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Bakery Story

Welcome back to my favorite "Story" review! Today I will introduce you Bakery Story brought by TeamLava.

This system is the same as Restaurant Story so I only want to introduce the appliance. There are 4 different appliances, Oven, Mixer, Ice Cream Maker and Deep Fryer. Some of you know Oven because this also included in Restaurant but some recipes in Restaurant were removed (Because of cake?).
Ice CreamFryer
Anyway, let's jump to Ice Cream Maker (left) and Deep Fryer (right). After Easy Oven and Easy Mixer, both these appliance are constructible (with hammer in it). Why I say constructible? Because you need certain amount of parts to build it. You will know if you find the link I give below.
About neighbours, expansions, gems and cookbook... It's the same system as Restaurant but Cookbook now has different recipes. Oven has I explained before, Mixer has type amount of drink recipes like Coffee and Espresso, Ice Cream Maker has Ice Cream recipes while Deep Fryer has Donut recipes.
iPhone Screenshot 3
In overall, I love this game more than previous 2 games I reviewing. Why? Because Music were entertaining as well, it's my first reason. The second is... umm... the recipes makes me hungry, XD. The third is this game reminds me of Bakery in My Shops. That's all. I think you love the another "Story" game like City Story, Nightclub Story, etc? Alright, if I have a chance, I will review another but I'll remind you that I never play Empire Story, Zoo Story 2 nor Pet Shop Story yet. Anyway, matamite ne...

Edit April 24 2012
I forgot that there also have other appliances too. I'll mention: Marzipan, Candy Cane Maker,

Fireplace Oven, Dehydrator, Sugar Coater, Truffle, Choco.Dip, Cocoa Maker, Shamrock Oven, 3 Bears Oven, Candy Hatchery, Treat Dispenser. Again, all appliance I introduced needs certain parts to be completed The pics can be shown in Supreme Dynasty I show below. My iPad is actually the office iPad so I can't play longer nor brought it to home when it's not my father's holiday, and I can only play it when I didn't play my laptop and when I'm in my father's office, sorry about that ^_^,,
 Link for you: (For recipes from this game) (Along with Restaurant Story) (For download it, but please note you must have iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch first)
Gamezebo has Bakery Story too, but TeamLava won't write the walkthrough of this game and incomplete, so I won't put the Gamezebo link.

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