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Cookie Dozer

iPhone Screenshot 1
Hi guys, I'm back with game review. This time is another iPad game, Cookie Dozer! This game has been released in July 9, 2011 and published by Game Circus.

iPhone Screenshot 2
When you first start this after installing the game, before game screen, the game greets you with 'Welcome Back!' (really forgot that they are starters?). Anyway, when you proceed to the game, there you are the slot-machine-like screen. Your mission is to put up to 4 cookies at time to push other cookies to the bottom but not left and right. Each time you get cookies ready, from 'Cookie!' for 1, 'Double Cookie!' for 2, 'Triple Cookie!' for 3, and more than that, you will get Cookie Attack! and you will get bonus cookies where you can push it into bottom for bonus cookies!

Besides that, you can get another special cookie. Cookie with 3 colourful dots will get Cookie Shower, the biscuit-like cookie (I think of Indonesian product food called Oreo) will get Giant Cookie, and Half-Chocolate Cookie will get Candy Cane that blocks the left and right pit for a while. There are also Treats, where when you get it into bottom, will entered into Collections (if I am wrong, correct me, as I forgot the name). There are different types of treats (each type has 6), chocolate, cupcakes, pies, donuts, and more. Collecting each 1 of any type will gain 1 yellow stars (maximum is 6).

Overall, the game is great for arcade game lovers, but it's not recommended for music-lover as there are no music here (I wonder why). It's really suited like a real food design which is quite good. If you also a food-lover, come on, make you hungry with Cookie Dozer!

Alright, that's what I know, and see you later in next review!

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