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Disney Princess: Royal Adventure

Hey, everyone. Sorry for waiting so long! And here we are the review I wished before, do you remember? It's:
Yes, it's Disney Princess: Royal Adventure! Remember what I'm saying in my previous blog? Let's go further, then. If you forgot, this is the adventure game in GameBoy Advance which was released by Buena Vista Games and developed by Art in October 15 2006 in US. It also released in Europe in November 17 2006 and Australia in February 15 2007.

The story comes to Lily, who have given a quest to find a collection of special tiaras that are missing from the enchanted castle which is Castle Bright. You (as Lily) must ventures to different areas of the castle and fun places in and around the village, and must increase her skills to venture out and explore several different worlds. During your exploration, you can find a way to enter each Disney Princess world and becomes friends with the Disney Princesses who will help her on her journey. Who are they anyway? Look more information about Disney Princess to find out more.
Sparkles are your next target you must go to.
You can also play a minigame by talk to the each shopper when chosen as a next objective. Each shopper contains one minigame but as the plot progress, it becomes much harder. Some of them are rearrange game, match the correct order, etc.

If you want to collect something to see continously, then you must go progress through the game. The opening will unlocked by itself at beginning, but the rest of minigame, and pictures must be unlocked yourself by playing the game.

Overall, it's medium game for me, but once you finished playing, the village will congratulate you and you can still continue playing, which I found downer. Another downer is before you took your step from castle to next place, it takes difficult time to walk all around, so I found uninteresting. However, if you love minigames and Disney Princesses, this game is for you.

If you want some more info and guide, jump here:

Ok, that's it, and see you on my next review!

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