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Brain Voyage

Another game time! This time is...
Brain Voyage! I've played this for a long time, so I did know this game which was published by Eidos and developed by Razorback. Realesed in April 11 for Europe, April 24 for Australia and May 5 for America at the same year (2008), this puzzle was designed by award-winning-board game designer Reiner Knizia. Want to take a look? Then here we go at more!

First you'll have to touch World Tour. And here, you will start out with Reiner who wants to become his companion in the world tour, without any refuse. Packed with your suitcase, you and Reiner will go into the journey that can boarden our minds!

Knossos' minigame is Labyrinth, where you must search for artifacts (the yellow horse as you can see at bottom screen) as soon as possible, and when it's reach Level 3, you must press the switch and quickly get into the door in the same color as the switch to become permanently open. This game is one of minigames that I'm good for.
After the Story, you'll be taken into the World Map when you'll start up with Mumbai, London, Greenland. (typo me if I'm wrong) Here, you can touch the city you want and start playing the minigame on each city. You have to do your best if you want to earn coins and medals. Once you have enough coins, you can buy the next city and there's a few hidden city if you collect enough medals. Each city has one puzzle and holds 5 levels that can be unlocked using coins, but the higher the level, the more difficulty it has.

Even though I didn't try it yet, there's a mode called Random Play which you can play with random puzzles you get so far. There are 3 modes in Random Play: 4 Games, 8 Games and 16 Games which can be unlocked when you've played the same number of different puzzles in World Tour. Each mode's level will be higher the more you purchase the level.

Another mode you can play is Puzzle Bank where you can replay your saved puzzle after clearing one. With DS Download Play you can share puzzles with your friends and even saved puzzles.

Overall, it's quite a fun game that can be challenging for those who dislikes difficult challenge but let me tell you that this game can train your brain if you play this often. Oh, and before forgotting, there's a news I would tell you. The new movie exclusive for DokiDoki! Pretty Cure is called DokiDoki! Pretty Cure: Mana's Married!? The Future-Connected Hopeful Dress (ドキドキ!プリキュア マナ結婚!?未来につなぐ希望のドレス  DokiDoki! Purikyua Mana Kekkon!? Mirai ni tsunagu kibō no Doresu) which the review should came around late March as I need to wait until the DVD in order to watch it. But because of my boredom, I don't think I'll write New Stage 2 quite soon, but we have just wait until DVD version (just a few days and the Ending was already broadcasted) and I would say that 'Rikka dancing' people say, I would think it's actually part of dancing, really! But fortunately, no usual ending like the other animes do for every movie, just dancing and I have 100% bad feeling that the Ending 2 (I don't think it's normal ending) would be reuse at DokiDoki! Movie ending.

But let's put it aside that aside to Brain Voyage, aside for that I've also played the DS brain game such as Brain Age, Brain Age 2, Brain Assist, Brain Buster: Puzzle Pak, Brain Boost: Beta Wave, Brain Boost: Gamma Wave, and Brain Challenge. Guess you can check the game yourself if you can. Well, we can see each other in my next review!

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