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Farm Story

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Sorry for waiting long! This is Farm Story. Writing this reminds me of Harvest Moon since both themes on these games are... FARMING! You're right.
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Restaurant and Farm is both the in the same series, but that's the differences, you first start with an Apple Tree and only a few land. You can start farming crops by doing this:

  1. Tap twices to plow.
  2. Go to the store by clicking Store or tap twice on plowed land.
  3. Click the crop or flowers you want, and start planting whatever land you choose.
  4. Once has reach the time, the crops will be ready to be harvested. Harvest anyway!
  5. After harvested, it will turn again into empty land. Repeat this section to be successful farmer!
I recommend turn on Push Notifications to prevent crops from withering. If the crops take specified time to grow, then TeamLava will take you another specified time to harvest before it withers. For prevent making you confused, let's take an example. Corn needs to be 1 Day (not real 24 hours but 22 hours instead) to be grow and harvested. After it's matured, it takes another 1 Day for you to harvest before withered. But for Flowers, you don't need to be worry because it never withers even though takes another specified time.
See? Most of these animals needs Gems.
Another section is Tree, like Flowers, it will never wither and multiharvested. If you harvest after specified time, the timer will reset. Easy for mastering, right? Animals do the same too, but many choice you can choose and some needs Gems (What is Mastery and Gems? You will be know if you read this). Animals when reach the specified time, the animal will show itself with yellow exclamation (!) symbol. That means you will get money by them!

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People would ask, why don't I explain Neighbours and Expansion here? Because the Farm Expansion, Collectibles and Neighbour System are the same as Restaurant Story, so check this link for information. Anyway, if you love this exciting farming game, this game will be interesting for you. Sorry if this review is short.

The Link related to Farm Story:
http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/farm-story/id367107953?mt=8 (if you want to download it, but you need iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch first)

This guide shall help you! See you in Bakery Story review! Once again, you can add me with my Storm8 ID himawari_hana.

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