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Suite Pretty Cure the movie: Take it back! The Heart-Connected Miracolous Melody

Sorry to keep you waiting! I have no idea for the next post so there's no post in March, but I'm back for reviews again in April! This time for first movie review Suite Pretty Cure♪ The Movie : Take it back! The Heart-Connected Miracolous Melody (映画 スイートプリキュア♪ とりもどせ! 心がつなぐ奇跡のメロディ♪ Suīto PuriKyua♪: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Merodi!)

To prevent spoil the mood, please don't click this unless you've watch the movie yet. But for those who has watch the whole movie, let's move on.

This the Eleventh Pretty Cure movie (not including mini-movie in cinema) produced by Toei Animation. The movie was released in Japanese cinemas in October 29, 2011 and runs for about 70 minutes. It's more connected to main story than side story because of the character. For me, maybe it's taken place after Episode 36 and before Episode 37.

Story (sorry for bad English even only a little)
"Princess Ako is an very important heir to Major Land, she can't stay forever in Human World."
-Ellen, when watching Souta run away at the beginning of the movie.

The movie starts in Kanade's room, Mephisto tries to meet her by using a ladder. They're both shocked and all police car comed to Kanade's house because Kanade's family call the police. At that time, Mephisto meets Souta Minamino and he said that he and Ako Shirabe wanted to return to Major Land. Ako wanted to talk to Souta but it makes quarrel and Souta runs off. Suddenly, a howling noise rang through the city, and when it died down, all music was gone. Mephisto tried to establish contact with Major Land, but could not get a response and only the dragon mark was shown.

Full of worry, Hibiki and the others headed to Major Land, where there was no sign of the former land of overflowing music. The world was desolate without sound, its people devoid of emotion like stone, continuing to play their soundless instruments. The only one left was Ako's friend Suzu, who explained how Aphrodite suddenly changed and took away all music from the land. Ako and Mephisto, unbelieving and determined to find out the truth, headed to the palace where Aphrodite was. Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen decided to chase after Suzu, who had run away after Ako refused to believe her story.

While chasing after Suzu, the girls met with Major Three eager to steal the Healing Chest, but Hummy found it missing. And as the truth slowly came to light, the Pretty Cure had to face up to the real enemy. Meanwhile, Ako wanted to ask her mother (Aphrodite) that her mother steal all musics was lie, but was trapped with pink sphere. Mephisto tries to free her and decided to sing a song to break the sphere free, but he forgot Ako's favorite song.

After Hibiki and others transform into Pretty Cure, they must face Negatone Major Three create. Negatone shoots a yellow ring to Cure Beat's body and both Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm's hands together, making them unable to summon Belltier, but they're freed by crushing it and they finish it off with Miracle Heart Arpeggio and Fantastic Piachere. Hummy rushes to find Healing Chest, but what she get only a wooden box containing pendant, and Sharp, one of the Major Three, takes that wooden box and mistake it as Healing Chest. Aphrodite thinks it's better for them to wait for Pretty Cures to appear. Major Three runs off to wait, but Flat, the glasses Major Three member asks the panted Mephisto to give up. However, Mephisto say his true heart to Ako and wants her to listen to her heart.

Suzu, who took the Healing Chest, asks Crescendo Tone to restore her parents with her power. But Crescendo Tone said there was other thing she should do and there are others who can reconnect music and heart were still there (none other than Pretty Cures). At the castle, Pretty Cures fools Major Three by throwing souvenirs and Lucky Spoon box, causing Major Three to transform into monster. Cure Melody chases Sharp, Cure Rhythm chases Natural and Cure Beat chases Flat, but they're overpowered to them because they are too strong to beat them.

Ako hears Mephisto's song and they sing together in their heart, making Pretty Cures hear them and stood up and able to defeat Major Three with Music Rondo and Heartful Beat Rock. Ako also tell her father (Mephisto) why she stop singing. Ako suddenly hear her mother's sound, causing the pink sphere to crack. Ako finally can tell Aphodite that she is the one who stole all musics was lie. Aphrodite nods and said that the one who stole it was Howling.

Mephisto found the blue sword from sunflower seeds and slash Aphrodite but failed, causing one of the red vines to be destroyed, causing the shock for Pretty Cures. But another shock is Mephisto takes Aphrodite and fell together from the building, ask Howling to get out from Aphrodite. And they're survived by Mephisto's rainbow piano, but again they both were attacked by Howling and falls down from the sky.

Pretty Cures, except Ako decided to take action, but due to Howling to become cloud form, Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm were unable to finish him off with Music Rondo Super Quartet. Meanwhile, Ako counts beats and decided to fight as Cure Muse and get Howling off with Sparkling Shower. Suzu finally knows Ako is Pretty Cure and Crescendo Tone said the three who guide her before were also Pretty Cure.

Howling, however, summons cloud to each Pretty Cure's heads to produces noise. Hummy finally found the real Healing Chest by Suzu and gives back Suzu's pendant. Suzu's will to help Pretty Cure was encouraged by Crescendo Tone and ask her parents to cheer them up. Hummy prompts all people to cheer them up (this is where Miracle Light Tone becomes important in the movie), frees Pretty Cures, and defeats Howling, making sky become blue again and all Major Land citizen return back to normal again.

But, all aren't enough to peace. Howling frees from the light and takes the bones surrounding the castle and release his true form. Pretty Cures are struggles to defeat him and Cure Beat and Cure Muse become down. Howling takes Cure Rhythm as hostage, making Cure Melody wanted to take her back but was forcely beaten, making Howling maniacally laughs and Cure Rhythm cries "HIBIKIIIIII!!!" Hummy and Fairy Tones continously cheer Cure Melody on with Miracle Lightone (the second one which Miracle Lightone was very important for this? I don't know nor understand...) and Crescendo Tone cheers her up to stood up, grants her power to become Crescendo Cure Melody and save Cure Rhythm. After she save Cure Rhythm, they cried to each other because Cure Rhythm thinks it's all over.

Howling wanted to crash both up, but Crescendo Cure Melody crush him off with very powerful punch. She and Cure Rhythm both cast Passionate Harmony Crescendo to Howling, but instead Cure Melody lose her Crescendo form. Even so, she, with 3 other Cures still able to use Suite Session Ensemble Crescendo to finish Howling once and for all.

After the battle, Ako decides to return back to Kanon Town and wanted to fight with them as Pretty Cure because she can feel strong bonds and wanted to protect everyone's happiness with others. Mephisto and Aphrodite agrees and wanted her to take care "Since she's Ako, we'd knew she say that!"

Movie Characters
Photo 32
Suzu (スズ Suzu)
Seiyuu: Omi Minami
Ako's friend from school in Major Land, she is the only one survived from howling noise.

Photo 52Photo 62
Major 3 (メイジャー3 Meijā Surī)
Aphrodite's servant when she's having Howling locked inside her heart. They are Sharp (シャープ Shāpu, Seiyuu: Kouichi Toochika; center), Flat (フラット Furatto; Seiyuu: Mitsuaki Madono; right) and Natural (ナチュラル Nachuraru; Seiyuu: Jun'ichi Kanemaru; left). They can transform into monster which Sharp is red, Flat is green and Natural is blue. Their whereabouts were unknown, but I believe they are created by Howling.
Photo 85Photo 106
Howling (ハウリング Hauringu)
Seiyuu: Tesshō Genda
A servant of Noise who attempts to stop the Pretty Cures and aid in Noise's revival. He possesses Aphrodite in order to steal all the music in Major Land.

My Though about this Review
It's equal to Fresh Movie but there are some funny scene you should watch, some are:
  1. Hummy found the wooden box instead of Healing Chest.
  2. Mephisto sing the first song but only Howling noise produces, this occurs to another scene after Flat beats Cure Beat. Funny!
Like kokoda_koji said, it's more focused to Major Land family (Mephisto, Aphrodite, and Ako). But they didn't describe Suzu and Major Three more due to duration. But, I don't think is necessary, yet Howling is stronger than Noise.
Anyway, jump to the Miracle Light scene. This time of Miracle Light is Miracle Lightone. The pointers you mustn't do is clearly well done, using Fairy Tones, and very funny indeed. Let's describe with pictures.
Photo 3Photo 4
Dangerous Action Number 1: Don't get too close when the light is on.
Scene: Dory suddenly turn the Miracle Lightone on and Tiry get's blinded. What he's say? "SISI! So bright, sisi!"
Photo 5Photo 6
Dangerous Action Number 2: Don't pull on other's Miracle Lightone.
Scene: Dory, Rery, and Miry having fun and take the Miracle Lightone, but Tiry struggles. Funny! Even they like having fun instead of pull, but Tiry's action makes me understand the don't here in this scene.
Photo 7Photo 8
Dangerous Action Number 3: Don't spin your light to prevent others to get hit. Funny though, because Dory becomes white like Rery when hitten. Let's go to the scene what happens.
Scene: Tiry spins the Miracle Lightone and hits Dory! The next you can see above.
Next is Before Dance session. I, didn't think #Kibou Rainbow# (Suite's 2nd ending) is enough. It's just mainly for kids. I'm teenager, I think for those watching this movie for the first time, it's better to hear Song of the Heart instead of #Kibou Rainbow# (and touching). Anyway, this is the rules for you:
Dangerous Action Number 1: Don't hit other people around you, so dance in your own seat.

Dangerous Action Number 2: Don't climb up onto your seat.

Cautious Action Number 1: For parents, let your children having fun.

Cautious Action Number 2: For parents, stay in your seat to prevent blocking other children.

Dangerous Action Number 3: For children upside balcony, please dance while sitting.
Overall, if you are Pretty Cure fans or love movies that matchs TV series, this movie is for you. Oh, I'm forgot why I must put this. April 7 is my blog's birthday! And I'll do my best to keep you happy! If I've got idea, then I'll post it to my blog. And I'll edit Pretty Cure's blog post each time the upcoming info is up, so see that often for Pretty Cure fans. Anyway, see you on my next review!

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