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Attacks in DokiDoki! Pretty Cure (Part 2)

Sorry for the Part 1! For some reason, up until Lovely Force Arrow, the rest of it was deleted, but oh well! Instead let me introduce the rest of the deleted one as the recovery, from some edits from Wikia! Enjoy! It contains the attack from Episode 23 up until the final episode, 49. (Including Magical Lovely Pad which releases along with Gabutyra Carnival that time)

Part 1: For the beginning, go with this first before continuing: http://himawarimawari.blogspot.com/2013/02/attacks-in-dokidoki-pretty-cure.html, especially for My Sweet Heart and Lovely Force Arrow

Cure Heart

My Sweet Heart (マイスイートハート Mai Suīto Hāto)
Debut: Episode 49 (Pathernon Mode)
Same as the usual My Sweet Heart, but in Pathernon Mode and doesn't require Lovely Commune. This was used after weakening Proto-Jikochuu, and with different angle.

Heart Dynamite (ハートダイナマイト Hāto Dainamaito)
Debut: Episode 39
Cure Heart inserts the Cure Loveads onto the Magical Lovely Pad and small multiple pink hearts appear around the enemy. To make them combine into one big heart above the enemy, Cure Heart spins around, holding her hands above her chest, and then cross her arms before thrusting them out, and the pink heart crashes down on the enemy, encasing them and exploding, saying 'Meromero~ (メロメロ~ Meromero~, meaning 'madly in love' or 'being falling down drunk')'. As shown in Episode 48, the attack is capable of purifying multiple Jikochuu at a time. Her phrase to do this is "Gather! Heart Dynamite! (集合! ハートダイナマイト! Shuugou! Hāto Dainamaito!)"

Thumbnail and Gif

Cure Diamond
The previously deleted ones from Diamond Shower section. Left one is her sequence summoning her Love Heart Arrow (Episode 26), the center is her summoning an ice stair with her attack (Episode 20), and her summoning the ice more after Gula suck the ice shower she made in the right (Episode 26).

Diamond Swircle (ダイヤモンドスワークル Daiyamondo Suwākuru)
Debut: Episode 34
After inserting the Cure Lovies onto the Magical Lovely Pad, a puddle of water appears under the enemy. Cure Diamond flips her hair and blows a kiss, the light from her fingers taking the form of a blue diamond. She then waves her hand over the Lovely Pad, and blue sparkles appear around the Lovely Pad. Cure Diamond then begins moving her hand over the Lovely Pad in a circular formation, causing the puddle of water to spin, subsequently forcing the enemy to spin rapidly, and as she continues, a spiraling tornado of water surrounds the enemy. Like Heart Dynamite in Episode 48, the attack is capable of purifying multiple Jikochuu at a time. 

In Episode 36, before Diamond can finish this attack, Rachel drags her away, leaving her Magical Lovely Pad behind (the pad drops due for that), reminding me of Subaru being dragged away by War-Rock in some occasions in his Transer in Ryuusei no Rockman.

Thumbnail and Gif: (including all of the members summoning Magical Lovely Pad in Episode 34 and Diamond Swircle being interrupted by Rachel in Episode 36 right below)

Cure Rosetta
Rosetta Balloon (ロゼッタバルーン Rozetta Barūn)
Debut: Episode 33
After inserting the Cure Lovies onto the Magical Lovely Pad, a yellow balloon with a green club on it appears above the enemy. She then spins around and claps her hands, a yellow light in the form of a club appearing around the Lovely Pad. The balloon pops, causing a random effect to occur (as stated by Cure Rosetta, something different comes out of the balloon every time the attack is performed), for example:
  1. A flurry of yellow ribbons that encircle and bind the enemy in Episode 33, leaving it vulnerable to Lovely Straight Flush soon after
  2. Pops a giant Lance who is as large as the Selfish King. Although it's also capable for using Rosetta Reflection, this requires the maintaining control for Rosetta, or it'll disappear.

Sword Hurricane (ソードハリケーン Sōdo Harikēn)
Debut: Episode 35
After inserting the Cure Lovies onto the Lovely Pad, Cure Sword and spins around multiple times and makes slashing motions above it, causing a flurry of purple blades to blow away the enemy. Like Heart Dynamite and Diamond Swircle in Episode 48, this attack is capable of purifying multiple Jikochuu at a time.


Cure Ace

Ace Shot (エースショット Ēsu Shotto)
Debut: Episode 23 (red), 24 (purple), 25 (yellow), 26 (blue)
Putting her Attack Lovies into Magical Lovely Pad, she sticks to her Love Kiss Rouge and waves it around, making the top of it glow. She applies the lipstick, and touches her lips creating a giant colored glowing heart. Then she uses her Love Kiss Rouge to shoot it to the target. There are 5 colors that correspond to her and the other Cures, are used, the attack can have different effects.
  • Red: Most used as the purification attack, or to hurt the Jikochuu minions.
  • Purple: Freezes the opponent, leaving it open for Sparkle Sword that time.
  • Yellow: Binds the opponent in vines
  • Blue: Traps the opponent inside a bubble
  • In Episode 30, Cure Ace almost using the pink version of Ace Shot, but the time limit is up and Cure Ace reverts back to Aguri.
 Thumbnail and Gifs: (including her henshin to Cure Ace)

Ace Mirror Flash (エースミラーフラッシュ Ēsu Mirā Furasshu)
Debut: Episode 32
After inserting the Cure Lovies onto the Magical Lovely Pad, and three silver mirrors surround the enemy in a triangular formation. She then spins around and waves her hand over the Lovely Pad, the first mirror reflecting a beam of light into the second, and so on as she continues two more times, making the light intensifies, blinding the enemy and anyone else nearby. Like Heart Dynamite, Diamond Swircle, and Sword Hurricane in Episode 48, it can also purifies multiple Jikochuus at the same time, but the attack's power is augmented when combined with the light from Regina's spear.


Group Attack
Lovely Force Arrow (ラブリーフォースアロー Raburī Fōsu Arō)
Debut: Episode 27 (aura mode)
See here for basic information of the first group attack.  Episode 21 are seen to purify multiple Jikochuu at one. In Episode 27, the Cures use a powered-up version of Lovely Force Arrow in which their battle auras are visible. All four mustn't go hesitant on the attack or else the attack won't go on, leaving them open to attack (as seen for below Cure Heart in Episode 22 on Dark Regina).


Lovely Force Reflection (ラブリーフォースリフレクション Raburī Fōsu Rifurekushon)
Debut: Episode 30
Cure Rosetta thrusts the Love Heart Arrow forward in Rosetta Reflection pose, while Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Sword stand behind her, putting their hands on her back. The Cures' battle auras become visible, and the small Rosetta Reflection shield appears which Rosetta fires a beam powerful enough to break Melan's barrier.


Lovely Straight Flush (ラブリーストレートフラッシュ Raburī Sutorēto Furasshu)
Debut: Episode 31
Raising their arms, the Cures summon the Magical Lovely Pads to insert their Cure Lovies, causing the Pads to shine, and a deck of cards appears on it, the color and symbol of the cards corresponding to its respective Cure. The Cures wave their hands over the Lovely Pads, spreading the cards in a circular formation, and the first card glows. The rest of the members wave their hands to send their glowing cards flying onto Cure Heart's Lovely Pad. Cure Heart draws a heart around the cards, and they combine into a single card, which she touches and it shoots out towards the enemy, emitting a trail of rainbow energy. The card turns into a heart with an arrow symbol in the middle, and it envelops the enemy, purifying them.

The incantation of this attack is "Our powers should be sent to Cure Heart's place! Pretty Cure, Lovely Straight Flush!" (私たちの力をキュアハートもとへ!プリキュアラブリーストレートフラッシュ! Watashitachi no chikara wo Kyua Hāto no moto e! Purikyua Raburī Sutorēto Furasshu!)

Thumbnails and Gif: No thumbnails made by 2chan at that time, but recently I finished making the comparison of the Data Carddass and Anime Version of Episode 31.

Royal Lovely Straight Flush (ロイヤルラブリーストレートフラッシュ Roiyaru Raburī Sutorēto Furasshu)
Debut: Episode 40
The Magical Lovely Harp is required by inserting Jewel Cure Lovies and Ai-chan emits a pink encasing Magical Lovely Pad into it (however, the latter is cut to being encased). Heart grabs the Lovely Harp and strums it, causing Ai-chan to emit a second heart-shaped light, causing Cures to gain angel wings and fly up into the sky in a circular formation in magic circle. Cure Heart strums the Lovely Harp once more, and a rainbow-colored heart appears in the middle of the magic circle. The heart sends a blast of rainbow-colored energy towards the target, and then disperses, showering the enemy in silver sparkles. A white circle underneath the enemy then spirals upwards, turning into a pink whirlwind, which releases a mass of golden feathers that surrounds the enemy and purifies them. Later utilizations of the attack has the rainbow blast surrounded by a hot pink aura. 

Gifs: (including of Angel Wings upgrade one by one like what Kyoryuger's Armed On does)

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