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Castle Story

Being too busy for staring on my love, anyway, another TeamLava Story Series for you, thanks for the featured quest that wants me to play:

This game start released at September 21 at 2012, at last updated at October 23rd at 2013. Want to take a peek? Let's go!

You'll first asked by Baron by choosing your gender, and he wants you to buy the first Farmhouse, mine the rocks and chop trees for required materials to it. And then you'll be required to do the quests provided in Quest Log, and later you'll be able to build your kingdom!

Whew, talk about pleasure! At any rate, let's go to the systems of the game. To build something, you must provide a ingredients that you can collect in the nature, like trees, rocks, well, pond and so on. If you're out of trees and rocks to gather, you can always buy it again at Market in Nature section, however it'll cost money. Once the number of resources fulfilled, you can try build a Workshop or Potion Shop.

Once in Workshop and Potion Shop, which is like Farmhouse in Story section, you need some ingredients to build those buildings, and after that you can craft something which needs real time so you should wait until it finished by the sign of sunlight go into it.

At the other buildings, you can try to collect the rent and items after another specific amount of real world time. Another thing that you can do is Farming. Tap the farm plots you have and select the crops you want to plant with a cost of money and a time for it to mature. Once ready, let's harvest by tapping the shovel icon! Tending is also good to harvest as much item, experience, and money from animals.

At the middle you're watering, harvesting and gathering resource from rock and trees, sometimes there's a monster that will interrupt your work and the battle music starts. If you ever make a Homemade Sword, you can battle them with it! However, almost all of these activities needs Energy, so better go in tasks as least as you can or buy extra with gems which once again required real money like what we did to Farm, Restaurant and Bakery Story reviews before.

Now, go into neighbouring, you can go into the same way as you did in the previous TeamLava Story series, but in the other user's kingdom, your job is to help the building by tap a red heart above the building, which you can do until maximum 5. But if you can help as many kingdom as you can, you can get more hearts for Social Bar. If you want to build the kingdom, let's try to put up buildings with Royal Points so you can earn enough Royal Points to expand your land and kingdom.

Overall, it's quite a good kingdom-building game, from a small village to a nice kingdom needs a total hard work, and many people to help for because of the protagonist's desire to help people just like Mana Aida and Megumi Aino does. The quests' beginning starts with the conversation within two people which is good, except the quest that wants you to install the featured games with the extra thing before get the gems, which is mainly held by Baron Garland Pfeffernot. If you want a game that can control the protagonist wherever you want and building kingdom, go ahead and try, but not if you won't be bothered by a quest that wants you to play another game by TeamLava. And see you in my next post, and expect Happiness Charge Pretty Cure post soon!

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