Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013

Bake Shop Drop

Tomorrow is my father's birthday, and I'll show you my review about:
This. First time I'm take a look about this, my tummy gets hungry. Anyway, let's review then.

You must match 3 cakes of the same type, but now it's easier that each 3 will burst all of cakes nearby for score (in other words, match diagonally and no need for same row). You'll grant a line of box each time you make four moves, that can can be open to cakes by match. Each type of boxes needs a certain number of match to be opened.

Tutorial when reach Level 3: Bear Claw will eat the entire column. Use it when in pinch!
However, watch out though. If a column of cakes has almost reaches the top line, the highest will burst red. That's why Boosts helps. But these cost Golden Tickets, though, and decrease each time you use it. Use it when the time is right to use it. Once one column overflows, Game Over and you can play a slot before that, but each Game Over will cost a life.

Life? Yes, it will slowly decrease and must be refilled by invite friends and levelling up. What happens if it reaches zero? Dunno, see it for yourself.

Overall, it's a good puzzle game about cakes. I love cakes and wants to eat it even I never eat such a thing in reality. The living cakes (with faces on it) is very well-drawn and cute, especially for donuts one. The music is even good for the game, even the sound when in pinch. The cons were only life and Golden Tickets, though... Anyway, for one who wants to spend your leisure time and a cake-lover, c'mon, just give it a try. Well, as always, see you in my next review, and happy playing!

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