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Smile Pretty Cure Movie: Picture Book's Big Mismatch!

Sorry for the wait! It's Smile Pretty Cure Movie Review! This one was already released in theaters in October 27 last year and just streaming outside theaters this month. Anyway, it's the first and the only debut of Nico and we can taste so many fairy tales here (outside Episode 39, which is originated here).

Currently I'm downloading the movie from torrent, and I'm going to watch it afterwards, it may take 6 hours or so, so be patient! Oh, and watch the movie first in order to answer the questions provided here:
  1. Why this movie becomes the first Pretty Cure movie to reach the box office? Is this movie very awesome or something?
  2. Why Pretty Cure have to watch movie like we did in the beginning? Did they meet Nico in the theater?
  3. How was Ultra Cure Happy (not the power-up like in Episode 44) born? We know that we need Miracle Wing Light to do it, but how was the process?
  4. Princess Form and Ultra Cure Happy team up to defeat Maou, true or false?
  5. Pretty Cure still need to wear their casual clothes from the TV series and New Stage, true or false?
And much more. The answer will be provided here, in the storyline!

Before starting, do you know the main focus character on the movie is? The answer is...
This, Miyuki Hoshizora. I'm putting this because her Coordination matched perfectly for the review (more Coorde can be seen here, and today when I'm writing the story is Alice Yotsuba from DokiDoki. I should put that at the end of this section). Anyway, let's go to the main story!

The story starts in past time. Miyuki is seen to play in the playground and finds the torned book (reminding of Shugo Chara). Reading aloud herself in the library, she tries to smile, and finally she make friends. Afterwards, she promises to the book to continue the story.

Present time, Smile Pretty Cure find themselves in World Picture Book Exposition, and they having time until they found the small theatre called "Big Adventure in the Picture Book," and then they try to watch it (forced by Miyuki and Yayoi). The movie they watch is a girl being chased by the two demons (Gingaku and Kinkaku from Journey from the West) and gets founded, causing them to pop out from the movie screen by the little shadow's light and Nico bumps on Miyuki. However, the girl get caught to the pot and saved by Pretty Cures. At the cost of this, by the girl calling herself Nico's snapping hand, she send herself and Pretty Cures to the Fairy Tale World who looks like Marchenland (by Reika).

By Nico's words that 'you can try being one', she snaps her hands again to make Pretty Cure sucks into the sphere and split up onto different places, but Nico shows her other side and say Miyuki "You liar."

Pretty Cures have given to their main character role at each stories, there are:
  1. Miyuki = Cinderella
  2. Akane = One-Inch Boy
  3. Yayoi = Sun Wukong (reminding of Dynasty Warriors my brother played...)
  4. Nao = Taro Urashima
  5. Reika = Momotarou (has the three animals alike Minky Momo in 80's)
However, by Nico's negative side, she messed up the stories, becomes like this and then the character invading the stories became devil:
  1. Miyuki = Cinderella - Momotarou
  2. Akane = One-Inch Boy - Cinderella
  3. Yayoi = Sun Wukong - One-Inch Boy
  4. Nao = Taro Urashima - Sun Wukong
  5. Reika = Momotarou - Taro Urashima
Being chased (and Reika letting her hair down by force), they eventually meet, and being protected by villain in each stories from giant real Cinderella's punch. The evil-controlled characters have mentioned that there would be no Happy End or Bad End, shocking the others. Mentioning that the real Momotarou has been controlled by the shadow, they transform and try to release the shadow from the real characters (alike Gokaiger in Episode 17, use repeated sequence) but Cure Sunny retains her small form and being mashed by the mallet and giant Cinderella and small Cure Sunny reverted back to normal.

Suddenly, Nico claps and shows her true feelings to Cure Happy, shocking her a lot and remembers her forgotten past. Nico teleports by being hugged by unknown shadow, and the villain character in the story throws Pretty Cure in order to follow her. In the next place then, Cure Happy tells the story about the book involving Nico in it.

"Like her name, Nico is a girl who always smiling. The animals who didn't get along with each other... become friends with Nico's smile. And one day, the Demon King who hates smile broughts Nico away. The smile disappears from the animal's face, continued to fight with each other. And then, Nico was trapped inside the Demon Castle"

"And what happens to Nico-chan?" ask Cure Peace. "I don't know the continuation. The pages were torned out, and it never ends. That's why I..." and the rest of the flashback were shown. "So I thought about drawing the rest, but it didn't turned out really well, then I gave up." And Cure Happy thinks that it's all her fault. But Cure Sunny gets into Happy's cheek by finger and let her smile, and the other's encouragement lets her want to say sorry to her at the Demon King Castle. At the other side, the Demon King does the same thing to Nico in order to show her true feelings.

At the Demon King's castle entrance, Nico responds negatively on Happy's apologize, and stomp her feet to summon the beaten villain characters and evil-controlled characters to fight Pretty Cures, but gets beaten even though they gets their way to defeat the evil-controlled characters afterwards at the respond of Nico's words. Finally, Cure Happy was able to reveal her true feelings and hugs Nico, changing Nico's feelings. But this causes Demon King's dismay and traps Nico into the cage and absorb the shadow controlling the main characters into him.

The villain character (one of them has Candy on its shoulder) tries to release Nico from her cage, saying that she could try to say all of her true feeling, causing the torned pages to shine, and  restores the torned page to normal after trying to release from her cage herself and being a success, much to Demon King's dismay again. Even with Royale Rainbow Burst, they can't defeat it and becomes unconscious, then Demon King put the Fairy Tale world to the dark sky.

Nico tries to persuade Demon King but to no effect, causing Princess Happy to sacrifice herself, unconscious. Can't stand in Demon King's action, Nico wants the audience watching the movie (which is us) to raise their Miracle Wing Light to give power, giving the island glowed by pink light and transform Princess Happy into Ultra Cure Happy!

Ultra Cure Happy's power can defeat the dark ball and giving the flower field to all the surrounding grounds! Then she introduces herself as "Full of Smiles, Love's Light, Ultra Cure Happy" (笑顔の包む愛の光。 ウルトラキュアハッピー Egao no tsutsumu ai no hikari. Urutora Kyua Happī). With other Princess Forms' power wrapping Demon King with angel wings, Ultra Cure Happy was able to persuade Demon King, purifies it into its small form and hugs him.

Afterwards, Nico shows that she wants the world full of smiles, including the Demon King and apologies to messing up the stories, and moreover, says that she loves Miyuki than hates her. This makes Miyuki to cry happily, and the story ends with the Nico's storybook has the Cure Decole to come out.

March 18 on 2013, and Today's Coorde is Alice in her casual clothes.
As a promise, I'll show you this to end this section. Character sections and my reactions will be up tomorrow, as I'm going to sleep (finishes this section on 10 PM). Oyasuminasai!

Now comes to the character!


Nico (ニコ Niko)
Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara
A purple-haired girl who comes from a world of picture books, her story being from a book whose pages had been torn out, leaving the story unfinished. The book was picked up by a young Miyuki, who made a promise to draw the ending herself but gave up due to her inability to draw well. This led Nico to build up a resentment towards Miyuki over time, and became persuaded by the Demon Lord of her book to hate her, fuelling his power.

Demon King (魔王 Maou; Devil)
The antagonist in the movie who used Nico's hatred against Miyuki as his power. Once purified, he returns back as its small form.

My Reactions about this Movie
Enjoy this section while brewing tea (this one from March 19th's Coorde)
The focus character on the series' movie so far are:
  1. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! = Nozomi Yumehara / Cure Dream
  2. Fresh Pretty Cure! = Love Momozono / Cure Peach
  3. Heartcatch Pretty Cure = Olivier (the movie character) and Tsubomi Hanasaki / Cure Blossom 
  4. Suite Pretty Cure = Ako Shirabe / Cure Muse, and little for Hibiki Houjou / Cure Melody
And now the focus on Smile is Miyuki Hoshizora / Cure Happy. The past time putted in the beginning of the story was really awesome, as this was connected to the later story. The opening was good and even adding their actions in human form in the part (you can compare it to the real opening).

Moreover, the teleportation to the Fairy Tale world was good as if you put it to the full screen, you can feel like if you're suck inside too, and the staff didn't forget that Akane and Nao have a fear of heights. Transformation to Ultra Cure Happy was awesome that it uses the viewpoint well, including with good music over it.

The Miracle Wing Light section was hosted by all Pretty Cures and Candy, it's the first one to provide Pretty Cures in this section, and the scene when Pretty Cure in pinch is provided well.

And let's go with prohibited ones:
First: Don't put light too close to your eyes (Suite is good because it's longer, but Miyuki is good in chibi too)
Second: Don't yank on other people's light. (Look at Akane and Nao's face, so cute)
Third: Don't spinning the light. (Yayoi and Reika's face and voice when hitten was so cute)
Result: This one... Better than Suite.

Now, comes to the ending dance section (this ending section was Happy version), it's better than they use cinema and spotlight:
First: Be careful not to be hit the people around you, so dance within your seats.
Second: Don't stand in the seats.
Third: In order for the children to let their fun time, support them. And the third instruction ends with bows.

Fourth: If the taller stands up, the shorter wouldn't be able to see. So remains in the seat and support the Pretty Cures.


Fifth and Final: For one for balcony, refrain from standing. So dance while in seat.
Overall, it's a very good movie that features the story well, for me, the staff borrowed some motifs from Fresh Pretty Cure movies and improve it (that's good, instead of just really reusing it). And from the Miracle Light and Ending Dance instructions above, it's very knowledgeable and cute, and aside from that, it features the theme well: fairy tales and smile

So, if looking for the movie about fairy tales features the character out-of story, watch this movie to see what happens, and who knows if that is your favorite fairy tales. For those who like the exciting story, I'm really highly recommend this one as your movie collection. Oh yes, the theme song for this movie is "The Future called you" (きみという未来  Kimi to iu mirai) from Remi and it matches perfectly for the movie's end.

Rating: 9.5/10
Other reviews originated from other fans: (kragito, at below after his/her DokiDoki Episode 8 Review)

Ok, that's enough for my review. Once the DVD version of New Stage 2 is out, I'll download and write the review of it immediately. Look forward for any reviews to come! See you on my next review! 

Oh yeah, for the link of Pretty Cure Coorde shown on my review, here:

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