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Cupcake Mania

Some days ago, there's another adversary quest that forces me to play Cupcake Mania and wants me to reach Level 12, 30 and 54 next. June 19, 2014 is where this game is available to download by TeamLava. Let's check how the gameplay is and my reactions after playing it in the cut.

 Heidi the Cupcake Guru (that's what it says when Pet Hotel Story's Robin forces me to get into Level 12 by quest) forces you to use any Boosters that was unlocked in certain level, so it's quite a problem if you want to use it later without buying with gems or doing challenges.
Like any puzzle games, you need to match 3 or more cakes to score points and need to reach the goal before the move runs out. But that's not all. Like some Mania games in TeamLava, match 4, L (T or + will do) or 5 will unlock either Sugar Rush, Sprinkle Shock and CupQuake respectively. Those special spaces will provide useful when you're in pinch. Besides collecting certain number of cakes, there's another goal to accomplish like clearing Jelly Donut or either bringing Sugar Cookies to the bottom in some levels.

The other features you need to pay attention to is Challenges. These challenges want you to do some specific requirements in that level such as creating a certain number of Sugar Rush, clear the certain number of pastries in the single match and so on. Completing each will give you a certain number of keys to unlock a chest once 5 are collected, and you'll get rewards such as gems or booster.

Some of the annoying part of Cupcake Mania: Bruno swinging his butt. Kids could enjoy it, but as an adult I find this move uncomfortable.
However, you must be careful for some levels with a brown bear face at the world map is the level where you'll confront Bruno the Bear with different amount of HP (sometimes even more than 100 unlike Candy Blast Mania!) You need to match the number of certain cakes so you can feed and knock Bruno off and you'll win. But sometimes Bruno can shake his butt to charge the Jelly Donuts, throwing them at random space after one move. Although feeding him until 10% of his HP decreased, he'll get stunned and won't be able to act for few turns. You can instantly buy a booster to instantly stun him without 10% HP decrease, albeit spending gems.

Overall, it's a quite good game although it borrows the elements from Candy Blast Mania. True, but with some improvements, the tutorial bubble of Heidi and the Fox sometimes explains the basics of the game, with Heidi (currently I'm not certain that the blue-haired girl is Heidi or either the fox) has two emotions, although like Candy Blast, when you match 2 row/column of pastries the moved one goes first before the next one instead of all of them simultaneously like Candy Crush Saga. Because I often play puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga besides Mania series from TeamLava, I don't think this is quite interesting. However, as I say in Candy Blast Mania review, I would say that this one aren't recommended for those who prefers easier puzzle games and recommended for those who prefer challenges and cakes. With this done, see you in my next review!

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