Jumat, 06 April 2012

My Blog's 1st Birthday!

Hi, everyone. It's my blog's 1st anniversary! I will say thank you for you who continues to read my blog with some reviews. I didn't have any idea next review would be, but I will do my best even though I would skip either a week or a month.

Currently, I will editing some Pretty Cure-related post when I think there must be something to edit, so check often, ok? Also, if I have chance, I will add new post, and please comment if you want.

What I really wanted to add later:

  • Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Our Future Friends 
This is the review I want to post after the DVD was released in July, so check it when it comes up, ok? I will give you a few summary: Ayumi Sakagami is a loner new transfer student until she encounters a strange creature named Fuu-chan, and they  soon become good friends. However, Fuu-chan is actually a piece of Fusion, and holds the power of darkness. In an effort to make Ayumi happy, Fuu-chan swallows up everything that Ayumi dislikes, creating chaos in school and throughout the city! To help bring across Ayumi's true feelings to Fuu-chan, all 28 Pretty Cures were gathered once more. Later, Ayumi can transform into Cure Echo.
  • Disney Princess: Royal Adventure
If you planned to play as a character and meet 6 Disney Princesses, then this game is correct spot for you. You play the role of Lily, the clever young caretaker of Castle Bright. A collection of special tiaras is missing from the castle and you must find them so the village can hold its annual Celebration of the Crowns. You must complete the task from the villager or princess and play minigames.

I will look up for some information, so check often to see if some or more that I didn't write before were here. Oh, and let's say happy birthday to my blog! And see you there!

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