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Items in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure

The list of the Items in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure. Enjoy this entry! The others can be seen in Read More.

DDPC1_0027_Layer 59
Lovely Commune (ラブリーコミ­ューン Raburī Komyūn)
Debut: Episode 1 (Charles and Davie), Episode 3 (Rachel), Episode 4 (Lance), All debuts at Episode 1 in CM
The phone-like form for a mascots which can transform the user into Pretty Cure or perform their attacks by inserting Cure Lovies and draw the corresponding shape (for example: L-O-V-E for Transformation). The phrase to transform is "Pretty Cure, Love Link! (プリキュア ラブリンク!Purikyua, Rabu Rinku!)" before drawing the mentioned example.

The Transformation Cure Lovies in Mana's hand (Episode 1).
Cure Lovies (キュアラビーズ Kyua Rabīzu)
(Note: Bandai and wikia name it Cure Loveads, but I'll keep calling it Cure Lovies as for now it's the perfect translation of that katakana)
Debut: Episode 1 (Show and Roleplay Toy CM)
The pin-like item who has the similiar functions to Cure Decole in Smile Pretty Cure (see here for more about Cure Decole). However, instead of getting it from purified Akanbe, the transformation CL (the short of Cure Lovies) was given from Joe Okada to the corresponding user, while attack CL was summoned from their heart brooch formed by their strong feelings. CL is mostly used as a accessories when not being used, such as being a pin brooch for Mana's ribbon in school uniform or at the pink ribbon in Mana's hair (whilst for Smile, there's almost no scene for the user to use Cure Decole as accessories, only in the commercial they can do so and Episode 15 for Candy's Necklace).

The functions of all CL mentioned so far are (Red for Henshin, Blue for Attack, Purple for Love Heart Arrow and Orange for Caring which is usually set in Lovely Commune and writing O on it):
  1. Transformation (Lovely Commune): Writing LOVE will transform the user into Pretty Cure.
  2. Attack (Lovely Commune): Appeared from their heart brooch by strong feeling, the user can use their first individual attack after writing O in Lovely Commune.
  3. Milk: Summon the milk bottle for Ai-chan to drink.
  4. Moon: Produce a crib so Ai-chan could fall asleep.
  5. Heart Arrow: Allow Cure Heart to use Heart Shoot.
  6. Diamond Arrow: Allow Cure Diamond to use Diamond Shower.
  7. Rosetta Arrow: Allow Cure Rosetta to use Rosetta Reflection.
  8. Sword Arrow: Allow Cure Sword to use Sparkle Sword.
  9. Lovely Force: Allow the use of the group attack Lovely Force Arrow.
  10. Toy: User can play around with Ai-chan.
  11. Music: Produces music to entertain someone.
  12. Sheep: Lull Ai-chan to sleep.
  13. Trumpet: Produces a trumpet, used by Ai-chan to cheer Mana up.
  14. Transformation (Love Eyes Palette): Putting it to LEP will grant access to Aguri's aged transformation into Cure Ace.
  15. Attack (Love Eyes Palette): Summons Love Kiss Rouge for Ace Shot. 
  16. Mirror: Produces a communicating mirror.
  17. Gift: Produces a box that contains anything they want.
  18. Magical Lovely: Grant Pretty Cures access to their third individual attack (for Ace, second).
  19. Straight Flush: Lets the Pretty Cures access to the second group attack Lovely Straight Flush
  20. Pajama: Summons pajama tops and bottoms.
  21. Jewel: With Ai-chan's powers, it can cover Magical Lovely Pad with the case into Magical Lovely Harp.
  22. Crown: Summons one of the Three Sacred Treasures and revert to Lovies by Joe Okada, Eternal Golden Crown.
Example of Cure Lovies Card if you don't have any Cure Lovies: Grants "You Make Me Happy!" music from Fresh Pretty Cure, but scanning this will lost your ability to select music after the dressing section.

Cure Lovies was also used as event card, music change or to decorate Ai-chan (this one starts from Section 2: Let's Dance with Ai-chan!) in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure section of Data Carddass. If you don't have one, you can always pick Cure Lovies Card for you to scan in arcade machine.

DDPC1_0042_Layer 44
Psyche (プシュケー Pushukē)  / Dark Psyche (ダークプシュケー Dāku Pushukē)
Debut: Episode 1
The human's heart that colors in pink, but becomes black when they say something selfish, and vice versa. The Jikochuu must whisper to that victim and takes their Psyche by force by a finger snap, making their heart completely black (Dark Psyche). By the word "Go Wild! Release you darkness inside your heart! (暴れろ、お前の心の闇を解き放て! Abarero, omae no kokoro no yami o tokihanate!)", the black heart (with bat wings out of human's body) will grow in size and transforms into Jigochuu based on their selfishness, with the powers based on that too. Starting from Episode 11 through the word "Dedicate us your darkness! (お前の闇を我にささげよ!  Omae no yami o ga ni sasageyo!)" and eat the Dark Psyche, Jikochuu can become Jigochuu's pilot (Beast Form)

However, once purified, Psyche becomes pink again with angel wings, returning back automatically to their respective owners (and once awaken, they're wouldn't remember what happened before becomes dark with heart hole), and the rainbow light appears to restore anything broken by Jigochuu.

Egogy (ジャネジー Janejī; Janergy)
Debut: Episode 7
Mentioned in Episode 7 by Makoto, where as long as the current Jikochuu running wild, it will create Egogy that needed to revive King Selfish. King Jikochuu uses this to brainwashes Regina again, and by Ai-chan's energy, it will make the shield to repel Egogy.

Cure Rosetta's Love Heart Arrow, with her Rosetta Arrow Lovies inserted
Love Heart Arrow (ラブハートアロー Rabu Hāto Arō)
Debut: Episode 11 (The high possibility for this to appear, and it's proved 100% true; anyway, it's in both show and commercials about the roleplay toy)
The crossbows that is first called by Pretty Cure after Ai-chan activates the pink power and split the Arrow Cure Lovies in her into four. They can perform their second individual attacks after inserting Arrow Lovies on it, or their first group attack Lovely Force Arrow.

Royal Crystal (ロイヤルクリスタル Roiyaru Kurisutaru)
Debut: Episode 13
The crystals that can make the miracle happen if one collects 5 of them, originated by something Marie Ange likes and when Ai-chan touches it. So far Pretty Cure collect yellow (Episode 13, from yellow rose), blue (Episode 14, from the set of karuta cards), purple (Episode 15, from Tamaki's crinkle script)red (Episode 17, previously owned by Regina), and lastly pink (Episode 18, by the train they use during the first summer trip). Since Cure Ace's Love Eyes Palette has the buttons with similiar colors and amount, the Royal Crystals serves as those for the compact for Aguri to press in order to transform (Regina is impossible since she's being evil again).

Love Eyes Palette (ラブアイズパレット Rabu Aizu Paretto)
Debut: Episode 22 (show), Episode 23 (CM)
The compact which five Royal Crystals are set in five holes, while the middle can be placed by Cure Lovies. Shouting "Pretty Cure Dress Up! (プリキュアドレスアップ!Purikyua Doresu Appu!)" after placing her transformation Lovies will grant access to Cure Ace's transformation, with Ai-chan's help summoning this item. An attack Cure Lovies compatible to this will summon Love Kiss Rouge for color variation Ace Shot attack.

Love Kiss Rouge (ラブキッスルージュ Rabu Kissu Rūju)
Debut: Episode 23 (both show and CM)
Cure Ace's weapon and can be used for Ace Shot after using it as a lipstick, and touch her lips to grow a giant heart out of her lip. After saying the phrase, the color can varies depending on situation.

Legendary Magical Lovely Pad held by Alice (left), the cracked Magical Lovely Pad (center), and new Magical Lovely Pads with the bunch of cards for Lovely Straight Flush.

Magical Lovely Pad (マジカルラブリーパッド Majikaru Raburī Paddo) / Crystal Mirror (水晶の鏡 Suishō no Kagami)
Debut: Episode 30 (reward from Meran), Episode 31 (from the pieces of the old shattered one)
One of the legendary items used by 10.000 year Pretty Cure, which belongs to the green legendary Cure, Cure Empress. Although it was made broken into five pieces by Jikochuu combined with Leva and Gula, it was changed into the new form used later as a roleplay toy in real life. By performing their actions on hand, they can grant access into their third individual attacks and even group attack Lovely Straight Flush that first came up than the others. As a roleplay toy, it can act as like an iPad, swapping the screen with just a hand motion without need to touch it. And like any of the Pretty Cure roleplay toys, it always has various games to play, with 27 applications available.

Left: Blood Ring in Bel's hand; Right: Blood Rings worn by Ira and Marmo.
Blood Ring (ブラッドリング Buraddo Ringu)
Debut: Episode 32
A pair of rings that is worn by Ira and Marmo with each has one. It can make the person's Dark Psyche united with rings' power and make the speed increases by 5, power by 10 and attitude by 100. However, once worn, it's impossible to release it back.

Miracle Dragon Glaive at the Trump Kingdom (left, Episode 39), Regina spins the evil Miracle Dragon Glaive to spread a rain into Cure Sword (right, Episode 40).
Miracle Dragon Glaive (ミラクルドラゴングレイブ Mirakuru Doragon Gureibu)
Debut: Episode 39
The Light Spear (光の槍 Hikari no Yari) used by red legendary Cure from the past, and later by Marie Ange to seal King Jikochuu and then resides at the Trump Kingdom. However, it was used as purple Regina's weapon after Ira gets electrocuted upon touching it and the Cures except Ace worked so hard in order to pull it out.

Magical Lovely Harp first appears (left), Cure Heart playing the strings to perform the attack (right).
(The second picture isn't from 2chan, but by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlPD7CcRxgI and captured via Media Player Classic)

Magical Lovely Harp (マジカルラブリーハープ Majikaru Raburī Hāpu)
Debut: Episode 40
The power-up harp that can be used to grant the user colored wings which later then become white wings (as seen in their keychain) as part of their power-up form (kind of reminds me of Armed On in Kyoryuger). With Jewel Cure Lovies set on Lovely Commune and Ai-chan's power, Magical Lovely Pad will be cased into this item that the user can play in order to function with Ai-chan's power. This also functions for the new attack Royal Lovely Straight Flush which is rumored that it will once again mainly used for Cure Heart, however it is actually group attack that didn't focus mainly to Heart although she has to play it in order to function. As roleplay toy, the Harp case sold separately from the Pad unless if one buys Magical Lovely Pad DX plus Harp Set, and once set together, it will provides 5 applications for the Harp.

Mana Aida wearing the Crown in Episode 45 Preview (left), and Aguri holding it in Episode 45 (right)
Eternal Golden Crown (エターナルゴールデンクラウンEtānaru Gōruden Kuraun)
Debut: Episode 45
The Golden Crown (黄金の冠 Kogane no Kanmuri) used by the blue legendary Cure that can reveal any truth to the user which is currently unknown to him/her, because it represents knowledge and boundless wisdom. Cure Ace can also wear the Crown to negates her 5-limit henshin she has.

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