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Omega Quintet

Wanna see an RPG version of Symphogear but not the main characters of that series? Yup, there's another singer RPG with main characters as idols, prepare to play it on PS4 this year (2015) on April 28! Japanese version can freely enjoy it since it's already released by Compile Heart and developed by Galapagos RPG on October 2, 2014 (previously announced to be released on September 18, 2014). Its name is... Omega Quintet (オメガクインテット Omega Kuintetto)!

Like Noise in Symphogear, Omega Quintet has a phenomenon called Blare (or beep in Japan) which has been degenerating the life of humankind by affecting their minds. The game's prominent characters are the Verse Maidens (詠巫女 Uta Miko), an idol group with the power to fight off the Blare and save mankind, giving them hope and dreams. The current members of the Verse Maidens are Otoha, Kyouka, Kanadeko, Nene, and Aria as Omega Quintet named by Ayumi. But will they able to save it and who's the mastermind of all this?

All characters here didn't have a surnames, so you can only just imagine it. ^_^ But blame the publisher and developer and not me! Anyway, here we go, with the English voice actor came from this:

Verse Maidens and Manager

Otoha (オトハ Otoha)
Seiyuu: Riho Iida (Japanese)
Otoha is new member of the Verse Maidens, who is hard worker who is always positive, but is also still growing and can be prone to making clumsy mistakes. Her positivity naturally cheers everyone up. Her default weapon is hammer and her theme color symbol being red heart. Her theme song is Inchoate Voice (Inchoate Voice Inchoate Boisu) and good at fire attribute. Born March 15th, with height and weight 147cm and 45kg respectively.

Kyouka (キョウカ Kyouka)
Seiyuu: Rui Tanabe (Japanese), Erica Lindbeck (English)
Kyouka has a strong sense of responsibility who does her job as a Verse Maiden while caring for others, and also has a hard time expressing feelings. She always acts like a dignified cool beauty. Her default weapon is spear and her theme color symbol being blue spade. Her theme song is Eureka (Eureka Eureka) and good at water attribute. Born May 16th, with height and weight 166cm and 48kg respectively.

Kanadeko (カナデコ Kanadeko)
Seiyuu: Moe Toyota (Japanese), Erica Mendez (English)
Kanadeko has an explosive personality and often makes decisions without thinking clearly. Her default weapon is fists and her theme color symbol being green clover. Her theme song is MOVIE*MENTER (MOVIE*MENTER Mūbī* Menta) and good at wind attribute.

Nene (ネネ Nene)
Seiyuu: Inori Minase (Japanese), Xanthe Huynh (English)
Nene is very timid and often nervous and weak-willed, whom often shies away and hides behind Kanadeko. However, when in battle she is far more capable than what one could imagine. She's the only member to wear glasses, although she didn't wear it in her Idol Form. Her default weapon is rifle and her theme color symbol being yellow diamond. Her theme song is Manmaru Marui (まんまるまるい Manmaru Marui) and good at earth attribute.

Aria (アリア Aria)
Seiyuu: Erii Yamazaki (Japanese), Brianna Knickerbocker (English)
Aria is the eldest member of the Verse Maidens, whom is mysterious and tends to distance herself with her speech and behavior. She's always sleepy and can sometimes behaving like a cat. Aside for Momoka, she's the only member to wear different hairstyle when in default or Idol Form, and the second one to wear pigtails, the first being Otoha. Her default weapon is fans and her theme color symbol being purple crescent moon. Her theme song is Complex: CRESCENT (Complex : CRESCENT Konpurekkusu Kuressento, my favorite Omega Quintet song beside Promised Vision) and is good at null attribute. Born August 8th, with height and weight 153cm and 46kg respectively.

Takt (タクト Takuto)
Seiyuu: Shintaro Asanuma (Japanese), Arisa Noto (Japanese, child)
The male protagonist of Omega Quintet, described as a positive guy whom acts as the Verse Maidens' manager and bodyguard. Dislikes trouble, but can be dragged into it by Otoha. In battle, he acts as a support for one member who can attack with enemies his sword or defend the idol to receive half damage. However, unlike any characters, his character portrait didn't appear when he's talking in conversation and can receive EXP by having approval, which can be available by defeating enemies or completing quests.

Supporting Characters
Momoka (モモカ Momoka)
Seiyuu: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Erika Harlacher (English)
A veteran Verse Maiden who will be your first player during the beginning of the game. In front of the media she behaves like a perfect idol, but she's usually sarcastic and rude, always hitting Otoha's head.

Ayumi (アユミ Ayumi)
Seiyuu: Satomi Arai (Japanese)
Momoka's manager for a several years. In addition to her work as manager, she handles the preparation of songs and clothing, up to the live coverage of Verse Maidens' performances.

Shiori (シオリ Shiori)
Seiyuu: Yumi Hara (Japanese)
Kyoka's coach who at first thinks that Kyouka, the student she found several years ago and raised as a proper Verse Maiden, alone should be enough to defeat Blare. She's the former Verse Maiden who perhaps behaving like a relaxed adult. She retired from Verse Maiden some years ago for the loss of her powers as one.

Godou (ゴドウ Godou)
Seiyuu: Toku Gen (Japanese), Kaiji Tang (English)
Godou, the leader of the neighbourhood watch with a strong sense of justice. He usually patrols dangerous areas by himself and when Blare appear, he carries the burden of forcibly evacuating the civilians from the location.

Tomekichi (トメキチ Tomekichi)
Seiyuu: Hayato Ito (Japanese)
A fan of the Verse Maidens, and is the leader of one of the supporting fan groups with his outstanding charisma. During the Verse Maidens' performance he raises his voice more than everyone else.

Pet (ねこ Neko; Cat)
Seiyuu: Rina Hidaka (Japanese), Christine Marie Cabanos (English)
Aria's adorable or creepy pet who voices sounding like a cat with the word 'Kew'. Most seen having an afternoon nap with her or wandering around on its own. But in True Ending of Chapter 9, she reveals her human form after Aria, who unveils the fact that she's the Blare who consumes Aria's will, didn't need her anymore. Pet then sacrifices herself consumed by Blare in Chapter 10.

 The battle will go on like this, that's what I watched on walkthrough video so far. [NOTE: This one is from Japanese Demo]
The battle will go turn-based but unlike any previous RPGs, in their respective symbols has the number of actions per turn that can be used for different things, such as attacking, using skills, or healing the party. However, the combo attack can only be used when in Harmonics, albeit with 2-5 people and in order to participate the Verse Maidens' turn order needs to occur in succession, and Takt's cooperation is also essential. Also you need to choose the correct skills so Harmonics Chain can occur in succession.

But that's not all. Any battle actions will influence the Voltage Gauge and when it reaches any level, activate to Live Concert Mode by consuming the gauge, and gives a lot of bonuses with the change from BGM to one of Omega Quintet's songs. Live Mode can also be customized to change which song plays and what set of benefits are given at each level. However, like Hyper Mode in Mega Man X Command Mission, Live Concert Mode has the set turn to keep going on after completing the requests from citizens, and once the turn reaches 0, the BGM will return to normal.

However, aside of HP and SP, you need to pay attention for Outfit as well! It represents by purple bar below SP, and should it reaches half, their outfit will torn and have their defense weakens! One more torn for one member and Live Mode would stop if you activate it. Unlike HP and SP, Outfit can't be recovered by normal manners and must be repaired in shops or enhance it so torning it will be much tougher, with the cost of EP (this game's currency). HP and SP is another thing to keep eye to, as you'll no longer use skills if you ran out of SP but losing HP to 0 for all members will result in Game Over, so be careful!

 Clearing the cloudy-like wall like this will cost an item, or else you'll never advance to the rest of the dungeon. [NOTE: This one is from Japanese Demo]
There's more to explain for battles, but let's skip into something else. Sometimes by defeating enemies or using an item, any quest that you accept will be completed. There's no penalty in ignoring them, but it's strongly recommended for some challenge in order to do level grinding. Plus, aside of Idol Form, you can change their clothes and hairstyle available to match your liking, and can be used for PVS (Promotion Video System), another feature of Omega Quintet! Oh, and weapon types as well.

According to the lyrics above, which song is it? You can download all songs in full here.
Here you can choose over 150 dances and special effects, and once your own live performance is done, you can cheer them with your Playstation Move (wave it into light and effects). Playstation 4 Camera can be useful to reflect yourself into the screen! Tons of songs can be used in both PVS and Live Mode, so pick your liking.

Overall, if you like idols but like RPG as well, this one is a go as it sold 9,365 copies during its first week on sale in Japan. The music is okay and the battle is nice, and remember that filling the enemies' HP to full red after killing them to 0 will result in Over Kill, just for info. And more info is one new character that isn't explained in Characters section, and will play an important rule in the story. I won't spoil much but she'll go to the antagonist side and to find out you'll need to play it yourself plus knowledge of Japanese (see Pet for more info). Well, with this done, see you in my next review!

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