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Candy Blast Mania

Sorry for the long wait! Because of Bakery Story's quest 'Sweet Treats', I have no choice in order to complete it, but when playing, I've decided to review it. Here you are...

This game is released on September 23 on 2013 and today, October 7 2013 on iPad and iPhone, the clown girl at Bakery Story named Natasha asks me to play this, even Farm Story 2 too! Now they want me to beat Level 12 right now (and Level 29 and 54). Wanna check, anyway?

Thinking that it's a simple 3-color match game without need to worry for limited moves provided? Sorry, you won't find your sastification here because you'll find it vice versa instead. (Like when watching Kyoryuger Brave 32 RAW, instead of my expected stock footage used, they pointed their changer to the enemy to blast them and then do instant-henshin! Those who prefer stock footage transformation more than instant transformation will probably agree with me) Anyway, when you started, for some few levels, you'll be guided by a dog like Jewel Mania, kind of weird, huh?
Sugar Blast is created by the instructions by this brown dog.
Like I said, you can't swap as wildly as you can as now you're limited on moves, and you need to collect a specified amount of colored candy to win. However, here's the hint: each matched sweets will grant you bonuses to the surrounding candy, however only functions to next match as it will disappear, however it can grant you bonus to the needed one (Ex: Two green candies matched to the third green candy imbued with 3 bonuses, and you can get 5 for needed). Simple, right?

There are another bonuses when you swap more than 3 matches as four will create Sugar Spot, five creates Candy Scoop, and candies with 'L' 'T' or '+' will grant you Sugar Blast. This could help you when in pinch. Another one?

Your first Power-Up Boosts will be this one: Candy Wand.
Another one should be Power-Up Boosts, which fortunately didn't need coins but each time used you need to wait into a specified real-time hour to refill. Though there's a waiting time, but when used can help you in pinch. However, use it at the right time! Power-Up Boosts are available when you reach Level 11.

Upon reaching another island, each level number multiplied by 12 (Ex: 12, 24, 36, 48 and so forth) and some of the other levels, you'll be challenged by boss. You need to match a specified color candy to hurt him, and when it gets 0%, you win. However, be careful! Because you'll still provided by limited moves!

Another thing you should notice is the livenergy. If you decide to quit a level then you're energy will be subracted by one, and once it reaches zero... an you can't play it again unless you can ask your Facebook friends to send you lives or let it recharge by an hour at time. You can handle up to 5 lives, though so think straight. Other thing you can do to get lives is complete a level.

Overall, although it's a sweetiest game ever, TeamLava gives you limits that can make you even frustasted as you advanced through a level. I quite dislike difficult challenges and limited moves like any Mania games (such as Bubble Mania and Jewel Mania), but for those challenge-lovers, there's a go. If you want more easier puzzle, go pick another as if you out of moves, you'll lose. However, if you like challenges, pick this and you'll face more as you reach Level 13. That's all for today and see you at the next review!

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