower (こころの花 Kokoro no Hana)
Debut: Episode 1
Within each person's heart exists a unique flower.  Each Heart Flower is connected to the Great Tree of Hearts. It begins to wilt when the person becomes discouraged and begins to lose hope; when this happens, it becomes easy to take out. When a person's Heart Flower is removed (contained in a crystal), the person falls into slumber in a crystal ball. If the Heart Flower is allowed to die, the person's heart will be gone and he / she will be asleep forever (by Chypre), become very negative and easily controlled by Desert Apostles until it's purified (by Episode 40); the Great Heart Tree will also be weakened.
Heart Pot
Heart Pot (ココロポット Kokoro Potto)
Debut: Episode 2
Created by Coffret. The Heart Seeds, produced by Chypre and Coffret after cleansing a Heart Flower, are stored in here. All the Heart Seeds must be collected to restore the Great Heart Tree.
In Episode 33, the Heart Pot becomes the Moon Pact, with some the Heart Seeds inside forming into a new Pretty Cure Seed for Yuri. She transforms into Cure Moonlight using the Moon Pact.

Heart Seeds (こころの種 Kokoro no Tane)
Debut: Episode 2
The small coin-like chips that are given by people's Heart Flowers after being purified by Pretty Cure. They are needed in order to restore the Tree of Hearts, by collecting them inside the Heart Pot.
 Pretty Cure Seed
Another kind of Heart Seed is the Pretty Cure Seed (プリキュアの種 Purikyua no Tane), which is a Heart Seed inside the heart which can only be summoned by a fairy from the Heart Tree. The Pretty Cure Seed is the mark of a Cure, and by putting it inside the Heart or Shiny Perfume, it is possible for those with Pretty Cure Seeds to transform. The Pretty Cure Seeds do not necessarily need to have the same color as the person's Heart Flower's Heart Seed as Erika's Pretty Cure Seed is dark blue despite her Heart Flower bearing a light blue Heart Seed..
An advanced version of the Pretty Cure Seed is the Super Pretty Cure Seed (スーパープリキュアの種 Purikyua no Tane), which is used to retransform Pretty Cure into Super Silhouette when it's inserted in Heartcatch Mirage. It is also used to enter the Pretty Cure Palace.

The Heart Perfume is also capable of holding a normal Heart Seed inside. The Heart Seeds themselves can be inserted into the Heart Perfume to activate different functions depending on their colors. Only 3 of them can be used on the series, while others can be activated in roleplay toys version (thanks to Actar576295 for your Heart and Shiny Perfume review!).
Red: Temporary speed boost (Episode 6)
Blue: Clearing the mind of worries (Episode 10)
Magenta: Increase in fighting spirit (Episode 28), Quick Press Game (Shiny Perfume toy; you must press the spray button wherenever the specific color appeared)
Pink: Delivers user's feelings
Green: Healing someone
Yellow: Cheering Up
Purple: Fortune Game (Heart and Shiny Perfume toy; for the Heart you can hit the spray button as much as you can, while for the Shiny you can hit the spray button where the favourite color appeared)
Violet: Early to Bed, Early to Rise (Heart Perfume toy), Rhythm Game (Shiny Perfume toy; you need to press the spray button wherever "hai" is said)
Orange: Memory Game (Heart and Shiny Perfume Toy; you need to press the spray button as much as "hai" is said, shake to confirm)
White: No effect of the Perfume, but when it's inserted in Heartcatch Mirage in fourth eyecatches, it's used to teleport users into the Heart Tree.
Flower Tact (フラワータクト Furawā Takuto) & Shiny Tambourine (シャイニータンバリン Shaini Tanbarin)  
Debut: Episode 1 (Moon Tact, Dark Tact), Episode 2 (Blosssom Tact), Episode 3 (Marine Tact), Episode 24 (Shiny Tambourine)
An attack item summoned from the broach on the Cures' bow. Individually, each Tact is named after their owners, but together are the Flower Tacts, which possibly is from the Cure Flower. Instead of Flower Tact, Cure Sunshine uses Shiny Tambourine and its shaped like a tambourine.

The Tacts are belows:

    • Blossom Tact (ブロッサムタクト Burossamu Takuto): Cure Blossom's Flower Tact, making her capable of using Pink Forte WaveFloral Power Fortissimo with either Cure Marine (common) or Cure Moonlight and Shining Fortissimo with Cure Marine and Cure Sunshine.

      • Marine Tact (マリンタクト Marin Takuto): Cure Marine's Flower Tact, making her capable of using Blue Forte WaveFloral Power Fortissimo with Cure Blossom or Cure Sunshine and Shining Fortissimo with Cure Blossom and Cure Sunshine.

      • Shiny Tambourine (シャイニータンバリン Shaini Tanbarin) is Cure Sunshine's main weapon, making it capable of using Gold Forte Burst, Shining Fortissimo with the help of Cure Blossom and Cure Marine, and Floral Power Fortissimo with Cure Moonlight or Cure Marine.
        • Moon Tact (ムーンタクト Mūn Takuto): Cure Moonlight's Flower Tact, making her capable of using Silver Forte Wave and a solo version Floral Power Fortissimo or with either Cure Sunshine or Cure Blossom.

          • Dark Tact (ダークタクト Dākutakuto) - Dark Pretty Cure's Flower Tact, making her capable of using Dark Forte Wave and Dark Power Fortissimo.
          Cure Full Mix (キュアフルミックス Kyua Furu Mikkusu)
          Debut: Episode 5
          Used to feed the fairies like Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri. Requires a great deal of shaking. The flavor is described as very sweet with a rich texture.
          Extra: How to use Cure Full Mix (it's all thanks to kokoda_koji in her review here)
          1. Press the heart button on the wheel, then it reacts.
          2. Shake the Full Mix until it reacts again, and it's ready to be served by fairies! 
          Heartcatch Mirage (ハートキャッチミラージュ Hātokyatchi Mirāju)
          Debut: Episode 32
          A spiritual item said to hold infinite power. It's housed in the Pretty Cure Palace, where it can be obtained by defeating the previous Pretty Cure in a fight (or other people familiar). When its unlimited power is extracted, it holds the risk of being too much and breaking a Pretty Cure's Seed, taking away her ability to transform. Its abilities include teleportation to the Heart Tree, being able to show the Heart Flowers of others, and activating the Super Silhouette forms.

          Source:  http://miracleallstars.weebly.com/, with changes

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