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Attacks in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure

Note: Some pictures below were yet again from kokoda_koji and some of them are from 2chan (for the thumbnail I showed, of course because it expires after two days passes along with the link, I upload these myself). Moreover, sorry for my bad grammar, and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

Individual Attack
So far, for the first 4 Cures there are two individual attacks each (leaving a total 8 individual attacks) with Lovely Commune and Love Heart Arrow (not Lovely Heart Arrow, sorry!). Let's start with Lovely Commune followed with Love Heart Arrow. The new midway Cure, Cure Ace, appears to have a weapon Love Kiss Rouge to perform her attacks.

With Lovely Commune
This attack requires Attack Cure Lovies set in Lovely Commune, before drawing O (draws like the heart) in the screen. Unlike other seasons, the phrase didn't need 'Pretty Cure' for their Lovely Commune individual attack, and because of this, all of their phrase was echoed during performing their attacks.

My Sweet Heart (マイスイートハート Mai Suīto Hāto)
Debut: Episode 2 (used twice in this episode)
Cure Heart's brooch shines and Cure Heart touches it, then rotates and her arms open so the brooch can blast a light after a big heart appears and Jikochuu gets purified. This is the most used as purification attack for normal Jikochuu. Her incantation is "You'll Reach It! My Sweet Heart!" (あなたに届け!マイスイートハート! Anata ni todoke! Mai Suīto Hāto!). For a little info, her incantation is also said as the final line in trailer (a month before Episode 1 broadcasts in the TV).

Thumbnail (along with Cure Heart's Transformation, the third picture is the comparison between the Show and Data Carddass):

Twinkle Diamond (トゥインクルダイヤモンド To~uinkuru Daiyamondo)
Debut: Episode 3
Cure Diamond raises her hand in the air before spinning, and release a beam of diamonds from the finger, purifying the enemy (used only once in Episode 3), or freezing the enemy. Her incantation is "Sparkle, Please! Twinkle Diamond! (きらめきなさい!トゥインクルダイヤモンド! Kiramekinasai! To~uinkuru Daiyamondo!)"

Thumbnail: (of course, with Cure Diamond Transformation)

Rosetta Wall (ロゼッタウォール Rozetta U~ōru)
Debut: Episode 4
Cure Rosetta claps her hands as her hands stay like that, then rotates once and puts her hands in front of her, which then shine making two clover plates. Then she jumps and her hands stay in the side of her and waits for the Jikochuu to shoot. This isn't all just the defensive attack, because she can put the clover plates together to disable the effect blocked by this attack. (Good thing that the staff remember this was also used even their second individual attack were already appeared in Episode 12)

Her incantation for this attack is "Tick Tock with Rosetta Wall!" (カッチカチのロゼッタウォール! Katchikachi no Rozetta U~ōru!)

Thumbnail: (with Cure Rosetta's Transformation, the third one is the comparison between the Show and Data Carddass)

DDPC1_0021_Layer 65DDPC1_0020_Layer 66
Holy Sword (ホーリーソード Hōrī Sōdo)
Debut: Episode 1
Cure Sword flies in the air, and then she draws a flurry of swords at the Selfish, purifying it. Her incantation is     "Flash! Holy Sword!" (閃け!ホーリーソード!Hirameke! Hōrī Sōdo!) This attack was only used thrice as purification attack (Episode 1, 5 and 6) and the rest of the episodes only used to slice things.

Thumbnail: (Transformation comes in Episode 6, so forget the hope that this comes in Episode 5)

With Love Heart Arrow
This one requires Arrow Cure Lovies to set in Love Heart Arrow (I'll shorten it to LHA), touches all of the hearts on it, and requires 'Pretty Cure' in their attack, having a 100% possibility that only their attack phrase will be echoed, just like in the other series. Well, just say 'Pretty Cure' and their attack names like Smile Pretty Cure's non-upgraded attacks...
Heart Shoot (ハートシュート Hāto Shūto)
Debut: Episode 11
Cure Heart's second individual attack and individual version of Lovely Force Arrow. In this attack, she uses her LHA as an actual bow and arrow as one, and forms a heart in front of her and winks before release the trigger to give more energy to the heart and shoots the heart through the enemy, purifies it. This is the most (alwaysused as purification attack for Beast Jikochuu and can make the pilot hurt a lot that needs bandage to heal their wounds.

Thumbnail: (the right one is the comparison between anime and DCD [short word of Data Carddass], which she calls it Lovely Heart Shoot in there)

Diamond Shower (ダイヤモンドシャワー Daiyamondo Shawā)
Debut: Episode 11
Cure Diamond's second individual attack. In this attack, she uses her LHA like a tambourine. To release more blue diamond blast, Diamond hits the LHA to freeze the enemies more to freeze the enemies.

Thumbnail: (the right one is the comparison between the anime and DCD)


Rosetta Reflection (ロゼッタリフレクション Rozetta Rifurekushon)
Debut: Episode 11
Cure Rosetta's second individual attack and the first appeared second individual attack among the four. In this attack, she uses her LHA as a shield or armguard that she push the trigger and draws a circle to create one big clover as a shield that can reflect any enemies' attack.


Sparkle Sword (スパークルソード Supākuru Sōdo)
Debut: Episode 11
Cure Sword's second individual attack. In this attack, she uses her LHA as a sword hilt and crossbow. To release more furious of sword, Sword need just simply release the trigger more.

Trivia: In Episode 15, Cure Sword successfully summons her Love Heart Arrow (left), but when she's about to use Sparkle Sword, Regina says 'CUT!', much to her shock. See the image at right above.

Thumbnail: (the right I think no need to explain, but the video link of Data Carddass of this attack is here)

With Love Kiss Rouge
Love Kiss Rouge was summoned when Cure Ace puts her attack Cure Lovies  and say "Make Colors! Love Kiss Rouge! (彩れ!ラブキッスルージュ Irodore! Rabu Kissu Rūju)" after getting her weapon.


Ace Shot (エースショット Ēsu Shotto)
Debut: Episode 23
Cure Ace sticks her Rouge until the lip's top turns red, uses it as the lipstick to make a giant red glowing heart while saying "Please Pounding! Ace Shot! Bakyuun! (ときめきなさい!エースショット!ばきゅ〜ん! Tokimeki nasai! Ēsushotto! Baki~yu~n!)"

Before Episode 23 in My Theory According to the Toy's Function (made so you wouldn't forget for those who following my blog so far): During this attack, Cure Ace rotates her Rouge dial until the lip turns red, uses it as the lipstick and throws a kiss pose while saying "Please Pounding! Ace Shot! Bakyuun! (ときめきなさい!エースショット!ばきゅ〜ん! Tokimeki nasai! Ēsushotto! Baki~yu~n!)" (the notice is like this: This is just the attack use of the upcoming roleplay toy with the same name, so for the show description we have to wait until Episode 23.)

Thumbnail: (along with Cure Ace's aged transformation from Aguri with same Transformation OST)

Group Attack

Lovely Force Arrow (ラブリーフォースアロー Raburī Fōsu Arō)
Debut: Episode 15
The group version of Heart Shoot. In this group attack, they all flies using LHA as bow (like Heart does in Heart Shoot). Stand in the ground, they forms the heart above and winks together before releasing the trigger. However, here the heart energy becomes the colorful beam that goes through the enemy. Useful against strong Jikochuu made by Regina.

Thumbnail: (the center one is the comparison between Cure Heart in Lovely Force Arrow and Cure Happy in Episode 1, and the right one is the effect difference between Episode 15 and 19)

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