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Spells in Youkai Navi Runa

This is a list of spells in Youkai Navi Runa. Because I ever read Nakayoshi Gress! in Indonesia, I will tell you the jutsu with translation from Indonesia to English.

  1. Rin, Byo, To, Sha, Kai, Jin, Retsu, Zai, Zen!: This is Runa's kuji spell. She draws lines like a grid to make a star. This spell will able to hurt the fairy (Chapter 4), and release the fairy's spell (Chapter 9).
  2. Lead to the that World, Tenpo, Tennai, Tensho, Tempo, Tenkin, Tenshin, Tenchu, Tennin, Ten'ei: This spell will use Runa's necklace. It will open the gate to the Fairy World. In the manga, so far Runa had send Kamachi, Shizuku, Kantaro, The Phoenix Bird, and Kazan to the spirit world with this spell.
  3. Tenpei Kitarete Ware o Tasuke, Fushin o Tsukuraseyo, Bankifukuzouseyo, Fubishoenfu, Kyuukyuu Nyoritsuyou: This is Jufu (the spell to avoid the disaster) spell. Runa create some card-like and sends it into something (ex: trees in Section 3).
  4. Kinzei, Jitsugetsususeishin, Hachihoshojin, Soteireiigo, Sekiteisekihyodo: This Tai's spell will requires Eternal Ball and this spell will call the black spiral to the sky to make corals and when it exposed, it will melt and disappear.
  5. Saisei, Keiwakusei, Chinsei, Taihakusei, Shinsei no Gotei, Help me and clean up the existing stain, Goshinken!: This Runa's spell will requires her necklace. When it used, the Goshinken sword will appear.
  6. I became the messenger god of heaven, this sword is not a random sword, but the forged steel sword, once the sword is lowered, devils would not be able to avoid, Hayoken: This Tai's spell will required his pendant with the oval shaped above the medal. When it used, the Hayoken sword will appear.
  7. O Taizanfukun! O Messenger of the Gods in heaven! Please Turn Back Those who are already dead! Tenpo, Tennai, Tensho, Tempo, Tenkin, Tenshin, Tenchu, Tennin, Ten'ei: Unlike sending the Fairy back to the Fairy world, Runa uses this to revive Mokke and Suneri back to life again.
  8. Messenger of the Gods Change Time, Sansen, the Spirit who lives in the valleys, I invite countless troops, led by the gods of the Fairy World: This is a spell to open the portal of Fairy World. With her necklace, she shout the Sanskrit language spell "Ban, Un, Taraku, Kiriku, Aku" and throw her necklace to the portal to close it. 
For those who have read Nakayoshi Gress! in Indonesia, you will find this easily (because my origin is Indonesia, you can use Google Translate if you can't understand English language), if not, you must wait until the English volumes release by Del Rey (sorry about that). But you're know, right? Okay, see you on my next review!

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