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Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Our Hearty Friends


Hello, Himawari's back for my promised review: Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Our Hearty Friends! Or you can replace it with Friends of the Heart, not to mistaken to 'hearty' you commonly say due for perfect place to replace the underlined to me.

Before we start, let me tell you the reason why I put Gokaiger henshin beside the review's cover. It's because before watching the movie, I always compare their southwest position with the side view. But my head most focuses on Joe's henshin at Episode 11 to compare it, so after the ending and the word 'Owari' show (put it aside to Review section), I compare the 5-henshin with Gai replacing Joe's place when in Episode 30. Look forward for it! After my commentary before, let's straight to the story! Hajime Hajimeeee!

Near the Earth and the Heart Tree in case of your sight, there's a place called Fairy School, where before the opening of this movie, the turtle man rings the bell signing the school is starting. This is when during the opening, the Cures are facing their new day waking up, going to school.

In the class, the turtle fairy introduces the fabolous teacher, Tart from Fresh Pretty Cure (whose who don't know, check Fresh Pretty Cure here), where he introduces Pretty Cure quiz, henshin item (which are just fake ones) and finally Miracle Double Heart Light that could be handy towards the end of the story. However, one of the student, Geler was arrogant that he can handle the bad guy himself, only result of causing trouble making the others cry, even he won't say sorry. The lunch break after that, all fairies want Tart's sign on their autograph, except someone...

The fairy's name is Enen who admires Pretty Cures, that's when Geler meet him. After a little bit of chat and comforting, Geler's speech: "Without henshin, they can't do anything," was agreed by purple crystal hidden at the forbidden place, which then he visit. The crystal Geler touch then become his shadow who introduces himself as Geler, and they both agreed to do the previous speech above.

At Miyuki Hoshizora's house, she and her teammates are doing homework which Miyuki tired about it and Reika Aoki decides to stop (fortunately, Miyuki didn't forget that Candy was studying to become a Queen). That is when Miyuki gets a letter featuring Geler in leaf mask asking them to do Pretty Cure party. The others from Max Heart to Suite have the same, then go to there by piano road together. Meanwhile, at Solitaire shop (this movie takes place around Episode 8-10, but Ai-chan aren't here in the movie), DokiDoki! Cures are obtaining the most popular sweets in the city which contains food from the previous series (Makoto Kenzaki tries to eat Natto Gyoza Candy from Smile Pretty Cure Episode 14, 15, and 20, but revealed weird flavor), while Charles is getting the phone call from her tail, and one of the tea reveals a hologram of Candy and then Miyuki. This is when DokiDoki knew that there's more Pretty Cure than them, and gets invited to Pretty Cure Party.

At the meantime, Tart and teacher found out that the forbidden room was opened and revealing the truth about the purple crystal by teacher. But one of the shadow is at the teacher's shoulder, becoming a comical shock! Max Heart Cures are getting chased by another shadow, split up and becoming pinch because Mepple, and Mipple are trapped by the tree trunk where Geler stands, and Pollun is most probably trapped in the cage with the other fairies and the Cure's henshin items (can you guess their names?).

At the lake where they supposed to be here, Smile Pretty Cure are calling for someone which aren't here. However, Geler ask Enen to steal their henshin item Smile Pact, which becomes clumsy and end up being founded. By Reika's slash, the shadow also having the same fate as well. As Smile Pretty Cure transform while Enen was hiding for safety by Miyuki, they become pinch because all of their attacks (except Happy Shower) can't defeat it, and becomes defeated instead by their carriage forcefully detached, gets detransformed to human (it's second time for the full team, kind of reminds me of Gokaiger because of being detransformed multiple times) and being turned into statues. But before Miyuki become fully stoned, she messages Enen to tell Mana Aida (Cure Heart) that DokiDoki Cures need to help the others which are also statued following her other four Smile Cures in pinch. Candy, who watches the statue scene decides to call his older brother Pop to help.

After Geler and Shadow's victory, Shadow wants to fill the sun in the darkness because of being too bright for him, as well as creating destruction to Fairy School, though it's not what Geler wanted but the shadow does because he is Geler! Meanwhile again, Enen was shocked by Mana Aida and other teammates, although he runs, but he was chased along with Geler by the pig shadow. That is when DokiDoki Cures transform (fortunately, no Cure Heart's catchphrase), and the textbook shadow has contains no info about them, and time for him to retreat.

Cure Heart then ask them questions about that shadow, stops Geler to fight because Enen was crying again (during their sunset meeting too he cries, read the third paragraph) and she would help them. Finally, Geler was able to say the truth to the others and Enen want to smile like Miyuki and tell what Cure Happy messages for him. Reading the truth that Pretty Cures are combining their powers to defeat enemy, he decides to separate them and fly to the waterfall where he drops the cage that contains mascots and henshin items. Even so, Mepple and Mipple receive the call from Rachel after their mask are weared off themselves. Receiving that message, DD Cures decides to join hands with the two mascots, even first they hestitate.

The Shade's chaos then begins by making the flower fields black and the other part of himself founds DD causing the mascots to keep running while DD fighting, but in the midway, the rock at the mountain brokens causing Geler to become grabbed by Enen, revealing that Geler isn't actually the bad guy, changing Geler's mind to let him fall, but the rock that Enen steps also breaks and the both are fall together, but fortunately their fall was break by Pop as a giant bird. Though they get into the lake where the cage was there, Pop (returned from being a bird), Candy and Enen was pushed back while Geler has keep resisting to finally successful of grabbing the cage out of the lake, which then breaks by Enen and Geler's combined powers with Geler's toy sword. Geler then becomes happily touched by Mipple's thanks to break the cage.

However, the sun was almost covered in black and the layer of the sun started to fall, Cure Heart was keep resisting in order to fulfill Happy's promise and keep fighting. Pop was requested by Candy to give Smile Pacts to the Smile Cures but has a trouble because of the Shadows are in his way. Geler almost lose hope, but by Candy's oath to give their best, he and Enen also cheer them and finally Tart gives the student, teacher and the three mascots outside school to finally cheer them with Miracle Light (by Tart's several 'Kiai ya'), giving DD Cures energy, releasing Pop, Mepple, Mipple and Pollun from the trap, and finally breaking the statued Cures back alive! Rushed by the mascots giving the Cures their items, they can finally transform to push back the layered sun into its place, restoring it's shine, much to the DD Cure's shock. With Cure Happy's help, DD Cures finally get to finish the trouble up quickly.

And so the war begins between the Cures and the multiple Shadows! Cure Black, Cure White and Shiny Luminous was able to defeat strong shadows, while Cure Blossom and Cure Marine are getting the fallen tree out of the mascot's escape, much to Marine's grate. After complaining, they both use Marine Dive and Blossom Shoot to destroy rampaging Shadows. Cure Bloom and Cure Egret fortunately destroy the multiple snake Shadow by dash attack just in time. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Milky Rose quickly runs to the another Shadows, Cure Beat uses Beat Sonic to hurt the big cat-like Shadow who chases the three mascot (guess no need to say their names) with Cure Passion kicks him, with a little shock that they were enemies at the start.

But, the same situation comes again for slowly becoming statue, although breaks by Miracle Light's powers to giving Cure Marine and Blossom to do Pretty Cure Forehead Punch and Blossom Shower respectively, while the next to get the help is Fresh and Suite Cures. At the same time Smile and DokiDoki Cures are fighting a big Shadow, unbeknownst to him, there's a different technique on them allowing him to be defeated easily (there's combination attack between individual attacks with no items).

Cure Blossom and Cure Marine use their Forte Wave to cleanse the blacken flower field while Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight use Floral Power Fortissimo to release the black energy on it's sun when it's about to blacken the sky again. However, Shadow combines his multiplies to become a giant spider which releases powerful beam that at first DokiDoki Cures having difficulties to block it, but fortunately all the other Cures help as well to defeat it with Miracle Light's cheer, reverts him back into his small form. Finally Geler reveals his true feelings that he was jealous of Pretty Cure and there was someone saying that he's not a bad guy (Enen, beside him) and becomes friends with everyone at Fairy School, becoming happy and returned back to the purple crystal. Afterwards, Geler was accepted by the others and Tart thinks that Geler and Enen can become Pretty Cure fairy someday due for their bravery. After the Cures repairing the damages of the school, they can finally do the Pretty Cure Party.


Geleru (グレル Gureru)
Voiced by: Rikako Aikawa

En-En (エンエン Enen)
Voiced by: Sakiko Tamagawa
The crybaby mascot who then become strong because of Miyuki before being petrified.

Teacher of Fairy Academy (妖精学校の先生 Yōsei Gakkō no Sensei)

Voiced by: Masami Kikuchi

My Thoughts about this Movie
As promised, here's comparison between 3D Side view of Pretty Cure and the southwest view of Gokaiger henshin without Joe (taken from Episode 30). What do you think? Unfortunately, Joe's henshin after that at Ep. 30 was instant and not repeated, Toei why?

At first, it's quite awesome video, but it's more awesome that is more than the First New Stage! The comedy are featured very well (I think, the comical shock) as well as the school section and opening when Miyuki is having a hard work doing the Maths test. Anyway, as usual the quite main downside is the ending which reuse DokiDoki Pretty Cure ending with all other Cures, and as I say from the previous review that 'Rikka dancing' is actually part of Kono Sora no Mukou dancing and not the thinking that Rikka's bad at dancing for me. Although only some may agree, though. Overall, if you watch the full movie: 

9.5 out of 10
-    Another excellent friendship story, no need to tell again.
-  Mascots playing with fake henshin items pretending to transform, quite funny.
-     Splash Star and Yes! 5 Cures are only become passerby with no speech the others are as well except Passion, Blossom, Marine, Beat. Max Heart, Smile and DokiDoki are the one whose the full group has a speechover.
-     For those who gets tired of Pretty Cure 3D dance, might get the ending not exciting enough to watch. May get a feeling that the upcoming DokiDoki Ending 2 is 3D Ending Dance again...

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